Modernization Theory Essay

Harmonizing to Macionis ( 2010 ) . the definition of modernisation theory “is a theoretical account of economic and societal development that explains planetary inequality in footings of technological and cultural differences between nations” . Modernization theory is a description. account. and history of the manner of traditional and under established or developing societies. compared to more modern societies. Modernization is one of the most of import positions in development and underdevelopment since the 1950s. Primary attending has focused on ways in which yesteryear and present modern societies become modern through the procedure of economic growing and alteration in community. educational. and back uping constructions. Modernization is the procedure in which society experiences industrialisation urbanisation and many other societal alterations that transform the lives of the population. Social alteration has been. and likely will go on to be. a complex procedure that reflects the precedences we set for any state every bit good as our will to accomplish them.

Modernization has quickly manifested itself through four distinguishable classs ; the diminution of little traditional communities. enlargement of personal pick. increasing societal diverseness. and orientation toward the hereafter and turning consciousness. Society will go on to alter as new engineering is developed and new thoughts are explored. Modernization can bring forth many honoring consequences. On the other manus. harmonizing to some theoreticians it can be damaging to certain societies. With modernisation comes the diminution of little traditional communities. the bridgehead to the one time solidarity and significance of society’s experience. weakened if non destroyed all together. For 1000s of old ages. before the industrial revolutions. people lived in rural small towns spread throughout the land. These societies revolved around household and neighbour. and valued traditions. where each individual had a chiseled axial rotation. a strong sense of individuality. belonging and intent.

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Yet. the downside to life in these rural village’s people was that they had limited personal pick in what they could make. Some of the negative effects of modernisation are: it lessens the demand for labour. making occupation cuts. At one point in clip. modernisation became the job of the environment pollution. You can see the damaging effects from the industrial fog hanging above our big metropoliss. This fog is caused largely by cars and industrial workss. Prevalence of terrorist act is besides a effect. and face-to-face societal interaction is dwindling. Some of the positive effects of modernisation are: it reduces costs. improves the quality of goods. rescue of goods is faster. efficiency degree is higher. people stay healthy longer. communicating is improved. and so forth.

With modernisation in an country. comes the opposition from traditional people. Change is an uncomfortable thing for the older coevalss. Some people see modernisation in a bad manner because they feel that it has destroyed our traditional values. They might experience that the modern manner of life has affected our regulations and our rules. The term modernisation is connected to engineering. which does non impact cultural traditions precisely. Cell phones. for illustration. are non used in churches or temples. a topographic point of tradition. The sum of information engineering can convey nevertheless. will act upon traditional thought. Some say that one merely has to turn on the local intelligence to recognize that ne’er has it been clearer that the perceptual experiences and values taught by our ascendants have fallen at the pess of modernisation. Some people feel “too old” to larn the new ways of the universe. Technology. as they see it. could perchance destruct human relationships.

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The personal computing machine and cyberspace have replaced the station cards and even the human conversations. Mobile messages have replaced the human voice. I believe that one can continue all the traditions one wants. but with the remainder of the universe traveling frontward a balance can be established between tradition and modernisation. Modernization is necessary if the state desires to be included in the economic development and promotions that are around us. Assuming that modernisation is a systematic and transformative procedure. from an economic development position. accounting for the developmental phases of a society ( traditional society. stipulation for takeoff. the takeoff procedure. the thrust to adulthood. and high mass ingestion ) . one could consistently overhaul a Third World Country.

States in Latin America. Cambodia. and Laos. to call a few. stagnated in development due to their deficiency of productive investings and stood to profit from extenuating attempts based out of the modernisation theory. The modernisation solution to their stagnancy relied on the proviso of assistance to these states in the signifier of capital. engineering. and expertness. Once modernisation takes clasp of a society. it will ne’er allow travel. Peoples with cognition want more. The more people know. the more they want to cognize. so yes modernisation is here to remain. The tendency has become a world-wide tendency. However. there are many countries of the universe that have yet to be touched by modernisation and the ways of the modern universe. but it is merely a affair of clip before they excessively are assimilated into the procedure and are unable to defy the drift towards modernisation.

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