Mexican American Essay

This hebdomad we learned how Mexicans are stereotyped negatively in the media. they are Stereotyped as being merely portrayed as holding really low paying occupations and as felons. Furthermore even in the Latin media in telenovelas the actresses are chiefly white with light-haired hair. Sing Mexicans portrayed as heroes is a rareness because harmonizing to the society Mexicans are minorities. Another stereotype is that about all Mexicans are illegal’s. Discrimination was besides a large issue in the twentieth century. Mexicans-Americans were lynched in the old ages of 1848 and 1928.

Furthermore. even in eating houses Mexicans were discriminated against in the same mode as African Americans before they had their civil rights. The argument that we were discoursing was how incorrect it was for Mexicans to be discriminated against in this manner. In add-on. statistics show that merely 7 per centum of Mexican-Americans alumnus from college. significance that an instruction isn’t truly a top precedence for Mexican Americans.

In children’s sketchs it is rare to happen a Latin American or latina character with a positive Influence. for illustration speedy Gonzalez was invented because of an matter that the married woman of the Godhead of the sketch had with a Mexican. in my sentiment this is merely pathetic and it merely made Mexicans look bad morally. Another illustration that as a category we looked at were Disney princesses. the first Disney princess to be made in face does non look “latina” . Typical Latinas have tan tegument and brown eyes yet the new princess is just skinned with green eyes. This lone shows that harmonizing to American Godheads a princess can non be brown or she is considered “ugly” .

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In my sentiment this is merely racist and it merely makes latina misss who have brown skin feel inferior to fair skinned misss. Harmonizing to statistics a little sum of Americans view Mexicans as violent. dirty and as rummies merely because of how the media has portrayed them In the media. These media portraitures and in my sentiment they should demo how Mexicans truly are by that one mean the honest hardworking work forces and adult females that have helped this state go such a great state.