Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning Essay

For the intent of this assignment. I am presuming myself as the proprietor of a plastic molded toy company in United States that makers. and distributes plastic molded playthings through retail merchants across the state and around the universe. The company is capitalising on the strong growing in the children’s toys section and planning to spread out in an aggressive mode throughout the state. The company offers alone. universe category and high quality playthings which appeal to kids of all ages and nationalities around the universe. The operations of the fabrication works have commenced and the quality of playthings produced by my company is comparable with or even better than those produced by the top plaything companies in the state. Mission Statement

The mission statement of my company is “to conveying merriment and felicity to every kid in the world” . The mission statement focuses on three points. First it says that the company has the aim of brining merriment and felicity. Second. the company is focused on kids. Third the company wants to go a planetary company to convey merriment and felicity to every kid in the universe. The accent is on international growing and enlargement. Foreign Market for My Product and Service

One foreign market for the plaything of my state is France. France is already importing playthings from the USA. There is a big market for safe and voguish plastic molded playthings. and the playthings made by my company comply with the demands of the EU Toy Directive. The tie up with the Gallic distributer is the first measure in globalisation. Later my company will put up gross revenues offices in different parts of the universe. Later it will open subdivisions and besides put up fabricating operations in several parts of the universe.

Selling Plan
The selling program for my company is to sell three million plastic molded playthings during the first twelvemonth of operation and generate gross revenues grosss of $ 45 million during the first twelvemonth. This mark is based on the fabrication capacity of my company and the expected gross revenues figures from distributers. Merchandise: The playthings will be made from the finest quality plastic and usage high quality additives imported from Germany. The plaything will follow with the demands of the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ) . The plaything will reflect the latest tendencies in playthings. Monetary value: The monetary value scope of playthings will run between $ 11 and $ 32. The mean monetary value of plaything will be $ 15. Topographic point: The distribution of playthings will be done by six national plaything distributers. The plaything will be available in at least 230 plaything shops all over the US.

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In add-on. the plaything will be available on at least five web sites that sell playthings. In add-on. one distributer will be appointed in France who will market my playthings in France. Promotion: The playthings will be advertised on cyberspace streamers. websites that sell playthings. and societal media sites frequented by kids. There will besides be search engine advertisement and advertisement on nomadic phones. Personal merchandising will be done by company gross revenues individuals in selected 20 shops selling playthings. In add-on. company gross revenues individuals will besides interact with distributers to guarantee that distributers sell the playthings through a big figure of consumers. Potential Audiences

The possible audiences for my selling program are kids between the age of 3 and 12 in the US. These kids require playthings that are safe. attractive. and long lasting. Further. kids besides love to purchase playthings that reflect the latest tendencies. This may intend characters from the latest films. amusing books. or computing machine games. The demands of the mark audience are merriment. laughter. and light amusement. Market Segment

The market section for this merchandise is kids between the age of 3 and 12 old ages in the United States. Dolls will be targeted at misss. picture game characters will be targeted at male childs. and amusing book characters will be targeted at kids between 8 and 12. The principle for this section is that molded plastic playthings in general are preferred by kids between the ages of 3 and 12 old ages. Girls prefer to play with dolls. Male childs are interested in video game characters. Finally. amusing book and amusing strips are targeted at kids between 8 and 12 as these kids read cartoon strips and amusing strips ; the playthings based on amusing characters should be targeted at this section. Target Market

The mark market will be kids between the ages of 3 and 12 who are located in the six provinces where the distributers are located. The 230 retail merchants where the playthings are sold are besides located in the same provinces where the six distributers are located. The principle for this mark market is that our company has distribution and retailing entree merely to those provinces. SWOT Analysis

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Strengths: The strengths of my company are first-class quality merchandises. My company is financially strong. The merchandises made by my company are compliant with U. S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ) . and EU Toy Directive. In add-on. my company has distribution entree to six provinces in the US. The understandings with six distributers guarantee that my company’s merchandises have a comfy market. Failings: The cyberspace based gross revenues are low. There are no gross revenues of shaped playthings in other parts of the state. Retailers in other provinces do non stock our playthings. Our company does non hold well-known trade name acknowledgment. Even though my company has appointed a distributer in France the gross revenues in France are low. Opportunities: My Company has chances if it appoints more distributers in the USA.

Further. there is land available following to our bing installations. If our company purchases the land the production of molded plaything will increase three times. The larger volume of production at one location will enable my company to recognize economic systems of graduated table. If my company appoints more distributers in Europe. the gross revenues of my company will increase. Menaces: There is strong competition in the shaped plastic plaything market. Not merely top plaything shapers but even little enterprisers make molded plastic playthings. The economic downswing taking to low disposable incomes is besides a menace to dally gross revenues. Changes in tendencies during the peak seasons can render big stocks unsaleable and can take to losingss. Market Position

The market positioning for the plastic molded playthings made by my company is moderate in monetary values but high in quality. The plastic molded playthings made by my company will be safer than. and better in quality than the merchandises of Hasbro. Lego. and Tiger. The principle for this scheme is that the aim of my company is to carry more distributers to transport our playthings. When the quality of our plaything is compared to those of top trade names in the market. distributers agree to transport our trade name. 5 Cs Strategic Marketing Analysis

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We carry out the 5 Cs strategic selling analysis of my company in the undermentioned mode: Customers: The clients are kids between the age of 3 and 12. In several instances the purchase determinations are made by the parents. Children want plastic molded playthings that conveying them merriment. joy. and felicity. Company: My Company can carry through the demands of kids who want to purchase plastic molded plaything. My company keeps a close ticker on market tendencies and the changing demands of kids. My company can alter its production at short notice and do precisely those plastic molded playthings that the kids demand. Competition: Small plastic molded plaything shapers compete on monetary value. They make and sell playthings cheap. On the other manus each of the top plaything doing companies makes plastic molded playthings.

Companies such as Mattel. Hasbro. Bandai. Lego. Playmates Toys. and Tiger each compete in the plastic molded toys section. Confederate: The confederates of my company are the six distributers plus the distributer in France. The providers of fictile pellets are besides our confederates. The providers enable our company to utilize the highest quality of natural stuffs and do plastic molded playthings of the highest quality. Context: The context is that plastic molded playthings are being imported at low monetary values. Barriers to merchandise hold been removed because of WTO. The economic system is retrieving but the recovery is still slow. The society approves plastic molded playthings but looks down on kids who play with plastic molded toys alternatively of electronic or computing machine games. The engineering is coming up with improved computing machine games and cyberspace based games.


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