Mathematical Happenings Essay Sample

Grecian mathematicians from the seventh Century BC. such as Pythagoras and Euclid are the grounds for our cardinal apprehension of mathematic scientific discipline today. Adopting elements of mathematics from both the Egyptians and the Babylonians while researching and added their ain plants has lead to of import theories and expressions used for all modern mathematics and scientific discipline.

Pythagoras was born in Samon Greece about 569 BC and passed off between 500 – 475 BC in Metapontum. Italy. Pythagoras believed that all things are Numberss. He besides believed that mathematics was and is the nucleus of everything mathematical. He besides believed that geometry is the highest signifier of mathematics and that the physical universe could ever be understood through the scientific discipline of mathematics.

Pythagoreans have and will go on to give acknowledgment to Pythagoras for 1 ) the angles of a trigon bing to two right angles. 2 ) The Pythagoras theorem. which is a right-angled trigon. and the square on the hypotenuse bing to the amount of the squares on the other two sides. This theory was created and understood old ages before by the Babylonians. nevertheless. Pythagoras proved it to be right. 3 ) Pythagoras constructed three of the five regular solids. The regular solids are called tetrahedron. regular hexahedron. octahedron. icosahedron. and dodecahedron. 4 ) Proving and instruction that the “earth is a sphere in the centre of the existence and that the planets. stars. and the existence were spherical because the domain was the most perfect solid figure Numberss. He besides taught that the waies of the planets were round ( Douglass. 2005 ) . ” Pythagoras was besides the first known individual to acknowledge that the forenoon star and the eventide star were in fact the same ; planet Venus.

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The biggest influence left by Pythagoras was the Pythagorean theorem. This was the first clip in history a expression could be used to cipher something utilizing merely outside information. This thought and expression finally developed and take to the development of Algebra. Trigonometry. and Calculus. The Pythagorean theorem is one of the basic roots to modern mathematical scientific discipline.

Euclid was born in about 330 BC. and passed off in about 260 BC. There are no records of his exact birth and decease day of the month. every bit good as no known information about his personal life. However. we do cognize that Euclid educated people on mathematics in Alexandria. Egypt at the local library. Besides. Euclid wrote the most elaborate mathematical work of all clip. called the Stoicheia or Elements. a thirteen-volume work written in item roll uping geometrical cognition based on other mathematicians work from the old 2000 old ages. Such mathematicians included Thales. Pythagoras. Plato. Eudoxus. Aristotle. Menaechmus and many others.

Euclid believed that 1 ) “all things. which are equal to the same thing. are besides equal to one another. 2 ) If peers are added to peers. the amounts are equal. 3 ) If peers are subtracted from peers. the balances are equal. 4 ) Thingss that coincide with one another are equal to one another. 5 ) All right angles are equal. 6 ) You can widen the line indefinitely. 7 ) You can pull a circle utilizing any line section as the radius and one terminal point as the centre. 8 ) You can pull a consecutive line between any two points. 9 ) The whole is greater than the portion. 10 ) The staying five posits were related specifically to geometry. 11 ) You can pull a consecutive line between any two points. 12 ) Given a line and a point. you can pull merely one line through the point that is parallel to the first line ( Douglass. 2007 ) . “

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The importance of Euclid is that he developed the subject and created an organized system and survey that allowed for other mathematicians to larn from and go on developing in geometry. For these grounds. Euclid is known as the Father of Geometry.

The seventh Century BC brought us the cardinal roots for development in today’s modern universe. The Pythagorean theorem is the foundation of mathematics. and continues to be so studied by mathematicians. In fact. there are presently over 400 different groundss of the Pythagorean theorem. one of which being by President Garfield. Without Euclid and his mathematical work. roll uping so many great mathematicians before him into an organized and understood volume of work we would non be as developed and understand the expression we presently know today.


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