Monolithic and Pluralistic Societies Essay Sample

There are two types of societies ; Monolithic and Pluralistic. There are many differences between these two types of societies. A good illustration of a massive society is Sparta and a good illustration of a pluralistic society is Athens. The metropolis provinces of these two societies were large challengers for the leading of ancient Greece. Because of the many differences in their life styles the competition between these two societies is stronger.

Sparta is a really massive society. A massive society is a closed society. A closed society is non unfastened to new thoughts. trade. or cultural diffusion. They are really antisocial and don’t privation to larn about other societies. nor do they desire other societies to larn about them and steal their thoughts. In Sparta. the leader Lycurgus didn’t let his people to travel to other topographic points so they don’t pick up the wonts of other societies. He doesn’t desire his people to copy the lives of other people w/out military preparation and that unrecorded under different authoritiess. Spartans drive away aliens that don’t truly have an of import ground for being at that place because they believe “for along with unusual people. unusual thoughts must come in. ” Unlike Sparta. Athens is a pluralistic society. They open their metropolis to the remainder of the universe and welcome aliens and seek to put an illustration for them. They wouldn’t prevent anyone from larning from them.

The word Spartan means “Highly self-restraining. ” The Spartan province was like a military cantonment. Spartans were really organized and controlled. Sparta’s population was little. but highly powerful. Babies that were non strong plenty were left to decease. Once Spartan male childs turned 7they are taken from their places and sent to military preparation. When they turn 20 they become soldiers and are sent to frontier countries. They are non allowed to retire until they are 60. They weren’t allowed to larn much. merely every bit much reading and composing that was thought to be necessary.

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Athens was a really smart society. They admit all of their errors because they believe it is worse to make nil about it. Athens was considered to e the School of the Hellas. When Athenian male childs turn seven they get assigned to a coach and sent to a school. They wear places and have apparels to have on. unlike Sparta whose people wear one piece of dressing all twelvemonth to set to all climes and don’t wear places so their pess toughen up. After 11 old ages of school. Athenian work forces have 2 old ages of preparation for the Military.

These two societies were really different. and that is what caused the competition between them to be so strong. They were the two most powerful metropolis provinces in Greece even though their ways of life were so different.