My Leadership Experience Essay Sample

My first feeling of what qualities leading entails was belief in oneself. enterprise to action. frankness. moral rights. the ability to take by illustration. and humbleness. Besides. a leader has to hold entire assurance. but over the past few months. I discovered a batch more than all those qualities and that it takes a batch more to go a good leader. I learned a batch about myself that I ne’er knew before and I am more assured in my abilities to take. This category has taught me a batch about leading. and besides now that I think about it. my pa is a existent leader and he has taught me a batch about life. Throughout the paper I will associate a batch of my leading experience back to him and besides the readings and activities in category.

Now I am cognizant of the construct of leading in all facets of what I do in life. I ne’er thought that the simple things I do like being organized or assisting others can be considered as leading traits. I think cognizing about my leading manner. teamwork. end puting. moralss. diverseness. struggle. and organisation will assist me go a better leader. I believe I am a better individual and leader than before when I didnÂ’t truly set a batch of accent on going a leader. This category has helped me recognize the potencies I have to go a future leader. I am a large truster in that being a leader can assist do a difference in the community and at work and hopefully someday in the whole universe.

The readings and treatment in category helped me to understand what leading is about. The first construct of leading to me was to understand my leading manner. Before this category. I ne’er thought about my leading manner or even knew that there were different types of leading. I think my leading manner is best described by the combined manner of pacesetting and coaching. because I was exposed to the pacesetting manner a batch by my pa who was really professional and expected good things from people. He would demand the most from everyone and he expected them to make it the manner he does and if they canÂ’t so they are gone. The pacesetting manner is non the best manner to be a leader. because some people are non capable of transcending in everything they do and you have to accept that they are non as good and hope that they can better in the hereafter.

My pa is a great individual and everything. but the pacesetting manner of my pa has made him an unpopular director around the employees. I took history that I will non be like him and hold everyone dislike me all the clip. So I decided to take with the pacesetting manner. but besides with the coaching manner. I would take the best parts from both manners and pattern my leading after it. When I lead or do something. I would ever make my best and anticipate other people to make the same as me and give it their all every clip. If they can non make what I want than its all right because I will non merely acquire rid of people for non being up to my criterions right off. I think it is average thing to merely fire them instead than giving them clip to acquire better and finally do what I ask. I will seek my best to assist in any manner possible and I want them to cognize that I care about them and that we are friends besides non merely leaders and followings. Now that I know about these leading manners. I will seek my best to use them in my work and personal life more to assist me to go a better individual and a better leader besides.

Before this category. my favourite manner of covering with struggle is to avoid it every bit much as possible and hope that it would merely travel off in the hereafter. The ground for this is that I did non desire to set all the attempt into repairing the struggle and I was non truly comfy with facing people about what is incorrect. because my pa is truly good at facing people on what the job is. He is non afraid to make and he will anything to do things right through any agencies necessary. My pa would face me all the clip on whatever was incorrect and that has made me resent him a small spot. because he would ever state me what to make and how to make it and I did non desire to be told what to make or what I did incorrectly all the clip. So I was ever disbelieving of facing people because I thought it would do people resent me like the manner I resented my pa.

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Now after what I learned in leading category. I know its best to face the job caput on so that it gets done and over with and I do non hold think about “What if I did this or that? ” Confronting the job is easier said so done. but it is really frightening me that I am really making it in my life. I merely had this large struggle with one of my close friends at college and it was acquiring to the point where our friendly relationship was swinging on a twine and I eventually had the bravery go to speak to the individual about what was incorrect and how it could be fixed the right. It took a batch of work but the consequences were deserving it because we are friends once more. I am glad that I did face the job. because being a leader is ne’er easy and you have to derive experience to assist you subsequently on. Three months ago I would ne’er face the individual and likely lose my friendly relationship and now I know its best to face the job. non avoid it.

It is sad to state that I ne’er truly hold experienced diverseness much until I came to college. where there are many different cultural groups. because I came from a little town where it is a preponderantly white community. I ne’er truly thought that diverseness could be a job for leaders to see. but I was incorrect. With a large campus there are a batch of different cultural and spiritual differences that could impact the leader when working with a group. Truthfully I was non truly to manage diverseness when I came to the U. but I know that for me to go a good leader. I need to see it first manus. This category has taught me to be unfastened to different thoughts or sentiments and that there is no 1 right answer for everything. Bing a leader. you have to open minded. because with all the diverseness. you are traveling to hold struggle among others on what is right or incorrect and how to manage it in a certain manner that is good for everyone involved. I think that diverseness could profit us. because a batch of people have different originative thoughts and we can ever larn something about one another.

Diverseness can do or interrupt a group and good leaders know how to manage the different types of job arise from different positions. It was easy for me to take back in high school or weedpulling because there wasnÂ’t that much diverseness among the group ; everyone had the same faith and the same belief. so it wasnÂ’t difficult at all. but in college you are expose to a batch of it and you have to believe that even though people are different they still have good thoughts to offer. I can candidly state that I am more unfastened to different civilizations now than earlier. I am more cognizant that my thought may non ever be right and for me to go a good leader. I need to maintain an unfastened head and non justice people based on cultural or spiritual beliefs.

