Microsoft Corporation – Strategic Initiative Paper Essay Sample

Over the past few old ages the economic system in the United States has taken a downswing. It has been so bad. that some concerns were non able to last. However. Microsoft Corporation ( Microsoft ) was non one of those companies. The financial strength of Microsoft played a big portion in supplying the company with the ability and resources to last the hard fiscal markets ( Microsoft Corporation. 2009 ) . As a consequence of the outstanding fiscal place of the company. Microsoft chose to implement a strategic planning enterprise in which the company would buy back its stock. The $ 40 billion plan would ensue in increased quarterly dividends and a return to stockholders of stopping point to $ 14 billion ( Microsoft Corporation. 2009 ) .

In this paper. Team B will analyse the stock repurchase enterprise of Microsoft. The squad will depict the relationship between strategic and fiscal planning. Further. Team B will depict how the enterprise will impact the fiscal planning of Microsoft. and discourse the impact the enterprise will hold on costs and gross revenues. Last. this paper will depict the hazards associated with the stock redemption enterprise and the fiscal impact these hazards may hold on Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Strategic Planning Initiative

Microsoft’s primary strategic planning enterprise is to stay comfortable through investings and appropriations. Operating demands. debt refund agendas and portion redemptions are funded by bing hard currency. hard currency equivalents. short-run investings. and financess generated from operations ( Microsoft. 2009 ) . Microsoft is ever looking in front and makes certain their balance sheet reflects the demand for “potential hereafter capital demands associating to research and development. creative activity and enlargement of gross revenues distribution channels. investings and acquisitions. portion dilution direction. legal hazards. and challenges to their concern theoretical account ( Microsoft. 2009 ) . “

All enterprises contemplated by any concern will hold an outgo associated with its disposal and achievements. Microsoft is non an exclusion. In September 2008 Microsoft announced that their “Board of Directors approved a new portion repurchase plan authorising up to $ 40. 0 billion in portion redemptions with an termination day of the month of September 30. 2013 ( Microsoft Corporation. 2009 ) . ” Through this enterprise Microsoft has already returned 14 billion dollars back to stockholders. The strategic planning inaugural class Microsoft has pursued has been profitable and it is the class Microsoft needs to prosecute to stay successful.

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Impact on Financial Planning

The strategic enterprise of Microsoft to buy back stock can impact the fiscal planning in several ways. While buy backing stock with extra hard currency evidently decreases the sum of current assets. this enterprise besides increases the equity of the company. By buy backing its stock. Microsoft is able to increase the monetary value per portion of its stock and increase the dividends paid per portion. Buy backing stock can besides supply Microsoft with a possible revenue enhancement advantage ( Keown. Martin. Petty. & A ; Scott. 2005 ) .

Microsoft needs to incur costs to go on with concern merely like other houses. The determination of buy backing $ 40 billion dollars deserving of its stock had a really big impact on the costs associated with Microsoft. The determination paid off with a return to stockholders of $ 14 billion dollars ( Microsoft Corporation. 2009 ) . The redemption of stock was done utilizing extra hard currency which did diminish the sum of entire assets but made it possible to pay a higher dividend to stockholders and increase the monetary value per portion of stock.

The biggest impact of the enterprise to buy back stock is the utilizing of hard currency to make so. This could hold been a large gamble ; nevertheless the program made it possible to be able to pay out a higher return to stockholders. It is the end to maximise the wealth of stockholders and Microsoft was able to utilize their extra hard currency to buy back stock that led to a big return. The redemption of stock has taken topographic point over the last few old ages and has helped to increase the stockholders return. Another impact of costs would be runing disbursals. The cost of gross has been lifting over the last few old ages. ( Microsoft Corporation. 2009 )

When companies set out to buy back portions of its ain stock. they are by and large believing that making so will increase net incomes per portion instead than holding a direct consequence on its gross revenues. In other words. there is no direct relationship on a company’s gross revenues if they decide to buy back their stock. However. there are possible revenue enhancement nest eggs to stockholders. Companies can make a few things when supplying value to their stockholders. they can either pay a dividend. which is a certain sum per portion. per one-fourth. that puts money back into the investors original investing. or they can make up one’s mind to buy back their ain stock. boosting net incomes per portion and the potency for their stock to turn exponentially because the figure of portions outstanding is reduced.

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In the instance of Microsoft. they have announced the possible to buy back up to $ 40 billion of their ain stock by September 30. 2013 if they see the demand to make so. They have besides decided to lodge with their dividend plan hiking it to. 13 per portion in financial 2009 from. 11 per portion in financial 2008. From an investor’s point of position. Microsoft is giving back in both ways. but these actions will non hold any correlativity with its gross revenues. they will hold to trust on their great inventions for that.


More benefits are associated than hazard when it comes to Microsoft’s stock redemptions. besides known as portion redemption. Simply put. Microsoft is bespeaking that the best investing of its extra hard currency and/or marketable securities is Microsoft. In 2007. Microsoft’s Board of Directors approved a program to buy back $ 40. 0 billion of its stock. In 2008. Microsoft announced the 2007 redemption program was completed and a new program was approved to buy back another $ 40. 0 billion in portions with an termination day of the month of September 30. 2013. However. as stated in the one-year study. Microsoft’s redemption program could be halted or discontinued at anytime without notice. As of 2009. $ 34. 5 billion remained of the redemption sum approved by the Board of Directors in 2008.

The proclamation of a stock redemption is normally met with a spike in the stock monetary value. This spike is due to all the positives associated with such an proclamation. For case. the spike in stock monetary value allows investors to have a return on his or her investing without raising the dividend. Redemptions are a manner to utilize extra liquidness. Therefore. Microsoft’s redemption plan has allowed it to gain a better return on extra hard currency resources.

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Harmonizing to treatment and analysis of the assorted constituents that make up Microsoft. “Diluted net incomes per portion declined chiefly reflecting decreased net income. partly offset by portion redemptions during the past 12 months. We repurchased 318 million portions during the 12 months ended June 30. 2009 ( Microsoft. 2009 ) . ” Although 2009 was a ambitious twelvemonth for Microsoft. its nucleus values and long-run assurance reaffirm the determination to buy back portions.


In this paper. Team B has identified one of the strategic enterprises used by Microsoft Corporation. This enterprise is the redemption of Microsoft stock. The impacts on fiscal planning were discussed. every bit good as the impact on costs and gross revenues. Buy backing stock impacts the fiscal construction of a company by utilizing extra hard currency and increasing the equity of the company. Additionally. the Microsoft stock redemption plan increased the value of the stock which in bend increases the stableness of the company. This stableness can ensue in increased gross revenues because consumers feel more confident purchasing merchandises from a successful company. The costs for Microsoft are impacted by manner of revenue enhancement advantages and increased dividends. As a company that remained profitable during a downswing in the economic system. Microsoft has proven yet once more that the direction of the company is making things right.


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