Ministry and Context Reflection Paper Essay Sample

During this class. ( Ministry & A ; Context ) . I have grown enormously in my theological apprehensions. This category has helped me to be able to put things in which. I deemed impossible to world. I was able to link the idea of practicum and the cognition of practice in this category. This paper will give a theological analysis. while reviewing the focal point of the subjects in which I presented in category. I will besides portion and reflect critically on the feedback of remarks and penetrations gleamed during the category treatments. Third. I will research and place important findings for my personal and religious development and future battle in ministry. And eventually. I will give my reasoning theological ideas about the readings. my site. my personal development. and the category.

Repeat the Issues
From reading the text. I rapidly identified with the writer Hill Harper’s The Conversation. In the seventeenth chapter Harper negotiations about Anger. Forgiveness. and Learning to allow travel. One of my most freighting frights is the idea of person death and holding a score. or being huffy. In my family tree we have ever struggled with forgiving and being in control. [ 1 ] My personal issues are that I struggle with are. as Hill Harper writes. “Maybe you grew up with a male parent who was commanding. You know that doesn’t mean that all work forces are commanding. Still you maintain your guard up and act in a manner that lets the work forces in your life know that you’re merely non holding it. that they will non and can non command you. Possibly your female parent is critical of you. but that doesn’t mean all adult females will be critical.

Still. you keep your guard up and set every adult female in your life on notice: you will non and can non digest their unfavorable judgment and cilium out as a consequence. In personal life. the functions are switched. my female parent is commanding and my male parent is more critical. As a kid turning I remember my female parent. ever being in control and my male parent always-sitting back being the critical 1. A batch of my defeats came from this apprehension. My mother’s commanding inclinations have ever pushed me the incorrect manner. I think her love for being in control have pushed me to be rebellious. and be inexorable about me commanding my ideas. my actions. and my life. Locate

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My site is Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home. and my some of the site challenges. my cousin is the proprietor and he likes to be critical and ever be in charge. We have a changeless conflict from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. about who’s truly in charge. Although I understand and realize that it is his concern. I know that I have an sentiment. These jobs are invariably issues that I see that set uping. my ministry. I know and understand that these types of people both listed in my personal and site will be in my parish. in my ministry and even in my place. So I have to go a bigger individual and be able to cover with hard people and do the best out of the state of affairs. My ultimate job I have is with being controlled. and that is because I have failed to give God all the power in my life. This has become a changeless battle in my life. As a kid I have ever relied on myself for everything. Although I believe and trust God. I have ne’er given God all the power in my life. This is portion of the ground I am invariably in conflict with ego. Contemplations on feedback

As I reflect on the feedback from my category presentation. I have learned that I am non the lone 1 that feels like this. Based on my responses it is profoundly celebrated that I am non the lone individual that has a desire to be in control of their life and their state of affairss. My equals wrote a batch of different things about my journey. personal. and site experiences based on my presentation in category. Majority of my equals inserted that I need to concentrate on practising humbleness. and happening my passion for ministry. These contemplations were good penetration about my personal ego. I invariably see that I feel like I have made it. I feel like I have paid my dues by finishing seminary and making the basic demands of the church. The sad world of this circumstance is the thought that I haven’t made anything. I haven’t proved myself worthy of a place or even a occupation. One can non take. if one doesn’t know or even want to follow.

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III Exploring and placing important findings what did I learn from review

In the class of this educational twelvemonth. the Ministry & A ; Context category has caused me to make some honest self contemplation. IT has aid with my personal development. ministry ends. and linking practice and practical. A. Personal Development

My personal development is profoundly rooted in me. being a 25 twelvemonth old male. and invariably contending myself. and God. on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours rudimentss seeking to acquire where I want to be. I intentionally dig deep into my life and see countries that need to be reexamined for betterment. My attitude about my position and my places invariably affects my relationships. communicating and engagement with others. While reading the feedback from my category. it brought me off of my ain clout and forced me to be in tuned with myself. my community. and my current context. As I prepare to go forth ITC and measure into the existent universe as a sermonizer. instructor. and adult male of God. I have to ever retrieve the advice given by my fellow schoolmates. be low. and ever reaffirm my passions in life and in ministry. and finally seeking God for counsel. B. Spiritual development

My religious development has been a long procedure in which I believe has grounded me in listening to God. and reacting to God’s call. As a kid I have ever prayed to God. while inquiring God to repair certain fortunes in my life. Unfortunately I ne’er took the clip to listen to the voice of God and God’s call for me. The seminary procedure and peculiarly the Ministry and Context category has brought to my witting. how one should hear the voice of God and how one responds to God’s call in their personal life. This procedure has strengthened my love for God and my ideas on my relationship with God.

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C. Future battle in ministry

My future battle in ministry will dwell of retrieving and encompassing the current. yesteryear. and present battles of life. My future battle requires me to incorporate my seminary experience. categories. and personal contemplations. This engagement shall be entirely God focused. while researching the religious walk. the procedure. and adulthood of ego and personal development. Some of my hereafter ends for ministry are to go a board certified chaplain. pattern societal justness. and develop a church works. As a chaplain I believe that my brushs with the people that I will come into contact will continually remind me of my personal ends. growing. and development. In decision. this paper has discussed my personal development for this category. It has included my site. site issues. and contemplations taken from the category. This paper has besides integrated my category feedback. and programs for deduction in my personal. religious development. and future battle in ministry. With these contemplations. I have broadened my mentality on my ministry and program to actively prosecute these contemplations in my ministry. Throughout this class I been encouraged. enlightened. and empowered. I am really appreciative for this alone experience.


[ 1 ] Harper. Hill “The Conversation” : How Black Men and Women can construct swearing Relationships ( New York: Gotham Books ) . 2009. 195-199.