Marketing Communications And Sexual Health Campaigns Marketing Essay

The rational for this thesis rubric is chiefly a personal involvement on behalf of the writer of Social Marketing. Social Marketing was foremost discussed by Kotler and Zaltman in 1972 and is based on the premiss of utilizing selling tools for a societal good. Basically, the purpose of societal selling is to harbor a behavioral alteration with the usage of the ‘Four P ‘s ‘ , merchandise, topographic point, publicity and monetary value. An illustrations of societal selling run would be Jamie Oliver ‘s Pass it On/Ministry of Food Campaign where he uses selling tools to make a behavioral alteration, in his instance, cut down fleshiness in the most corpulent towns in the UK by agencies of the merchandise ‘Pass it on ‘ . ‘Pass it On ‘ was the thought of learning each other how to cook. Another illustration of societal selling runs is smoking surceases programmes directed by national wellness services, publicity on Television, Radio, the merchandise being nicotine spots, the monetary value would be holding a healthier life style and topographic point would be physicians ‘ offices for free spots and support for halting smoke. The subject that the writer shall be discoursing is sexual wellness runs and its relationship to selling communications.

The writer was a pilot pupil in the first societal selling category taught in Ireland and her lector, Christine Domegan is a published author on societal selling issues. The writer still has a close working relationship with Christine Domegan which allows entree to other societal selling partisans such as Gerald Hastings, and Nancy Lee.

The preferable pick of utilizing the country of sexual wellness in Ireland is because it is current and slightly under-researched. Despite a immense societal alteration in mores and beliefs in the Irish society over the past 20 old ages, there has been small research conducted on sexual wellness. Abortion is still illegal in Ireland which means many adult females still travel to the UK for abortions, every bit many as 4,422 travelled in 2010, that provided an Irish reference.

Equally good as abortion, another addition is the figure of HIV positive people in Ireland and an addition in the figure of STI ‘s recorded in 2010. On the 1st of December, Worlds Aids Day, The Irish Times noted that 6000 unrecorded with HIV in Ireland and there has been a 250 % addition of STI ‘s in Ireland since the late 1990 ‘s. Reacting to this, the Irish authorities created a run called ‘Think Twice Every Time ‘ . However, the support was cut for the undertaking a twelvemonth subsequently and a proposed web site ne’er saw the visible radiation of twenty-four hours. STI ‘s have continued to lift regardless of governmental led runs. Presently in Ireland, there are more national organic structures supplying support and information about sexual wellness compared to the low beginnings of the ‘Think Twice Every Time ‘ run back in 2000. However, STI ‘s are still on the rise, abortions are on the rise and HIV is on the rise. This suggests that there is a immense neglect and deficiency of duty about sexual wellness among the Irish population.

Research Aim

The Research Aim of this thesis is to set up necessary communications tools for an integrated and effectual sexual wellness run through the aid of consumer ‘s attitudes and behaviors.

Research Aims

The aims are as follows to carry through the Research Aim

Investigate sexual wellness runs in Ireland and in other states

Investigate old research on attitudes and behaviors towards sexual wellness in other states for females

Analyse old research on cognition, attitudes and behaviors towards sexual wellness in Ireland

Investigate current attitudes and behaviors towards sexual wellness for females

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Investigate preferred agencies of communications that females wish to have this information

Provide findings and decisions to help future sexual wellness runs


The chosen sample is aged between 18 and 24, lives in Ireland and is female. The sample frame is 200. The logical thinking for the sample is because in the old study undertaken 5 old ages ago, this sample was excessively immature to be surveyed and there is at present no information on this sample. Another ground for taking this sample is because the chosen trying method, on-line study is accessible to this sample and this sample group are familiar with studies and devouring cyberspace users. The chosen sample besides is seen as a high hazard group for STI ‘s and enter the highest frequences of STI ‘s harmonizing to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, 2009.

The writer besides wishes to carry on in-depth interview with three sexual wellness run Godheads, those associated with making the runs. The writer hopes to develop an penetration into the planning and coordination of selling communications behind a sexual wellness run. This is a secondary sample to the one above.

Literature Review to Date

The literature conducted to day of the month has as I mentioned earlier been limited. The most recent study that has been published in relation to sexual attitudes was by Durex Marketing squad in Ireland. The consequences were published in the national newspaper and showed a more unfastened attack to speaking about sex. More than 1000 respondents took portion in the online study and consequences showed across the board from the ages of 18-55, participants were unwraping confidant inside informations about their sex life. Family Planning Association added that there has been an addition in over 55 ‘s undertaking sexual transmitted diseases. This is a consequence of many older adult females believe safe-sex does n’t use to them, whether they are post climacteric or out of a long-run relationship where rubbers were ne’er an issue. This study does connote that Irish people are merely every bit unfastened as speaking about their sex life compared to other European states.

On a national degree, the most recent and broadest research conducted was in October 2006. The rubric being, ‘The Irish Study of Sexual Health and Relationships ‘ conducted by two national bureaus, crisis gestation, and the Department of Health and Children. The study was developed on the the principle that there was an increasing sum of Aids, STI ‘s and ‘crisis ‘ gestations in Ireland and a policy spread on how to cover with the job. The purposes of this study was to construct a representative and dependable national image of sex and sexual behavior in Ireland, step degrees of sexual cognition among people in Ireland, faithfully assess national attitudes to of import concepts related to sex, gender, service usage, etc, to analyze forms ( similarities and differences ) among different cohorts and the forms

underlying these fluctuations, examine, explore and faithfully depict the interrelatednesss between cognition, attitudes and behaviors in the context of theory, sexual wellness publicity and policy development. The aims of the survey was to

aˆ? To supply nationally representative statistical informations depicting degrees of sexual cognition,

attitudes and behaviors in Ireland, to better inform policy and pattern.

aˆ? To understand the factors ( behavioral, attitudinal and knowledge degree ) related to the wide

spectrum of sexual behavior and pattern and to feed this information into policy and pattern.

