Mu Sigma Organization Design Essay Sample

Formalization: Company has low to medium degree of formalisation. The sum of written certification related to policies and processs are au naturel minimal. though with period of clip. figure of formal regulations have increased. but still it remains an unfastened civilization company. Specialization: Mu sigma does non hold division of labor on the footing of specialization. This means that the specialization is low and employees perform broad scope of undertakings in their occupations. There is a batch of flexibleness for the employees to utilize their expertness. runing from preparation. enlisting to concern development in whichever field they want like airline/hospitality and amusement. retail and consumer merchandises. drug company. telecom. health care etc. Hierarchy of authorization: There is no good defined hierarchy of authorization. The employees are divided into squads incorporating 4 to 5 members in each. depending upon the petition made by them as to which squad they want to be portion of. The petition is approved by the director.

These squads so work on specific undertakings but have the flexibleness to travel across spheres ( merely after 1. 5 old ages ) . At the broader degree. there are directors holding 5 associate directors under them. The associate directors farther have 5 members under them. giving a sum of 25 members. Here hierarchy of authorization is shorter. Shorter hierarchy ensures a collaborative and decentralised determination devising. Here employees can even straight run into DhirajRajaram if they have something to discourse with him. Centralization: Mu sigma follows a decentralized construction wherein the determination does non rest at the top degree but is delegated to the lower organizational degrees. The squads can do determination separately or reciprocally with the aid of the squad leaders. Professionalism: It refers to the degree of formal instruction and preparation to the employees. Mu sigma has high grade of professionalism. Major recruiting is through colleges- hire lone applied scientists or maestro of statistics. As per the MuSigma. demands for the hiring of employees are as follows: Necessary Traits

Learning Over Knowing
Ability to use first rules and structured attacks to job work outing every bit opposed to trusting overly on past sphere expertness Agility
Required to get by up with uninterrupted transmutation
Scale & A ; Convergence
Potential to synergize in an ecosystem of endowment. capablenesss. procedures. clients and spouses. which can be leveraged across verticals. spheres and geographicss Multi-disciplinary endowment
Ability to use Math + Business + Technology + Behavioural Sciences Innovation
Increase comprehensiveness and deepness of job resolution by invariably researching and deploying emerging techniques. engineerings and applications Cost Effectiveness
Ensure sustainability and institutionalization of job work outing across organisations

E. g. in India. at the entry degree. company merely recruits applied scientists from top grade colleges and the maestro of stats professionals. The appellation degree given to these fresher’s is Trainee Decision Scientist. Their major appellation hierarchies in India are Trainee Decision Scientist. Senior Business Analyst. Associate Manager. Manager. Senior Manager. Delivery Lead. Director. VP and taking to CEO. In US. this appellation hierarchy is somewhat different-Difference is because the degree of accomplishments and expertness of the people using for analytics occupations are different- they are largely post alumnuss and experienced. Hence in US. the hierarchy appellation straight starts from associate and is followed by Engagement Manager. Account Manager. Regional Head. Geography Head. taking to CEO. 2. 2 Contextual Dimension

Size: The Organisation of MuSigma is comparatively little with about 3000 extremely educated employees and four perpendicular division. which helps the company to be flexible in accommodating to the alterations in the environment with low labour base. Organisational engineering: MuSigma uses Data Engineering. Data Sciences and Decision Sciences techniques to change over informations from the industry to a valuable determination support thereby assisting its clients in the determination devising process. It utilises advanced information systems and Internet to transport out its undertakings. Environment: Mu Sigma interacts straight with industrial sector ( pharma. wellness retail ) . human resource sector ( employees ) and market sector ( clients. clients ) .

