Marketing Mix Of Ray Ban Marketing Essay

Marketing mix ” is a general phrase used to depict the different sorts of picks organisations have to do in the whole procedure of conveying a merchandise or service to market. The 4 Ps is one manner – likely the best-known manner – of specifying the selling mix, and was foremost expressed in 1960 by E J McCarthy.

What is marketing?

Puting the right merchandise in the right topographic point, at the right monetary value, at the right clip.

When We talk about Market, Whether you are a little concern or a big corporation you need a good selling scheme. There are many ways to market your concern the inquiry is which ways are the most effectual for your merchandise or service?

Ray-Ban is a Eyewear company.This Company merely do Sunglassess.

The 4 P ‘s of Ray-Ban

Selling determinations by and large fall into the undermentioned four governable classs:


Monetary value

Topographic point ( distribution )




The term “ merchandise ” refers to tangible, physical merchandises every bit good as services. Here are some illustrations of the merchandise determinations to be made:

Brand name






Repairs and Support


Accessories and services

Ray-Ban have a eyewear products.Ray-Ban become a good trade name in eyewear industry. Ray-Ban know what does the client want from the merchandise and what needs does it fulfill. Ray-Ban merely selling googols but in many theoretical accounts. Ray-Ban giving guarantee on some googols spectacless for shriek. Ray-Ban produces a merchandise which is fashionable and different from others eyewear companies like fastrack.Ray-Ban besides selling its classics Googols because Ray-Ban know that client like classical theoretical account to have on at present clip where the manner alteration twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours but Ray-Ban bring forthing their old theoretical accounts and selling. Ray-Ban selling their merchandise at high monetary value because company giving some characteristics like U V protection. And Ray-Ban Sunglassess ne’er give bad consequence on oculus side. So these type of merchandise ‘s characteristics helps to run into clients wants and needs.what these type of characteristics may be client do n’t desire or really utilize for illustration if we talk about Ray-ban glasses the most of Customer when they wearing googols they are driving auto or some clip in party.

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How and where will the client usage it?

When Ray-Ban company started in 1937 the most of consumer have oning this merely for protect their eyes from sunrays.But now its become portion of fashion.If person have oning a branded fabrics and if he besides have oning a branded sunglasses non anyone its give a good impression.Ray-Ban dark glassess comes in merely three colourss like Black, Silver and Golden

Ray-Ban have many Models in this three colors.Ray-Ban dark glassess have oning by most celebrated personalities in whole wold.its become a symbol of populating statues.And Ray-Ban company ne’er seek to sell their merchandise at low monetary value because of competition.These all things create a branded merchandise to Ray-Ban in market.

Topographic point

When we talk about topographic point the first thing is where do purchasers look for your merchandise or service?

Ray-Ban dark glassess is a universe broad product.Ray-Ban merchandising dark glassess in Ray-Ban show suites and optical shops.Ray-Ban opened their salesrooms in large metropoliss and besides selling in little cities.Ray-Ban sell their merchandise in ace moles and shopping complex.Ray-Ban set a particular store in moles and besides use net to if person wants to buy Ray-Ban dark glassess so he hold all type of option for purchasing.Ray-Ban ‘s merchandise merely for those consumer who have high buying power.So it is a merchandise who shows your position in societies who want to utilize it for feel proud he purchase it by giving a high price.there is no neet of any type of gross revenues force.

Monetary value

Monetary value Decisions

Some illustrations of pricing determinations to be made include:

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Pricing scheme ( skim, incursion, etc. )

Suggested retail monetary value

Volume price reductions and sweeping pricing

Cash and early payment price reductions

Seasonal pricing


Price flexibleness

Monetary value favoritism

Ray-Ban utilizing planing scheme for pricing.Because Ray-Ban company Build their image as a good trade name so company usage it and planing the market share.There is no monetary value flexibleness company usage same monetary value strategy.In winter company give some price reduction.

What is the value of the merchandise or service to the purchaser?


In the context of the selling mix, publicity represents the assorted facets of marketing communicating, that is, the communicating of information about the merchandise with the end of bring forthing a positive client response. Marketing communicating determinations include:

The Ray-Ban trade name so becomes meaningless as whole and its significance is diffused and fragmented over the 1000000s of viewing audiences who are separately “ doing up ” the Ray-Ban trade name significance. Hotmail ‘s attack kept the power of the trade name and therefore its significance, equity, and potency for constructing penchant in its message and provided a manner, through a hotlink, in which consumers could instantly subscribe and acquire more information on Hotmail and its trade name. With Ray-Ban, if one reads the remarks posted on sites like YouTube refering their viral pictures, really few even know what they are truly watching. Most think merely they are good pictures with the treatment focus oning around how the picture were made non about Ray-Ban, its “ Never Hide ” run, or even dark glassess. So what is Ray-Ban seeking to make?

BRAND Must Retain Control

What marketers must retrieve is that for any trade name to be successful, the BRAND must command the flow, content, and significance of the message it conveys if it wants to increase market portion and all important penchant. The power of any good trade name lies in its ability to link with the mark audience on a highly-charged emotional degree. This connexion and significance, nevertheless, can merely be molded and derived from the trade name itself, Not from single consumers. Rather than a individual cohesive and comprehensive trade name significance, the trade name would hold as many significances as there are current and possible clients, a selling theoretical account that is inefficient and prohibitively expensive. Ray-Ban is non entirely in leaping on the viral selling bandwagon. While the promise still exists to work this sort of selling in a manner that is genuinely brand-centric and can unleash the true power of trade name, sellers have yet to bring out the expression. For most trade names, viral selling is a virus trade names can still make without.

Cardinal points:

The selling mix of Ray-Ban define the selling elements for successfully positioning Ray-Ban merchandise market offer.

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One of the best known theoretical accounts is the Four Ps, which helps specify Ray-Ban monetary value scheme, selling options in footings of merchandise, topographic point, and publicity.