Managing Healthcare Organizations Essay Sample

To be your best ego takes a batch of subject and assurance. The cardinal factors of being your best ego to me include being healthy. ambitious. involved. responsible. and optimistic. Traveling to the United States with my household over two decennaries ago. I gained a newfound regard for my parents to go forth behind all known and apprehension of life to holding to larn a new linguistic communication. profession. webs. supplying a new comfy place while non cognizing the terminal consequences merely so my brother and I will hold the life my parents envisioned for us. Wordss of religion are the lone thing that keeps me steadily walking along my way to success. Success is my lone option failure is non. I have condemned myself to be a success. I dove headlong into this assignment.

I collected 27 short narratives from 23 people including: household members. past professors. current professors. current director. yesteryear directors. colleagues. co-workers. friends. and even four of my past employees whom I managed. I analyzed the narratives one by one in sum to happen forms and subjects. In about every narrative I received back from my past professors. co-workers. foremans. and friends the authors highlighted how structured I was. concentrating on timelines and deadlines. How seamless I made each long-run undertaking into a series of specific short-run programs. and worked through each program diligently. They appreciated my natural method for keeping my advancement and the squads and my productiveness in the face of life’s many distractions. I came to acknowledge that others may non be every bit disciplined as I am and I should non believe that everyone thinks like me. More frequently than non. the gawky procedure frustrates me. but I must larn to look beyond it. and concentrate when in squads and by myself on their consequences. non on their procedure. The following reoccurring subject I came across was empathy. I have a great endowment for feeling the emotions of those around me.

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Working in health care this is a priceless accomplishment to hold. empathy. to experiencing what others are experiencing as though their feelings are my ain. Intuitively. I am able to see the universe through their eyes and portion their position. At times this is really draining as I am non merely covering with colleagues and my subsidiaries by besides patient’s traveling through a batch of troubles being sick/confused or merely lonely and in add-on their household. I am able to expect the demand. I hear and understand their voiceless inquiries. which I address. Where others grapple for words. I am able to happen the right words and the right tone particularly helpful when covering with occupants with dementedness and Alzheimer’s. I am able to efficaciously utilize my endowments to hammer a span of apprehension and common support. which during binding times demonstrates my concern. thereby constructing trueness. Most highlighted in this subject was my gestural comfort utilizing a smiling. rap on the arm/back or merely a glimpse. Another reoccurring subject in my best ego was optimism.

This is another 1 that I am peculiarly proud of. and I was really pleased to see this repeated in the narratives written back to me which highlighted my ability to ever see the positives in any state of affairs and anticipate all to work out. In the worst scenario. I was ne’er one to lose hope when a state of affairs seemed doomed or hard. I truly enjoyed the narratives about my ability to take others through challenges merely because I ever reminded them that everything is traveling to be okay. and would work out with the most positive attitude and a smiling throughout the procedure. This type of behavior many quoted gave them motive and changed their attitude. which in bend changed the whole environment from dashing to a really unagitated and positive one during the procedure ( Es ) .

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Many commented on my love for larning. that the procedure more than the content or the consequence was exciting for me. The bang of the first few facts. the early attempts to declaim or pattern what I have learned. the turning assurance of a accomplishment mastered is the procedure that entices me. This enables me to boom in dynamic work environments where I am asked to take on short undertaking assignments and is expected to larn a batch about the new capable affair in a short period of clip and travel on to the following 1. Reflecting back on this accomplishment I need to be a accelerator for alteration. When others might be intimidated by new regulations. fortunes. and/or accomplishments my willingness to soak up this newness can potentially quiet their frights and force them to action. “Polishing the pearl until it shines. ” Executive Director from LCCA was my favourite remark about me.

Excellence. non mean. is my step. Working as a certified activity manager for over 6 old ages I learned to take something from below norm to somewhat above norm which takes a batch of great trade of attempt and in my work for the occupants if really honoring! The positive emotions I receive and give to others in my line of work. which transcends into my personal life was my favourite subject that so many responds commented on. With all the above being said. I want my life to reflect like the star. I am endeavoring to be my best ego. I found out who I truly am. and now. I have shared myself with you.

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