Key sexual behaviors and patterns of involvement include risk-reductive behaviors, protective

behaviors, positive and negative sexual wellness results.

The research workers used the Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour study to roll up the informations and decided to utilize telephone studies due to the sensitiveness of the study and the cost-efficient logical thinking. The sample was 10,000 Irish work forces and adult females people between the ages of 18 and 64. Some of the many recommendations in relation to wellness publicity policies included

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Health publicity schemes need to further more responsible public behavior refering the usage of intoxicant and illicit drugs, given their function in unprotected sexual brushs.

Health publicity schemes need to further more responsible public attitudes to single planning for safe sex, including consistent usage of effectual methods of both contraceptive method and protection.

Health publicity schemes need to take history of the demand for prophylactic picks that suit the sexual life style and beliefs of persons. Professionals may necessitate developing to be able to help persons to choose from the scope of options available.

One of the recommendations was besides to set about a national study of sexual cognition, attitudes and behaviors carried out among immature people in Ireland as the sample frame was between 18-64 and was conducted in 2005.

Research Design

Research Design is a design for transporting out market research. It provides the processs and steps the writer will necessitate to travel through in order to work out the research job. The Research Design dictates the practical facets and lays the foundation to a successful undertaking. The four chief indispensable musts in a research design are

Relevance – does the support stuffs make sense, did the required information come the right manner

Accuracy – the information found comes from a valid topographic point

Sufficiency – the narrative is complete with no losing pieces

Timeliness – as up to day of the month as possible

The research design chosen for this undertaking is descriptive. Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2006 ) , descriptive research is

‘A type of conclusive research that has as its major objective the description of something, normally market features or maps. ‘

Descriptive Research methods include studies, panels, and standardised questionnaires. They are used on big samples and can be analysed utilizing statistical package such as SPSS. It can besides be divided into two different types, cross-sectional and longitudinal. The writer shall be utilizing cross-sectional in the signifier of an on-line study. The logical thinking for the online study is for cost grounds, for subjectiveness grounds e.g. the nature of the research job, sexual wellness and because the old research was conducted as a telephone interview and provided good consequences. The writer has besides chosen descriptive research because the writer wants to depict features of the sample, 18-24, Irish female. The writer besides wishes to do specific recommendations at the completion of the research undertaking which makes descriptive research a more favorable option.

As a secondary research design, the writer besides wishes to carry on in-depth interviews sexual wellness run Godheads. This type of research design is explorative as it the method involves an unstructured method of carry oning research. Harmonizing to Malhotra, the aim of explorative research is to supply penetrations and apprehension of the nature of marketing phenomena. Exploratory is by nature, little in sample size and more flexible in procedure.

Although some research undertakings merely use one type of research design, be it explorative, descriptive or causal, there is no defined, fit process on which one to make foremost. Each research design has its ain different pro and cons depending on the nature of the research job. The writer will get down with the descriptive research foremost and so research the exploratory research after.

Each research design has the possible to incur mistake but a good research design will seek to extinguish the possibility of mistake. Types of mistakes that can happen are random trying mistake, non-sampling mistake and response mistake. While carry oning the research, it is of import the research is cognizant of the possible mistakes and do a maximal attempt to cut down any possible mistake.

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To roll up the primary informations, the writer will carry on a quantitative online study among 200, Irish females aged between the ages of 18-24. The information will be collected and analysed with SPSS. The writer shall be besides carry oning explorative research with three sexual heath run Godheads in Ireland.

Online studies have gained popularity with Web 2.0 civilization and the addition usage of cyberspace. Previous methods of study involved face to face, which is still carried out, telephone studies and mail studies ( de Leeuw, E. & A ; de Heer, W. , 2002 ) . Mail studies had a really low return rate and online studies have become more popular instead than mail. Mail studies were besides more dearly-won than on-line studies.

Online study has several advantages over other quantitative methods.

Flexible to roll up informations

Make edits easy to an online study

Perceived namelessness

More easy accessible

No interviewer prejudice

High velocity

Low cost

Some disadvantages associated with on-line studies is the low response rate, low investigation rate and a trouble in completion of studies.

A deepness interview is an unstructured, direct, personal interview in which a individual respondent is probed by an experient interviewer to bring out implicit in motives, beliefs, attitudes and feelings on a subject ( Harris, 1996 ) .

Advantages of an in-depth interview is

Uncover greater penetrations

Ideal for sensitive issues as no feeling of societal conformance nowadays

Challenges of an in-depth interview are some respondents may be hard to achieve, because the format is unstructured, the interviewer can travel off-track and may non seek the information it required ; besides the likeliness of interviewer prejudice is greater.

The writer will be utilizing SPSS to analyze the informations captured from the online study. SPSS is a computing machine package that allows the research worker to execute correlativity analysis and arrested development analysis.

Agenda of Tasks and Dates


Dates to be completed by

Meet with supervisor

June 5th

Conduct Secondary Research

June 17th

Get down rehearsing SPSS package and purchase a book for SPSS

June 15th

Begin study design

June 30th

Administer pilot study

July 2nd

Correct and re-work study

July 5th

Publish concluding study

July 10th

Prepare subject usher for in-depth interview and research interview methods

July 12th

Conduct in-depth interviews

July 30th

Cleaning and Analysis of qualitative informations

August 10th

Cleaning & A ; Analysis of quantitative informations

August 15th

Get down composing

August 17th

Consult with supervisor

July 20th, August 20th

Give to people to proof-read

September 15th

Bind & A ; Submit

September 22nd

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