Marketing Promotional Mix Of John Players Marketing Essay

Introduction: –

ITC launched the “ John Players ” in December 2002 as a young person manner section. John Players is the manner trade name for the male Indian young person. Its tag line is “ Play it Cool ” . John Player offers scope of insouciant wears, party wears, work wears, Denim, Jackets and suits. It has over 220 sole shops countrywide and over 1300 multi trade name mercantile establishments.

Promotional Mix of John Player: –


It is a signifier of communicating intended to carry an audience to buy or take some action upon merchandises, thoughts or services.

John Player focuses much on advertizement schemes. To make trade name image in the market, John Player signed Hritik Roshan as the first trade name embassador of the company. Recently Ranbir Kapoor replaced Hritik and has signed an understanding for presently running a print/digital run.

The motivation behind Ranbir replacing Hritik was that the Ranbir is on axial rotation these yearss with plentifulness of hit films. Now for the affectional advertizement to pull clients, John Players have come up with a new scheme 3D Advertisement.

The measure boards are designed to give a 3D consequence and are displayed at high traffic location to pull maximal attending.

Gross saless Promotion

Gross saless Promotion is used to increase consumer demand. Under gross revenues publicity company offers discounts, form competitions to acquire attending of client.

John Player has besides come up with the gay offers. On purchase of John Players shirt client gets a price reduction of 50 % on 2nd one.

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John Players has besides launched a competition “ The Cool Shutterbug Contest ” to pull its clients. Company besides distributed the abrasion vouchers to its clients offering to win wagess, awards and grants. The motivation behind this is to excite market demand and to increase consumer demand for limited clip.

Events and Experience

Events are organized by the company ‘s to make positive feeling amongst the people. John Players besides came up with many events to bring forth involvement and construct exhilaration amongst the client group. The motivation of the company is to advance its merchandise and doing people cognizant about the companies merchandise and profile scope.

John Players has besides sponsored India Fashion Week. As they are in similar concern of dress fabrication, with the patron in India Fashion Week, John Players is retailing the new line. Another benefit is that company is tie ining events that have impact on its merchandise.

Public Relation and Publicity

Promotion is the deliberate effort to pull off the public perceptual experience of a topic. It includes Art exhibitions, event sponsorship, carry oning a canvass or study etc.

John Players has organized many events for keeping its public dealingss. For promotion John Players sponsored India Fashion Week. John Players parent company is besides attached with a NGO “ CRY ” for public assistance therefore besides keeping public dealingss.

Direct Selling

It is marketing which uses practical medium i.e. electronic mail, telephone, facsimile etc. for its merchandising and promotional activities. Direct selling uses cyberspace for pass oning with its clients.

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John Players besides uses this scheme to interact with its clients through direct selling. The John Players functionary web site “ ” allows clients to purchase its merchandise straight through cyberspace. User can besides take portion in competition and acquire cognition about assorted promotional activities, new merchandise, approaching strategies etc. It creates consciousness in the client and client is attached with company through mails and other medium.

Personal Selling

It is a type of selling in which company interact with client through its gross revenues adult male. It besides includes door to door merchandising. John Players is non indulging in this type of selling. Bing a trade name, company focuses on gap of its retail store to make within the client bound.

Company should stress more on Direct Selling. Since company is already making such type of activities, as mentioned above John Players is already interacting with its clients through cyberspace engineering. The website is already supplying a good interface to public. Customer can see assorted promotional activities organized by the company and he can besides purchase merchandises from the web site. As India is come ining in the technological environment, people are acquiring in to more engineering oriented and want to acquire everything at easiness so it ‘s an chance for the company to bring forth consciousness about this scheme amongst the people to accomplish its end.


Company should concentrate on societal networking sites for its gross revenues publicity. As John Players targets the young person, it will acquire the immense attending for his advertizements on Facebook and other societal networking sites. Company should form competition, station articles etc to acquire attending of the young person.

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Another suggestion would be as company is concentrating on in-between category section besides, it should increase the figure of shops. This will garner attending of the clients therefore new shops will be at range for the clients and they can purchase the merchandises.