He besides interacts indirectly with the engineering sector and uses advanced analytics. particularly prognostic modeling. machine larning techniques. and nervous webs. Goals and schemes: The Company has a chiseled written down ends and scheme and a sound relationship with the employees to accomplish those ends. Each employee is given a mark which he is supposed to run into through invention. Culture: Mu sigma has a really good cultural environment and has adopted a TRIMURTI doctrine from Hindu Mythology. It believes in making cognition. using the capital available and taking hazard and assist the clients. The employees portion good professional and personal relationship with each other thereby making a healthy working environment. 2. 3 Mintzberg’sOrganisational Model

Professional Bureaucracy – Mu Sigma is characterised by its pool of extremely skilled professionals that work across complex spheres such as informations technology. informations scientific disciplines and informations determinations. They have a little proficient support staff and a moderate size of administrative support staff.

2. 4 Functional categorization
Bing an Analytics house. the functional categorization briefly can be: Basic coverage:
Undertakings like basic informations ETL. informations saneness cheques and doing the given informations into information. Basic Analytics:
Making advanced studies by deducing extra prosodies to come up with concern penetrations The capablenesss may change from creating/evaluating concern theoretical accounts to developing models which facilitate better concern penetrations Mold:

Sometimes basic analytics fail to present the needed concern penetrations from the informations Modeling solutions by utilizing sophisticated patterning techniques like prognostic and statistical mold can monetise the informations to a better extent Visual images:

Making the generated insights/ studies more easy to understand by making visuals This involves making advanced splashboards and attractive concern penetrations models for the easiness of ingestion of the studies

Social media analytics:
Responsible for bring forthing consumer sentiment penetrations from the societal media informations

Big informations analytics:
Making models for fail-proof geting of the generated large informations and analysis Developing advanced algorithms and use of better models to cut down informations latency Merchandises:
Mu Sigma has been active developing merchandises consumable by anyone who need analytics They have a broad scope of merchandises like MuRx. MuMX. MuPDNA and
more. Information technology:
Basic IT substructure and support squad

3. Reporting Relationships
3. 1 Coverage Structure
The basic hierarchy in Mu Sigma till a certain extent is reasonably level. Senior direction is easy accessible. Formality is non expected in signifier of address but in footings of common regard. Since most of the work force is comprised of pupils who are functioning their first occupations. the environment in the squads is largely energetic. unprompted and dynamic. The SBA’s besides are merely a twelvemonth or a twosome of old ages older than the BA’s. This eases work coordination. cognition transportation and communicating among the equals. Overall at a squad degree. everyone studies to the lead. which can be SBA/BA depending on the squad composing. At an history degree. everyone studies to the Manager. This about level hierarchy at squad degree ensures smooth communicating among the equals. which reduces work struggles.

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3. 2 Inter-department Coordination
There is a high degree of coordination among the different sections of the organisation. There are several single sections which trades with IT operations. Finance operations. HR operations. Delivery. Research operations etc. The bringing squad which is responsible for most of the work sold by the organisation can acquire any of their issues resolved/ acquire inputs from other sections with easiness. All the sections are really much accessible guaranting transparence of operations to all the employees. Mu Sigma ensures the inter-departmental operations are smooth to guarantee speedy and optimum bringing.

3. 3 Role of Top Management
Mu-Sigma direction purposes to be the planetary leader in analytics confer withing. It aims to be a fastgrowing and alearning organisation and Bankss on its alone combination of mathematical and analytical job work outing accomplishments of its employees. With the increased focal point on analytics by companies around the universe. Mu-Sigma sees this a enormous chance. But in this competitory environment. it faces menace from the bing IT services companies and confined units of MNCs who are willing to come in into analytics infinite to acquire a piece of their pie e. g. a US based Fortune 100 bank. an antique Mu-Sigma client. which was earlier outsourcing its full analytics work has now started its in-house analytics unit.

