Marketing strategies in sports industry Essay Sample

Intangibility-It is largely applicable in marketing particularly to a athleticss and leisure establishment such as Sodexo prestigiousness. Sodexo offers services such as cordial reception. These services are non touchable. The service lacks physical being ( Barker. 2011 ) .

Inseparability-This term is applicable since services from Sodexo are manufactured and consumed at the same clip. and they can non be separated from the customer’s experience every bit good as a agency of production. Variability- This means the singularity of the services being offered in Sodexo. It is besides referred as heterogeneousness of services. Quality and single public presentation may change with clip. Servicess are difficult to present systematically. The degree of quality in Sodexo is ensured through on-call support. Perishability- this implies how Sodexo can non hive away its services for future usage. Sodexo must guarantee they provide first-class services such as service ethos. corporate cordial reception and retail offers. Unlike goods. services perish ( Pride & A ; Ferrell. 2008 ) . Lack of ownership- this implies that Sodexo clients do non obtain a touchable good to have as they obtain their services. Sellers in the athleticss industry need to be cognizant of the service associated characteristics as they offer their merchandises since they offer intangible service solutions that call for drawn-out selling contemplation beyond consecutive merchandise selling. There are traits that make goods be different from service bringing ( Fyall & A ; Ranchhod. 2009 ) . Advertising- Ad is a signifier of publicity whereby the seller pays the selected media mercantile establishments for puting a message. Ad is a signifier of crowd publicity since a lone message can be conveyed to many people. The significance of advertisement is to advance the sale of commercial goods and services ( Floor & A ; Raaij. 2011 ) .

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Personal selling-This is a face-to-face where the seller’s attempt is to carry a purchaser to purchase the merchandise or services. Public relations- this is a planned publicity of goods and services to heighten institutional repute. Public dealingss build up a solid resonance between an establishment and its clients.

Advantages of advertisement

1. A message can make a batch of people

2. There is no demand of jobbers. therefore extinguishing agent charges. 3. The clients can non be overcharged since the monetary values are already advertised.

4. It helps clients to salvage clip.

Disadvantages or advertisement

1. It will assist the establishment make its mark market.

2. Clients are able to give credibleness sing the establishment harmonizing to its repute. 3. The cost of PR is less than other methods of promotional advertisement. Sodexo must come up with an appropriate monetary value scheme since monetary value determines the measure to be sold. Price scheme largely affects the profitableness of the house. hence. the undermentioned factors should be considered:

1. The cost of fabricating goods and services. Sodexo should besides see other hidden costs of the concern such as revenue enhancements. unpaid bills. every bit good as insurance ( Smith. 2012 ) . 2. A net income. Sodexo must see the sum of money they make above their interruption even. 3. The market demand. Sodexo might make up one’s mind to do their services more expensive if their services and merchandises are in high demand. Conversely. if the demand is low. Sodexo have to bear down low monetary values.

4. Industry criterions. Sodexo must see what other larger concerns are bear downing. and the services are offering. This will assist Sodexo to suit in the market. 5. The house must see who their clients are. The monetary values vary depending on the clients. Some clients are repeat clients. and others need exceeding services.

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