Matribhasha Diwas Report Essay Sample

To advance the use of female parent lingua among the pupils. MSc HTM pupils of Welcomgroup graduate School of Hotel Administration. Manipal University celebrated Matribhasha Diwas ( Mother Tongue Day ) at Saralebettu Govt. Higher Primary School. Manipal The intent was to sensitise people about the demand of the Mother Tongue for nation’s development and leaving proficiency in the same. Assorted activities were organized which included enlightening negotiations. addresss. quiz. group vocals in local linguistic communications. pulling. picture. elocution etc. to advance consciousness of lingual and cultural diverseness.

A talk in Kannada was delivered by MSC HTM pupils Nandini and Manmohan Pai. They highlighted the beginning and history of Kannada linguistic communication. poesy. fiction and dramatic plants of different Kannada renowned poets and creative persons. Student’s squad had played a film on the cultural heritage of Karnataka. Entire figure of 90 pupils and seven staff members along with four Faculty and 17 pupils of MSC HTM participated in the event This programme was conducted as per the scheduled community outreach programme of MSc HTM as portion of the course of study. under the mentorship of module P Valsaraj. coordinated by Nandini. Rajnigandha and Piyush.

Students Taking curse in Mathribhasha- Kannada

Awareness programme on Matribhasha and cultural unity

Student’s sentiment on Matribhasha Hand Prints- Unity in diverseness

Essay composing competition

Pulling competition

School kids singing Kannada vocal

Faculty and pupils of M. Sc HTM with pupils and staff of Saralebettu Higher Primary School

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