Hence. Mu-sigma now faces another challenge to guarantee resource handiness. However. sometimes this demand to sharply vie for resources and client has a damaging consequence on the employees. E. g. some employees feel that company over expects while planing and fliping new undertakings i. e. while selling undertakings and puting timelines. they don’t discuss these things with employee. Hence. due to unrealistic timelines. force per unit area on employees is high and this sometimes leads to a cause of abrasion. Employees believe that they should be involved non merely in implementing phase but besides in initial planning phase. 3. 4 Expectations from Employees

Mu-Sigma has a decentralized construction. Here employees are non merely considered as resources but are considered as spouses. Hence. really high outlooks are set on them. Even while enrolling. focal point is on acquiring employees who are non merely high on IQ but besides on EQ. This tendency is by and large reflected and followed during campus enlisting drives4. Employees are besides expected to work across diverse activities. runing from preparation. BD activities to organisational development activities in add-on to working across different spheres. The company believes that best thoughts and most advanced thoughts in an industry semen from an unrelated industry. hence they expect employees to hold cross- sphere experience. 3. 5 Roles and Responsibilities of Employees

Here. functions and duties are non defined. Even while enrolling. there is no fixed occupation description matching to a occupation rubric. Depending on the employee’s accomplishment set and company’s demand. an employee can be expected to execute varied work. Even a senior Business analyst and a director can hold precisely same function. They may be making same BD activities and squad lead. There is no co-relation between appellation and your functions. Peoples don’t have any fixed specialisation and direction expects employee to be rather flexible. 3. 6 Employee Goals

In Mu-Sigma. employees are expected to put one-year ends for them at the terminal of every twelvemonth. These ends need to be approved by both – employee every bit good as the director. These ends are focused across 3 countries:

Competences: Every employee is expected to develop proficient and functional competences across increasing countries. It can be either in footings of larning new accomplishments such as SAS. BI tools or in footings of acquiring functional cognition of the country of range. E. g. employees are encouraged to make insurance related enfranchisements to hone their functional expertness.

Individual Growth: A batch of focal point is to guarantee single growing of the employee. Hence. in add-on to above mentioned proficient and functional accomplishments. employees are besides encourageto take portion in personality development and managerial development Sessionss. which company on a regular basis organizes from clip to clip.

OrganizationalGrowth: Mu-Sigma considers its employees as spouses and employees are encouraged to lend to organisational growing and development. This includes part in footings of developing in-house expertness and tools and every bit good as take parting and preparation and recruiting activities.

A strong focal point is placed on guaranting that these ends are met and therefore procedures have been put into topographic point to guarantee honest feedback. At the terminal of every one-fourth. every employee is asked to track and observe down his advancement in all the mentioned ends. Employees are encouraged to hold a treatment with the director if required. This ensures that director is cognizant of the employee ends and suited disciplinary actions can be taken at the earliest. 3. 7 Information Sharing Structure

Mu-Sigma prides on its horizontal construction designed for larning. The company has a level hierarchy with few regulations. All people sit in an unfastened bay and merely the company’s caput has a separate room. Since in analytics industry. most of the techniques and common and replicable across assortment of industries. hence focal point is lot on horizontal and face to confront communicating. It besides has a company point shared site called SPN where employees can interchange their information and assistance in common development. Besides this. there are besides formal cognition exchange Sessionss among different squads. Mu- Sigma believes that this broad spread sharing of information supports organisation working at optimal degrees. Ideas and information are shared across company. guaranting that every employee has a holistic position about the company and the resources are adaptative. 4. Scheme

4. 1 Strategic Purpose
Mission: To work out High Impact Business Problems for market taking clients across assorted industry verticals utilizing advanced analytics in a sustainable manner5.

Vision: To enable concerns to commit data-driven determination making4.

