Mobile Phone Ads Research Methodology Marketing Essay

This survey explores the relationships between attitudes toward the nomadic phone medium and nomadic phone ads and the behavior of the respondents in relation to their leaning to accept and utilize nomadic phone ads.

At the terminal we want to cognize if Egyptian consumers affected in their buying forms by nomadic phone ads or non?

Literature Reappraisal:

Wireless Ad is one of the newest ways advertisers/marketers have found to make consumers in a new and compelling manner. With the roar of Internet publicizing get downing to level out, advertizers discovered a new engineering that consumers are get downing to welcome with unfastened weaponries. It has been estimated that there will be half a billion nomadic phones in the U.S. by 2003 ( King, 2000 ) . There are presently about 4.4 million radio Web and messaging endorsers in the U.S. as of August 2001, but the expected growing by 2005 is 71.1 million ( Kotch, 2001 ) . If the rapid growing of the nomadic phone is any indicant as to what is to come, the full radio market is looking at a bright hereafter.

But cipher knows if wireless advertisement will turn to be a feasible industry. There is a great opportunity that a big per centum of the population will someday acquire some sort of advertising-supported content on a wireless device of some sort. But right now the industry is at a sensitive point and it has to turn out that consumers will accept advertisement on personal digital helpers ( PDA ) , cell phones, and others.

Even though it is of import to present market anticipations for radio advertisement, one of the most of import inquiries that should be asked right now is whether or non consumer will be willing to have advertisement on their wireless devices such as cell phone.

Mobile Ad

The signifiers of new media advertisement mentioned so far are chiefly designed to be used with the Internet. A different signifier of new media communicating is intended to take advantage of the on-the-go nature of modern consumers and is referred to as nomadic advertisement ( Senn, 2000 ; Stafford, 2005 ) . This engineering uses wireless communicating to make consumer via cell phones, pages, and personal digital helpers. In some counties such as Japan and Finland, these devices have already become of import signifiers of new media communicating. Although their usage for publicity has been slower in the United States, the diffusion of nomadic devices has already begun to excel the Internet ( Perlado & A ; Barwise, 2005 ) . Therefore, the usage and importance of nomadic advertisement is likely to turn in the hereafter.

It is improbable that nomadic engineering will be rich plenty to back up the sum of content or the quality of ocular we associate with print or electronic media advertisement.

More likely, it will take the signifier of short text messages intended to inform, remind, or notify consumers. Therefore, it can best be used to back up relationships with bing clients instead than to be used to try to get new consumers ( Perlado & A ; Barwise, in imperativeness ) . For illustration, nomadic advertisement may assist to remind consumers to do a purchase or to supply information for immediate consumer determinations.

Possibly the major advantage of nomadic advertisement is that it is able to make people at precisely the minute they are doing purchase determinations. For illustration, it can be used to supply information about gross revenues publicities at the clip of purchase to assist rock consumer picks for para merchandises.

Short Messaging Ad

In the United States, there is non yet sufficient text messaging ads or text messaging to do service breaks. Merely late have the major radio bearers agreed to allow their clients send text messages to one another ( Shachtman, 2002 ) .

Competing criterions ( planetary system for nomadic communications versus code division multiple entree ) , disconnected systems, and deficiency of assortment in naming programs are wholly cited as grounds for the lower per capita usage of cellular phones in the United States than in Japan or Europe ( Hirsh, 2001 ) .

On the footing of experience in Japan and Europe, it seems likely that text messaging ads will increase in the United States as cellular phones and other radio devices addition in popularity. Worldwide, about 33 % of cellular telephone users reported in January 2002 that they had received some kind of advertizement on their nomadic phones, compared with merely 1 % of study respondents in June 2001 ( Kelsey, 2002 ) .

Analysts expect that text messaging ads could be the following large cheap selling tool and that it could see dramatic growing. The bulk of digital cellular phones ( 100 million-123 million users ) can already accept text messaging.

