Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care Essay Sample

1. Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to traveling and positioning persons 1. 1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human organic structure in relation to the importance of right traveling and placement of persons. The spinal column is made up of single castanetss called vertebrae. In between the castanetss there are articulations that connect these together. A ligament connects bone to back up articulations. Muscles work by the fibres they contain undertaking ; this makes the musculus shorten. When the musculus shortens it pulls on the sinew and so on the bone to which it is attached. Muscles are connected to castanetss by sinews. Boness in limbs are covered with tissue. Not traveling an single right can do ligaments to twist. This is why persons must ne’er be dragged when being moved as this can do articulations to over stretch and so twist the ligaments.

When an person is moved and positioned it is of import this happens swimmingly. Sudden motions or drawing in any way of an individual’s limbs or organic structure can do pulled musculuss or rupture sinews which can do a batch of hurting. Boness in limbs are covered with tissue. Puting force per unit area on an individual’s manus or arm when they are traveling from one place to another can do a bone to break. Fractures can besides go on if there is an accident with for illustration equipment like a hoist and this falls onto the person when moving/positioning them or utilizing the incorrect sling size and the person falls out.

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1. 2. Describe the impact of specific conditions on the right motion and placement of an person. When I work with persons with different conditions this affects how we support them to travel and alter places. An single with dementedness who is confused might non understand what we are stating and when we are back uping her/him to travel. so we have to demo the persons by our action and take clip to make this. Persons with arthritis have to be supported to travel gently as they may be in a batch of hurting and placement or moving may be uncomfortable. An person that has had a stoke might hold one arm or leg stronger than the other so this needs to be taken into history when weight bearing or traveling so as to avoid seting force per unit area on the weak side. An person who is blind might necessitate more reassurance and accounts about the move and what is about them as they can non see.

3. Be able to minimise hazard before traveling and positioning persons.

3. 5 Describe what action should be taken if the individual’s wishes struggle with their program of attention in relation to wellness and safety and their hazard appraisal. When I come across hazards before traveling and positioning an single my actions will depend on what they are. If there are hazards in the environment from jeopardies that I can travel like an point on the floor so I will make so with the individual’s understanding but if there is a hazard in footings of the equipment I’m utilizing if it is defective or from the person it may be that I think they are ailing or a I see a alteration in their behaviour so I would non transport out the move but foremost would describe the hazards to my supervisor and seek advice. The equipment if faulty is removed from the immediate country and an out of order mark placed on it until it is replaced to do others aware that it is non working or safe to utilize. If an person asks me to travel them in a different manner than is stated in their attention program and hazard appraisal I will explicate to the person what their attention program and hazard appraisal says. the hazards involved and my duties to merely follow the attention program. If the person still insisted so I would explicate that I would necessitate to describe this to my supervisor. I must besides enter the hazards. the day of the month I identified these and the actions I take.

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6. Know when to seek advice from and/or involve others when traveling and positioning an single 6. 1. Describe when advice aid should be sought to travel or manage an single safety. When the manoeuvre is hard and hazard to the wellness and safety of both the person and carer. as this is against the jurisprudence and can do hurt. when the incorrect equipment is available. when the equipment is faulty once more against the jurisprudence and can do hurt. when the individual’s attention program indicates that two carers have to help with a specific manoeuvre and no-one s available. when the carer is non certain how to finish the undertakings or utilize the equipment. when the individual’s ask you to transport out the manoeuvre that is outside of the attention program and that may harm them. this will be insecure for the individual’s and the carers.

6. 2 Describe what beginnings of information are available about traveling and positioning. There are tonss of different beginnings of information ;
– in my work topographic point the moving and handling processs and guidelines about the right patterns to follow. individual’s hazard appraisal and attention programs about their demands and patterns agreed to follow. – persons and their households can besides assist with what they find utile. I can besides inquire my co-workers and director for information and advice. Sometimes we can besides inquire other wellness attention pattern professionals such as physical therapists and traveling and managing specialist’s specific inquiries or advice about issues. Training classs and information cusps are besides utile.

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