Before traveling on to specifying the sort of scheme that senior directors at Mu Sigma employ. it is of import to understand the competitory environment under which Mu Sigma operates. Some statistics on the current information analytics industry scenario in India include6: Size of the Indian Analytics Market: $ 375 million

Number of companies runing in this section in India: Over 500 companies Expected size of the Indian Analytics Market by 2015 – $ 1. 15 billion

4. 2 Rivals
EXL. Absolutdata. Fractal Analytics. Affine Analytics. Besides. the in-house analytics squads being put together by most companies pose a major menace to Mu Sigma. 4. 3 Competitive Advantage
The major beginning of competitory advantage that Mu Sigma enjoys stems from its extremely talented work force. Rajaram. the company laminitis. strongly believed in set uping an A Team. He realized the importance of holding the right people in the organisation to drive it towards success. Since its origin. the organisation has strongly focused on geting the right endowment to accommodate its demand. This fact is besides reflected in the extremely selective procedure employed by Mu Sigma’s hiring directors: merely one in 16 people interviewed is hired. and many more are rejected before they get to that phase. The fledglings are non appraised for the first three old ages. The company’s 45-people human resources. or HR. squad is big for Mu Sigma’s size7 The house. nevertheless. besides got more things right than merely the people piece. It started playing in many sectors – from fiscal services to healthcare – which helped it derive scale and advantage over its rivals.

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Apart from basking these advantages over rivals. the house besides focuses strongly on invention. It has a separate Innovation & A ; Development Group which caters entirely to innovation specific activities within the house. Mile’s and Snow scheme model to place the sort of scheme that is being implemented ( or should be implemented ) at Mu Sigma. Given the above observations on the dynamic. unsure and turning environment of the Data Analytics industry and the tremendous sum of competition. it makes sense to follow the Prospector scheme in order to remain competitory and to last. The people orientated civilization of Innovation within the organisation. which we observed supra. to some extent. does back up this scheme. 4. 4 Porter’s Competitive Schemes

Mu Sigma follows a scheme of Differentiation. This is in line with its scheme of puting to a great extent in ‘Innovation and development’ with a focal point on developing in house informations analysis tools. 5. Decision Making

5. 1 Individual Decision Making
The persons follow a delimited reason attack to determination devising. Since Mu Sigma operates in a extremely unstable and dynamic environment. where determinations have to be taken rapidly. the directors use a mix of intuition and experience to take determinations. 5. 2 Organizational Decision Making

High speed environment: Mu Sigma adopts a different attack to determination doing since it functions in a extremely competitory and technologically oriented environment where the rate of alteration of market kineticss is fast adequate to govern out the traditional determination devising theoretical accounts. Meetings are held twice or thrice a hebdomad and a batch of treatment is held among assorted stakeholder sections before make up one’s minding a peculiar class of action. 5. 3 The Insight-Driven Organisation Matrix8

At Mu Sigma. determinations are besides often based on penetrations garnered from experience and informations.

6. Global Administration Design
CEO & A ; Chairman
Chief fiscal officer
Cross Industry bringing Head
Geography caput Australia
Geography Head. United states
Geography Head. Midwest. United states
Geography Head. South
Geography Head. West seashore
Cross Industry Unit Head
Head Of Client services
Head Of Fulfillment
Head of Innovation and Development
Head of Presales
Head of Product and scheme
Head of Gross saless and Commercial effectivity
Head of Talent Management
Vice President. Operationss

6. 1 Simple – Complex Dimension
Mu Sigma maps in a complex environment where a figure of external elements act upon the operation of the administration. These elements include the rapid technological alterations taking topographic point in the advanced analytics and large informations industry and the uninterrupted famine for endowment particular to this industry. 6. 2 Stable – Unstable Dimension

Mu Sigma veers more towards being an unstable administration due to the sheer capriciousness of the industry in which it operates and the frequence with which the assorted elements of the engineering sector alteration.