Ovum, a Boston-based research house, expects text messaging ads to turn to a $ 16 billion market by 2005 ( Berman, 2000 ) . There is a wide scope of other anticipations for wireless advertisement gross revenues in 2005 from $ 6 billion ( The Yankee Group ) , $ 3.9 billion ( Strategis ) , $ 891 million ( Forrester ) , and $ 700 million ( Jupiter Media Metrix ) ( Graham, 2001 ) .

Merely as cellular phones are replacing beepers, PDAs and cellular phones are get downing to unify into a individual unit with an synergistic larger screen format that is more contributing to advertisement ( Hirsh, 2001 ; Stone, 2001 ) .

There is good ground to be optimistic about the growing of text messaging ads in the United States. Whereas a survey by Jupiter Media Metrix studies that about half of all U.S. cellular phone and PDA users would non accept publicizing even if compensated for it, more than 33 % of the people surveyed expressed involvement in having advertisement in exchange for subsidised entree ( Olsen, 2001 ) . Most of those clients considered the advertisement valuable, and many proactively sought to see advertizements they were non selected to have ( Berman, 2001 ; Pintak, 2001 ) .

WindWire surveyed the 260 users who took portion in its test of text messaging ads, and 86 % favorite free or ad-subsidized radio content over fee-based content ( Graham, 2001 ) . Similarly, of Baltimore offers consumers between $ .05 and $ .50 each clip they view advertizements. These tests were made possible when AT & A ; T Wireless and Sprint PCS introduced free text-messaging capablenesss on radio telephones in early 2000. Other bearers, such as Nextel and Cellular One, now Cingular, charge excess to have text messages ( Musgrove, 2000 ) . Consumers most probably would be loath to pay for unasked text messaging ads if charged for each message.

Types of SMS ads

There are six types of SMS ads wholly ( Barwise & A ; Strong, 2002 ) .

Brand edifice: Examples include an esoteric run for Tango ( a sodium carbonate ) with executings such as “ Feed the Tango interior ” and “ The Tango interior is wise. Feed him. ”

Another, for Carlsberg, is sent to males 18+ at 10:30 p.m. on a Friday dark “ Pulled? If Carlsberg ran a cabaret you ‘d hold pulled by now. Probablyaˆ¦ ”

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Specific offers: These create consciousness of bing particular offers. A typical illustration is from Sega “ A Dreamcast with 4 selected games for merely 109.99 lbs at Electronics Boutique or Game. Detailss in shop. Name 000 000 0000 for your nearest shop. ” Timely Media Teasers: These are used by media organisations to promote purchase or screening, as illustrated by the undermentioned executing by the Evening Standard ( London ‘s chief local newspaper ) “ Tube work stoppage starts 8 p.m. Anger as Major says ‘walk’aˆ¦ see tonight ‘s Evening Standard for ‘walking times ‘ map of cardinal paths in London. ” Product, service or information petition: Examples included Interflora “ Have you remembered Mother ‘s Day this Sunday? It ‘s non excessively late to state it with flowers, merely name

Interflora on 000 000 0000. ” And Cadbury ‘s “ Cadbury Gifts Direct – THE usher to gifts for cocoa lovers. For your transcript sent direct to your door merely text back CADBURY now! ” Competitions: Examples are Wella, “ Free Wella Shockwaves. 1st 50 win! Text back WELLA now ” and Lucozde Sport, “ Win a signed Premier League shirt from Lucozade Sport. Text back your squad ‘s name 2 enter draw. Lucozade Sport. Have you got it in you? ”

Polls/Voting: Include lottery company Gamelot ‘s SMS “ Would you like to play

the National Lottery utilizing you nomadic? For farther inside informations text back YES. U 16s can non play ” and Blockbusters, “ THE BLOCKBUSTER OSCARS VOTE Marilyn Monroe or Cameron Diaz. Text us your favorite female film star, yesteryear or nowadays. Let U cognize canvass victors on Mar 18th! ”

Mobile Phone Usage And Advertising Acceptance Among College Students.

