Modern Technology Essay Sample

Make you hold or differ with the following statement? Modern engineering is making a individual universe civilization. Use specific grounds and illustrations to back up your sentiment.

Looking back in history. civilizations and imposts were determined by the society where people lived. Therefore. civilization was different from one state to another. In the present. engineering has changed the civilization. and how people live in society. I think modern engineering is bit by bit making a individual universe civilization. because of the influence from the media. Internet. and the telecommunication. First of all. media is everyplace. Media can be seen on place telecasting. large Light-emitting diode screens. and even at public transits. There are besides media such as wirelesss that are used for airing intelligence or even vocals that are from the yesteryear to the present. Furthermore. people get influenced from media that has changed the manner people live. For illustration. manner is altering mundane. Peoples can see the difference how they dress up in their civilization versus what the media has told us what is up to day of the month. Media besides uses commercials to aim intelligence clients to purchase their merchandise. For case. because of the influence from the media. people want large eyes so they buy contact lens to better their expressions.

What they do non detect is that. contact lens make the eyes itch doing it uncomfortable and can take to infections. Second. Internet has become the manner for sharing information publically and in private online. One of the popular ways of sharing information is through societal web sites such as Facebook. Twitter. or Skype. For illustration. in the past people communicated through mail and so by telephone. The alteration of engineering has made communicating faster and more dependable. People no longer take clip for write a missive. or even directing a printed invitation. News travels faster than the velocity of sound to supply information all over the universe at the same clip. Third. telecommunication is traveling us toward one linguistic communication universe. Today. people use short abbreviations to do the linguistic communication simple and quick. One of the good illustrations would be through on-line chatting.

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For case. in the yesteryear when a individual finds it funny they would merely type hahaha. but today a individual would type LMAO ( Laugh My Ass Off ) . Another illustration would be in the yesteryear when a individual loved person he or she would likely type “I Love You” . Today. a individual would type “ILY” or “Luv chu” and everyone all over the universe understands what is being said. Some people would state that modern engineering is non making a individual civilization universe. because we can still see that there are many differences between one civilization and another. However. in my sentiment if we look at younger coevals we can see how a individual civilization is already in procedure. To sum up. modern engineering is altering everyone’s civilization. We can see this through how this media is altering our manners. how the Internet is altering the manner of sharing information. and telecommunication is altering the manner we use linguistic communication. In the hereafter. we could anticipate to see adolescents from different parts of the universe with many things in common.