7. Conflict and Politicss
7. 1 Rational vs Political Model
Mu Sigma follows more of a rational theoretical account with political relations being used merely seldom at the higher degrees of direction to decide struggle. The company stresses on ‘openness’ in determination making9. The ends are clear and picks are made in a logical manner with room for treatment and betterment. Politics comes into drama at the higher degrees of determination devising when directors try to claim recognition for a squad attempt towards concern development. 8. Invention

The organisation civilization strongly promotes invention. Employees are given a free-hand to form events go arounding about encephalon storming for the exclusive intent of bring forthing originative thoughts. For e. g. they conduct what is called a Fedex twenty-four hours wherein people are asked to believe about countries where they can introduce doing usage of analytics and how to implement such enterprises. The top 3 thoughts are so selected and provided support by the bringing leads in order to assist implement these propositions. Some of the latest inventions in the field of analytics by Mu Sigma include progresss in state-of-the-art RIA engineering to assist better synergistic methods for researching informations. Mu Sigma’s Marketing Mix ( MMX ) tool which is used for imitating what-if analysis scenarios. and Mu Sigma’s MMBUZZ solution that helps maintain path and do sense of all the societal networking buzz10. 9. Culture

9. 1 Doctrine
Mu Sigma has adopted a alone doctrine of Trimurti from Hindu mythology. They believe three diverse personifications of cosmic forces viz. Brahma. Vishnu and Shiva synergize to finish the cosmopolitan rhythm of creative activity. saving and finally. productive devastation or transmutation. They have applied this to their concern operation as follows – The Brahma kin: Making the hereafter

The Vishnu kin: Preserving or pull offing the present
The Shiva kin: Destroying or selectively abandoning the yesteryear

9. 2 Symbols
Mu Sigma is named after the symbols of mean ( Mu ) and standard divergence ( Sigma ) . This emphasises the roots of the company i. vitamin E pure play analytics of informations in concern utilizing a combination of mathematics and statistical cognition for rational determination devising. Another constituent is usage of offices without private cabins to mean a civilization of openness and coaction. 9. 3 Type of Culture

Mu Sigma follows a mix of Adaptability and Mission Culture. The administration is flexible in footings of accommodating itself to the demands of the external environment and encourages advanced and entrepreneurial thought. At the same clip. it emphasises clear focal point of ends such as run intoing client demands. profitableness etc. 9. 4 Corporate Social Responsibility

PRAYAAS is Mu Sigma’s attempt to give back to the community and work towards a better society11. Their attempts involve learning hapless school kids. working with old age places. orphanhoods. NGOs. to carry oning awareness plans for causes like AIDS. Child Education. Global Warming. Animal Welfare and Deforestation.

B. Mu Sigma || Evaluation and Analysis
The different constituents of the organisation – Mu Sigma have been analysed and evaluated on the undermentioned dimensions namely- scheme. civilization. construction. describing relationships. complex and unstable environmental model. 10. Scheme

10. 1 Strengths
Mu Sigma operates in an industry where people are the most of import plus for a company due to the alone skill sets required for analytics and determination scientific disciplines. In such an environment. Mu Sigma has a distinguishable advantage in footings of engaging the best of endowment – merely 7 % of the people interviewed are hired. It has five times the head count compared to its rivals. Mu Sigma is a learning administration with a strong accent on information and cognition sharing. This is reflected in its advanced. hazard taking attitude. It’s in house Invention and Development section focuses on edifice advanced analytical tools utilizing the endowment available in the administration. Besides. a figure of white documents are proficient research documents are published often on its web site. 10. 2 Defects

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Analytics is a dynamic and fast paced industry where the necessity accomplishments have to be learned invariably and efficaciously. This poses a job for Mu Sigma while engaging their employees since they have to pass a immense sum of money on preparation costs. It becomes hard for them to follow their low cost leading theoretical account Talent keeping is a job faced by Mu Sigma that is plagued by an abrasion rate of 23 % . 10. 3 Penetrations on the Organization Schemes

At Mu Sigma. publicity takes topographic point in 2 rhythms: January & A ; July. If person joins between July and January. he/she is non eligible for publicity in the approaching rhythm. This creates employee dissatisfaction and demotivates the new hires. This should be eliminated by holding a unvarying and uninterrupted clip based publicity alternatively of a rhythm based publicity Specialists are hired but are required to transport out assortment of work and non merely in the field that they have specialized in. Alternatively. the company should capitalize on specialist endowment by giving them undertakings suited to their field of specialization. This would increase productiveness and give lucidity on the range of the work to be performed. Since Mu Sigma is located in Bangalore and does non hold any other offices in the remainder of the state. regional penchants of locations becomes one of the most of import grounds for abrasion. Mu Sigma should spread out its footmark across India for it to retain the best endowment from the state.