The nomadic phone is quickly going one of the most influential media for selling since the coming of the Internet. As Gerry Purdy, a taking nomadic industry analyst, points out: “ likely the most of import medium for advertisement in the twenty-first century is traveling to be the cell phone, non print media, non billboardsaˆ¦ ” ( SMS Marketing, 2006 ) . By leveraging the nomadic phone, the nomadic phone web and the dramatis personae of participants within the nomadic selling ecosystem, trade names, concerns and selling bureaus can closely prosecute and interact with their mark audience in a manner that has antecedently been unavailable to them. Young people, as early adoptive parents of new engineering, have shown the highest incidence rates of cell phone use and nomadic content acceptance, harmonizing to M: Prosodies ( 2005 ) . Students with occupations consume more nomadic content than any other group, and are 42 % more likely to utilize nomadic electronic mail than the mean endorser, and 23 % more likely than typical full-time workers. Working pupils besides download nomadic games and personalise content on their phones twice every bit frequently as other users ( M: Prosodies, 2005 ) . ComScore Networks, who has labelled 18-24 twelvemonth olds as the “ Cellular Coevals, ” says pupils see their cell phones as more than a agency of voice communicating ; they can supply amusement, convey societal position and assist show one ‘s individualism The pattern of nomadic selling, defined as selling through the nomadic channel and via Mobile enhanced traditional media ( Becker 2005 ) , can incarnate any figure of different selling activities. One really common signifier of nomadic selling is nomadic advertisement. Virtually unheard of merely a few old ages ago, nomadic advertisement has drawn much attending late. Leading companies like Procter & A ; Gamble, Microsoft, ESPN, Disney, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, and McDonalds are encompassing nomadic advertisement and including it within their selling budgets, frequently aiming teens and college pupils.

Since the first nomadic text advertisement was done in Scandinavia in 1997, nomadic advertisement has grown systematically ( Becker, 2005 ) . It ‘s expected that by 2011 sellers will be passing $ 11.3 billion yearly on nomadic advertisement, up from $ 871 million in 2006 ( O’Shea, 2007 ) . Jupiter Research predicts a slightly less aggressive growing rate for nomadic advertisement: a 50 % addition to $ 2.9 billion by 2011 ( Jupiter Research, 2006 ) . As a mention, it took two old ages for broadcast Television, four old ages for the Internet and five old ages for overseas telegram Television advertisement to make $ 1B in ad gross, and five old ages for Internet and broadcast Television advertisement to make $ 5B. None crossed the $ 10B gross grade in their first 10 old ages of being ( Sharma, 2007 ) .

Mobile advertisement can be targeted to the person, personal and synergistic, unlike traditional advertisement that is considered to be a non-personal agencies of conveying a message via mass media for the intent of informing and carrying a mark audience ( Ayanwale, Alimi, and Ayanbimipe, 2005 ) . Sellers can prosecute consumers via nomadic advertisement in a figure of ways. They may include a call-to-action in their traditional media advertisement and promote consumers to react via text messaging, multimedia messaging, image messaging, Bluetooth alerts, or voice channels on their cell phone. For case, a consumer may be invited to direct a text message, respond to a Bluetooth qui vive, dial a regular or toll-free figure, interact with an instant voice response service, or direct a image message via the phone ‘s multi-media messaging service. For consumers who have antecedently opted in and agreed to have nomadic messages, sellers may add on an advertizement to any of these messaging or voice channels, both on a broadcast footing to specific demographic groups and to persons. Another common manner to publicize on a nomadic phone is through embedded on-device applications and browsers. For illustration, it is really common for advertizers to include inline and interstitial ads on nomadic Internet sites, embed advertizements in nomadic wireless, picture cartridge holders, Television, and games, and topographic point an ad within a nomadic operator ‘s dedicated portal. Ads may besides be included within the interface of the phone, although this pattern is non common. Mobile advertisement uses both “ push ” and “ pull ” advertisement schemes, frequently in tandem with other direct-to-consumer selling schemes and niche market advertisement schemes. Because of the built-in regulative and telecommunications bringing barriers of advertisement through the nomadic channel, the presentation or bringing of nomadic advertisement messages has limitations that other advertisement media do non. These limitations force sellers, in most instances, to acquire anterior blessing from consumers before being able to direct commercial messages to a nomadic device.