A good leader knows the importance of teamwork. In the past I thought there were non many elements that could lend to the success of the squad. All I knew was that we merely needed to make our parts and come together subsequently to make our undertaking. there was non a leader or any planning at all. but now I know that for the squad to win. teamwork is important. The first measure for the squad is to hold on a leader. The leader needs to put ends for the squad and see that it gets accomplished in clip. Bing the leader of a group is a difficult undertaking and I think that the leaders needs to maintain the squad members in line. maintain them all happy. and maintain them on undertaking. The success of the leader depends on how good the squad does and if the squad fails. the leader is responsible for the failure. I know that I can non ever be the leader of the squad. because there are times where I have no thought what we are making or if I am capable of making it good. so I am ever unfastened to follow whoever I think is competent plenty to be the leader of squad.

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Then I can larn from the leader and in the hereafter use what I learned from following to taking a squad. Besides for the squad to effectual I think that the leader should hold a good relationship with their follower. Leaderships have to pass on with everyone and acquire a feel that they are on the same page as everyone else. I think working in a squad. it is a must that people feel comfy with each other to swear and work with one another to finish the undertaking. If the squad is on different pages or struggle arises. the ends so will be harder to accomplish and if that happens I think leader of the group should face the job and decide it before it jeopardize the full group. Overall I think an effectual squad is when squad members portion a sense of intent or common ends. and each squad member is willing to work toward accomplishing these ends.

I think holding the right moralss is one of the most ambitious values to populate by in life for anyone. I ever thought that I have good plenty moralss to be considered a good individual. but to go a good leader I need to be rid of all enticements to make the incorrect things. I candidly believe that sometimes we are all animals of greed. Everyone wants to take the easy manner out or make what is best for him or her and go forth everyone else behind. One of things about being a leader is seting others before yourself and I think that leaders have a tough clip make up one’s minding what is right or incorrect. because the determinations they made could impact a batch of people. A perfect illustration of how good people abandon their moralss was on Tuesday when we played that one trading game.

Everyone was binding to do him or herself better and trusting to win the 50 dollar gift certification. Peoples in the star group cared more about winning than anything else. they were afraid to lose their position and finally the opportunity of winning the award. They started to do all these regulations that will merely profit themselves and did non allow any other people have a opportunity. Then. when the star group started to do all these regulations. the square group started to come up with their ain immorality program to forestall the star group from winning. This game shows how easy people lose their moralss when there is a award involved and how everyone is avaricious and wants the award for themselves. No prevarication now. I candidly did non care about the wages at all from the beginning. because I had no demand for the wages at all ; I donÂ’t even like shopping at the bookshop anyhow. So I was really seeking to assist out other schoolmates that wanted the 50 dollars.

I was so glad that I was non in the star group. because with the determinations they made. they were basically doing everyone else dislike them for being greedy. I am regretful for stating everyone is avaricious and I know non everybody was making it. but the thought was to profit him or her more. I was pleased with how I acted in the game. how I did non truly desire what is best for myself. and how I hoped everything was a flat playing field. Probably a few old ages ago. I would decidedly make what I can to win that gift certification. I think with my adulthood as I grew. I besides have developed a good moralss that will hopefully do me a good leader in the hereafter.

Another thing I have become better at in my leading journey was to put executable ends for myself. Before this category. IÂ’ve been taught about the importance of puting ends for yourself. but I ne’er truly took that earnestly because I was immature and naïve and thought that I could make whatever I want. whenever I want. I got through high school merely ticket without puting ends for myself. because in high school instructors and counsellors baby you on what you have to make and when to make it by. but when I got to college I was independent and I thought I could merely acquire by in college by what I did in high school. I was really incorrect and I knew that I would hold to get downing puting ends for what I have to make and when to make it by so I do non acquire caught off guard and be ready for whatever comes.

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This category has taught me and shown me the ways in which puting ends step by measure makes it easier for you to carry through things instead so merely making it without any planning. Goal scene is a of import quality for a leader to hold. because that means you have a sense of program and you know what you need to make in order to finish the end. I ne’er would hold thought that I would of all time put ends for myself. but I know for me to go a good leader. I must larn how to put ends for myself. From now on I will make the best I can to put ends for myself. like composing a paper in front of clip or how to pay off my college loan over clip.

My last subject will be my organisation accomplishments as I progress in my leading journey. Early on in college. I was so unorganised that I literally could non happen any of my prep or how I would lose my paper and money all the clip. My room was soiled and I hated cleaning so I was truly frustrated all the clip. The one event that triggered my demand to be organized was the first leading presentation for the category. I was unorganised and I ended up making bad. So I knew so that to be a good leader. you have to larn to be organized.

A individual is non born with organisation accomplishment. but what you learn through experience. Leaderships have to form ends or programs for everything. you can non merely flying it on whatever you do. I believe that you will make better organized than none at all. and it is a proved fact that being organized will assist you be more successful in life. A leader must hold the organisation accomplishments in order to take smoother. if a leader does non hold it so he/she will hold a tough clip pull offing his/her ends. I am so glad that I have become more organized ; I can happen my material easier now and I donÂ’t have a difficult clip maintaining path of my material everyday. so hopefully in the hereafter I can use my accomplishments to being a good leader.

I am so glad that I am taking this leading category at college. I learn new things about myself that can assist me out in life subsequently on. Leadership is a really of import quality that is needed in order to take a successful life in this universe. I am believe I am on my way to leading now that I know my leading manner. my moralss and end scene. I am besides better at working in squads and handle diverseness better. I went from avoiding struggles to facing them caput on. This has helped me to better my relationships with my friends. household. schoolmates. equals. and others around me. I think from what I learned in this category. non merely have I gained more accomplishments and cognition that will enable me to go a leader. but I will besides be a better individual. Ultimately. I think leading is from the bosom. you can larn all these theories and accomplishments. but you make the determinations based on how you feel and what you think is right. I hope this category will assist me in my concern calling in the hereafter.

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