11. Culture
11. 1 Strengths
Mu Sigma has a really good civilization represented by the unfastened communicating that the workers indulge in. This helps the company to hold a healthy working environment and drives creative activity of new thoughts which is the cardinal factor for invention in the company. This besides initiates employee motive in an effectual mode. This is clearly seeable from the fact that many of the employees of Mu Sigma have started their ain ventures. The alone doctrine of Trimurti that the company follows ensures that the employees work in tandem with full cooperation and coordination thereby maintaining the company at an advantageous place than its rivals 11. 2 Defects

The company follows a value based leading wherein the relationship between the employees and the directors is based on strongly internalised values that are advocated by the leader. The company’s directors have hapless interpersonal relationships with the employees thereby haltering their ardor to work in squads. 11. 3 Penetrations on the Organization Culture

Mu sigma should follow a unvarying two 2 manner feedback mechanism wherein the employees and the directors can freely portion their sentiments about each other on personal every bit good as professional affairs. The company should hold an interpersonal accomplishment betterment wherein the employees are given the chance to heighten the accomplishment set. 12. Structure

12. 1 Strengths
The absence of a rigorous hierarchy and accent on openness in communicating Fosters creativeness and helps in developing employee competency. This is demonstrated by the broad spans of control exercised by directors – there are 25 direct and indirect newsmans per trough. Mu Sigma has a high grade of professionalism – they hire merely applied scientists. statisticians and mathematicians with a high degree of mind and in depth cognition of analytics. This creates a immense database of endowment. 12. 2 Defects

There is a low grade of specialization for new hires. They are expected to execute a broad assortment of undertakings across different spheres. This hinders employee growing. 12. 3 Penetrations on the Organization Structure

There is a demand to present some grade of distinction to avoid overburdening of employees and to let them to concentrate their strengths in their ain Fieldss of specialisation. 13. Environment
13. 1 Strengths
The large informations analytics market earned grosss deserving $ 3. 2 billion in 2013 and it is predicted that this will increase to $ 15 billion by 202012. Sellers are seting significant investings into research and development. every bit good as possible acquisitions. This gives Mu Sigma a important industry advantage. 13. 2 Defects

The growing in analytics industry. both in India and worldwide. has been enormous. The figure of analytics companies in India has grown three creases in last 1. 5 old ages. This creates a figure of rivals for Mu Sigma. MNCs are progressively making confined units that are in house analytics squads dedicated to developing analytics for the company. This earnestly affects the competitory environment for Mu Sigma. Mu Sigma faces substructure restraints since it is present merely in Tier 1 metropoliss that makes it hard for them to spread out. 13. 3 Penetrations on the Organization Environment

Mu Sigma should put more in research and development since analytics is an innovation-driven industry. By introducing. Mu Sigma can guarantee it stays in front of its rivals.

14. Reporting Relationships
14. 1 Strengths
The basic hierarchy in Mu Sigma till a certain extent is reasonably level. Since senior direction is easy accessible and most of the work force is energetic. unprompted and dynamic. there is a high degree of work coordination. cognition transportation and communicating among the equals. Inter departmental coordination is crystalline and ensures speedy and optimum bringing of services. by smooth interaction with assorted stakeholder sections. 14. 2 Defects

Employees face a batch of force per unit area while run intoing deadlines due to the deficiency of lucidity of ends between the director and the employees. Functions and duties of employees are non good defined and there is ambiguity related to the occupation profile. There is no correlativity between the appellation and the functions performed. 14. 3 Penetrations on the Organization ReportingRelationships

The directors should affect employees. atleast in an incremental function in the planning stage of the undertaking. This would put a realistic outlook of the work to be done.


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