With nomadic selling, having anterior blessing from a consumer before presenting a message is critical because entree to mobile consumers in the United States is dictated by federal jurisprudence and industry best patterns ( Mobile Marketing Association, 2007 ; CAN-SPAM Act, 2003 ) , while in many countries of Europe and the remainder of the universe prior blessing is non ever required.

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What makes nomadic advertisement unique is the fact that the nomadic medium is highly personal ( Tahtinen & A ; Salo, 2003 ) . Sellers have discovered through research that nomadic devices – chiefly cell phones – are personal communicating tools that have become embedded in the societal web and cloth of our digital society. Harmonizing to a recent survey by the Mobile Marketing Association, the nomadic phone, across all age groups, has been found to be an of import portion of our mundane life style. The survey found that 82 % of all respondents indicated that their nomadic phone is extremely to reasonably of import to their day-to-day life, and 79 % say that they are extremely to reasonably dependent on their nomadic phone ( Mobile Marketing Association, 2007 ) .

To many, a cell phone represents one of the few staying good personal infinites they can utilize to pass on and socialise and still keep control. It is, hence, of import for sellers to esteem this personal infinite and learn to estimate consumers ‘ perceptual experiences of and willingness to accept nomadic advertisement. A recent survey by Forrester Research found 79 % of consumers said they would be irritated if an ad was sent to their nomadic phones ( Forrester Research, 2007 ) . One-third ( 34 % ) of nomadic Web users in the United States and internationally say they would watch advertizements on their cell phones in exchange for free Mobile content, harmonizing to the Online Publishers Association ( 2007 ) . A Harris Interactive survey found 35 % of U.S. grownup cell phone users are willing to accept incentive-based nomadic advertizements ( Harris Interactive, 2007 ) . Although there is a turning organic structure of cognition about consumer attitudes toward nomadic advertisement and the factors that may impact consumer credence of nomadic advertisement, no multi-year analysis of those factors exists.

Problem definition:

The selling research job is to find the effectivity of utilizing nomadic phone as an advertisement media in the companies & A ; manufacturers publicizing runs.

What are the strengths and failing of utilizing this advertisement media over there major rivals?

By the terminal of the research we should be able to find whether companies & A ; manufacturers should utilize the nomadic phone ads on their advertisement run & A ; will it increase gross revenues & A ; market portion.

We should besides happen out whether Egyptian consumers penchants of nomadic phone ads & A ; if it affect their buying forms, and whether such media should be used in the hereafter or non.

Management determination job:

Management & A ; manufacturers should seek to happen out how successful will it be utilizing nomadic phone ads? Does the sale will increase after the usage of nomadic phone ads or non? They are hence seeking action and their inquiry is as follows:

Should the usage of Mobile phone advertisement addition gross revenues & A ; market portion?

Marketing research job:

This inquiry is translated in to another 1 that seeks to happen the information needed, one that will be used to carry on the selling research and this inquiry is:

We need to find the effectivity of utilizing nomadic phone ads & A ; the penchants of consumers on this advertisement media.

Throughout this research we will be utilizing the selling research job to assist us supply the determination shapers with better apprehension of this selling phenomenon.

We will besides be able to supply them with information such as the effectivity of nomadic phone ads and its influence on Egyptian consumers, whether they are affected and increase their purchases taking to increased gross revenues and therefore increase its market portion.

Approach to the job

Theoretical Model:

The survey discussed in this paper investigated consumer attitudes about the nomadic phone medium, the general Mobile phone ads, and SMS-based Mobile phone advertizements.

This survey besides examined the relationships among attitude, purpose, and behaviour.

It is of import to place nomadic phone user ‘s demands and penchants for certain applications for aiming them. Users consider driving waies, instant messaging, news/weather, streamed music ( mp3 ) and email services the most of import applications while on the move. In peculiar, users are extremely interested in driving waies service. This issue can be combined with nomadic phone ads message for a successful Mobile phone advertisement activity.

It would be interesting to farther look into what factors would be effectual in altering the nomadic phone consumers ‘ attitude towards mobile phone advertisement and SMS advertisement.

It would be good for the radio service supplier to cognize how to alter the users ‘ attitude in order to make service program and offers that would appeal to the nomadic phone users. Related to this construct, future research should research the type of messages that would appeal to the radio users in item.

