Move and Position Individuals In Accordance with their Plan Of Care Essay Sample

1. 1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human organic structure in relation to the importance of right traveling and placement of persons.

The musculuss in the human organic structure are attached to the skeleton. when each articulation is moved the musculuss act like flexible joints to draw or travel that joint into the place needed. In some Persons they can free musculus tone this leads to muscles going weak and slackened doing motion to be slower and much more hard than normal. therefore when traveling and positioning persons. it is of import to guarantee they are non moved more than their musculuss and castanetss are capable of. as musculuss can merely travel the castanetss every bit far as the articulation will let. It is of import to travel and manage the Individual right to guarantee nervus fibers are non damaged this is because they are really delicate and of import. since they send urges in the organic structure which enable musculuss to loosen up and contract.

1. 2 Describe the impact of specific conditions on the right motion and placement of an Individual.

Peoples with arthritis have frequently suffer with stiff. stiff and painful articulations. and motion of articulations can be limited. it is of import to non forcefully travel the articulations beyond their capablenesss in order to forestall hurting and uncomfortableness. For Individual’s enduring from breaks. the motion should be soft and careful. and right processs must be followed. so as to cut down any farther complications to the break. Should the single be bed-bound. the right hoist and sling must be used. When staff follow appropriate moving and managing techniques. it will cut down the hazards of back hurt. hurting and uncomfortableness to both service user and staff themselves.

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2. 1 Describe how current statute law and agreed ways of working affect working patterns related to traveling and situating Persons. Each clip a carer or support worker moves or handles the weight of a service user they are manually managing that individual. Unsafe traveling and managing patterns can stop up with hurts to either the attention worker or the individual they are helping to travel. To take down the hazard of hurt to the attention worker and the individual being supported statute laws are put in topographic point to protect them. ( The wellness and safety at work act 1974 ) makes it a legal demand for employers to guarantee that the wellness and safety of their employees is maintained. The Manual handling Operationss Regulations for employers provinces that they must transport out hazard appraisals for all moves and cut down the hazard of hurts from go oning and avoid unsafe traveling and managing ; the employees’ duties include utilizing all equipment every bit trained to make so. follow all wellness and safety working patterns and avoid seting themselves or other staff. persons or visitants at hazard. describing any jeopardies or hazards to their employer

2. 2 Describe what wellness and safety factors need to be taken into history when traveling and positioning persons and any equipment used to make this. Before traveling and positioning persons I will guarantee that I merely move and place persons were I am trained to make so. I will take into history the persons wellness and any medical jobs they may hold. the distance of the move relating to the Individual. grounds for the move or placement. I will look into that I have adequate infinite around me to transport out the move and that I am have oning the right Personal Protective Equipment including footwear. I Should transport out a manual hazard appraisal and cheque before executing any move or re-positioning taking any jeopardies. e. g ; loose wires. loose rugs. vesture. and other obstructions. All equipment used in the moving and placement should be checked that it is in right working order. that all electrical hoist are to the full charged. safe and clean to utilize.

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3. 1–5. 7 ( Observation/Assessment )

6. 1 Describe when advice and or aid should be sought to travel or manage an single safely. Advice – should be sought whenever the attention worker is non to the full knowing or is diffident of the manual handling demands environing the service user and there attention. the support of senior workers or supervisors should be sought. Assistance – Should be sought for aid with traveling and managing the person when utilizing equipment for lifting and positioning e. g: Electrical and manual hoist. turning boards. bath hoist. turning tabular arraies used to turn persons. such equipment frequently requires two individual managing for safety grounds.

6. 2 Describe what beginnings of information are available about traveling and positioning Persons. Beginnings of information are available within the service users care program. It can besides be found within authorities statute laws and codifications of pattern. besides ain company constabularies and processs.