Men continuous search for the avenue of the known and unknown reality Essay

The rubric itself gives a absorbing argument. The “Known Reality” can be loosely explained because worlds already know what it is. It is already known by many people. If we give intending to the “Unknown Reality” it is something we haven’t seen yet. went yet or even discovered. How will adult male happen the entree to that world? Will we cognize if it is the unknown we’ve been seeking for? I’ll give my sentiment on the “Unknown” . maybe it is the world that is already in forepart of us but we don’t see it because we neglect our apprehension for it.

Possibly we don’t unfastened our heads and do that world unknown. The avenue between the known and unknown is being unfastened minded. seeking to listen in both sides for us to understand both worlds. If we keep digesting ourselves in pretermiting our capableness to understand. so adult male will hold an eternal hunt for that avenue. Contradiction to that. if adult male has the finding and hungriness to seek the truth. so they will happen what they are looking for that both world is at that place. and will recognize that the avenue to it is the ability to listen and understand.

If adult male continues to be blind. they will ne’er make that avenue and the “Unknown Reality” itself. Both worlds are in forepart of us. But people merely pay attending to merely one side and brings an consequence of ignorance to people. Many people have non yet realized the truth that is being laid down to them for being nescient. I believe that what they are seeking for is easy seen when we give understanding to it.

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