This survey has several restrictions including the sample, trying process, and the measurings. First, since this survey will be conducted with college pupil sample with convenient sampling, the consequence of this survey can non be generalized to the nomadic phone user population as a whole. Second, because of a deficiency of old surveies sing perceptual experience of nomadic phone ads, it will be hard to develop appropriate measurings.

I will seek to prove the consumer perceptual experience for nomadic phone ads, & A ; I will seek to cognize if they find it converting or non & amp ; if they feel that this sort of ads violate their privateness or non.

Research inquiries:

Specifically, research should supply information on the undermentioned inquiries:

1. Are Egyptian consumers affected in their buying forms by nomadic phone ads?

2. Are Egyptian consumers found mobile phone ads attractive & A ; convenient?

3. Did companies & A ; manufacturers market portion addition since the usage of nomadic phone ads in their advertisement run?

4. Should companies & A ; manufacturers continue utilizing the same run procedure or should it be changed?

5. Does the usage of nomadic phone ads disturb consumers?

These inquiries should be answered by the terminal of the research to supply penetration on this market phenomenon, where nomadic phone ads are impacting consumers to the extent of persuasion in the buying forms.


From the antecedently mentioned inquiries we can come up with some hypotheses to prove throughout the research and see if they are true or non.

H1: Mobile phone ads will hold more advertising effects in footings of attitude toward the trade name and purchase purpose in the Egyptian market. Egyptian consumers are affected by nomadic phone ads.

H2: Mobile phone ads attract consumers & A ; convert them to buy the merchandise or utilize the service in the ads.

H3: Mobile phone ads will increase the companies ‘ gross revenues.

H4: Mobile phone ads will increase the companies ‘ market portion.

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H5: Mobile phone ads intrude the consumer privateness.

Descriptive research design:

The structured questionnaire is the study method that will be given to respondents. This will be done through a personal interview method, I chose the promenade intercept method because questionnaires can be given to consumers at their point of purchase and they can so bring forth their sentiment on the subject, besides it will be distributed to college pupils at the university because they besides represent a large sector of the society. My chief sample will be college pupils because they are stand foring the hereafter for the Egyptian market.

The questionnaire will chiefly incorporate ordinal and interval graduated tables to mensurate several perceptual experiences, and penchants in the heads of the Egyptian consumers.


The sample to which the questionnaire will be distributed to will be based on a convenience sampling technique, as mentioned before that the promenade intercept method will be used which is one of the types of convenience sampling.

The research worker will go through out the structured questionnaire to the clients in a supermarket, promenades, athletics nines & A ; university, chiefly to college pupils. If they are at that place in the right topographic point at the right clip, they will take portion in the sample. I will administer 30 questionnaires for my research.

In the following page there is a sample of the questionnaire that will be distributed to the trial units to supply us with the information needed.

Questionnaire: –

Dear participant,

The followers is a questionnaire that will enable us to mensurate consumer ‘s perceptual experience of utilizing nomadic phones as an advertisement media.

Because you as a consumer will assist give us the right image, I request from you to react to the inquiries honestly and candidly.

Thank you for your clip and cooperation.

1. ( x1 ) . a ) Thinking about advertisement which advertisement media comes foremost to your head?

( x2 ) . B ) Which publicizing media do you happen it easy & A ; fast to make you?

( x3 ) . degree Celsius ) Which is the most advertising media convinced you to buy goods or usage service in the past 3 months?

Medium: ( a ) ( B ) ( degree Celsius )

Television 1 1 1

Radio 2 2 2

Mobile Phone 3 3 3

Billboard 4 4 4

2. During having nomadic phone ads:

( x4 ) .

I paid attending to the content of the ads.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x5 ) .

I carefully read the ads.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x6 ) .

I concentrated on the ads constituents.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x7 ) .

I expended attempt to look at the content of the ads.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x8 ) .

I found it easy to understand.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

3. I think Mobile phone ads are:

aˆ? ( x9 ) . Interesting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Drilling

aˆ? ( x10 ) . Persuasive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Not Persuasive at all

aˆ? ( x11 ) . Enlightening 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 UN informative

aˆ? ( x12 ) . Credible 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 UN credible

aˆ? ( x13 ) . Impressive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 UN impressive

aˆ? ( x14 ) . Clear 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Not clear

aˆ? ( x15 ) . Converting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Not converting

aˆ? ( x16 ) . Overall wishing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Disliking

aˆ? ( x17 ) . Meaningful 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Meaningless

aˆ? ( x18 ) . Helpful 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Not helpful


( x19 ) .

( a ) . I ever receive nomadic phone ads.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x20 ) .

( B ) . My overall sentiment on nomadic phone ads is really good.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

( x21 ) .

( degree Celsius ) . I think nomadic phone ads violate my privateness.

Strongly Disagree ( 1 )

Disagree ( 2 )

Neutral ( 3 )

Agree ( 4 )

Strongly Agree ( 5 )

5. Arrange the advertisement media harmonizing to which you like the most. ( 1 is the most you like, 7 is the worst ) :

a ) ( x22 ) . Television ads. 1 ) ___

B ) ( x23 ) . Magazine ads. 2 ) ___

degree Celsius ) ( x24 ) . News paper ads. 3 ) ___

vitamin D ) ( x25 ) . Radio ads. 4 ) ___

vitamin E ) ( x26 ) . Cell phone ads. 5 ) ___

degree Fahrenheit ) ( x27 ) . Internet ads. 6 ) ___

g ) ( x28 ) . Billboard. 7 ) ___

6. ( x29 ) . My age scope between:

1. 21-25

2. 26-30

3. 31-35

4. 36-40

5. 41-50

6. above 50

7. ( x30 ) . My gender is:

1. Male

2. Female

8. ( x31 ) . Entire monthly family income:

1. 1000 – 3000 $

2. 3001 – 6000 $

3. 6001 – 10,000 $

4. 10,001 – 20,000 $

5. above 20,000 $


Throughout the research we have been mensurating Egyptian consumer attitudes and behavior towards cell phone advertisement. Through a structured questionnaire we will be able to eventually reply the research job which was should companies utilize cell phone ads through their advertisement runs, and if the Egyptian consumer accept cell phone ads or non?

If consequences from this research show that Egyptian consumers are being affected by cell phone ads in their buying forms and that they do buy more, so the reply to the inquiry is yes use cell phone ads in publicities.

However if the consequences show that the Egyptian consumer do n’t wish this sort of ads, and that it does non impact their buying forms and that they do fell that it harm their privateness, so the reply to the inquiry is no halt utilizing cell phone ads in publicities or seek to better it.


While most respondents have positive attitude toward nomadic phone medium, particularly in “ utile ” facet, but most respondents have negative attitude toward nomadic phone advertisement. The important positive correlativity between attitude toward nomadic phone medium and attitude toward nomadic phone ads was found in this sample.

The consequence shows that the persons who had more positive attitude toward nomadic phone ads were more receptive to accept and utilize nomadic phone ads. It appears that attitude toward nomadic phone ads is really of import to acquire higher likeliness to accept and utilize nomadic phone ads.

The consequences from this survey indicate that users are skeptic toward nomadic phone advertisement. The respondents held negative attitudes about having nomadic phone ads. This may hold been because they found nomadic ads annoying, given the personal, intimate nature of nomadic phones, besides many of them find nomadic phone ads tiring & A ; inconvenient & A ; they think that it ‘s meaningless, incredible, uninformative & A ; non helpful. Besides through my research I found out that many of respondents do n’t have a batch of ads at their Mobile phones which means that until now Egyptian companies & A ; manufacturers did non expeditiously use the nomadic phone as an advertisement media & A ; they have to believe to utilize it in an appropriate manner in their adverting runs in order to convert & amp ; pull users to seek their merchandises & A ; services so it can increase their gross revenues & A ; market portion. Finally we can state that Egyptian consumers are non affected in their buying forms by nomadic phone ads, because nomadic phone ads are still new in the Egyptian market & A ; it must be introduced good in the hereafter in order to derive users trust & amp ; perceptual experience.