Management of Workplace, Health & Safety Essay Sample

In this assignment. we have been asked to place and connote hazard direction system in a company. Bing a Safety Officer is non an easy occupation. mundane they ( safety officer ) have to cover with the grudges of the staff which must be resolved so that workers can give in their 100 % attempt.

This essay is about a safety officer who has received ailments while the work forces are working in the warehouse. They complain about inordinate heat which reduces their involvement of work and efficiency. The staff has besides complained about terrible concerns.

As a Safety Officer. it is his responsibility to seek and decide the job being faced by the work force. A smart officer will first measure the badness of hazard which causes jeopardies. After placing these jeopardies he has to command them so that they don’t occur once more or less often.

Let us look frontward in appendix what is the current state of affairs and how the safety officer handles the ailment ( s ) .

Introduction to Risk Management

The hazard direction procedure is an of import tool to enable safety directors both to show conformity with statute law and to guarantee that hazards to wellness and safety are identified and controlled in most effectual manner. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 )

Please refer Table 1 for the undermentioned content.

The hazard direction procedure can be followed at many degrees. the interior boxes represent the cardinal stairss of hazard direction. planning. placing. measuring and handling. while the other two boxes at the sides of the diagram represent the procedures which need to happen at each of these stairss – communicating and audience and monitoring and reappraisal. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 ) Let us see what each degree tells us:

Degree 1 – Establish the Context: First. in hazard direction the planning phase is where information is gathered. resources are defined. communicating and audiences are set up. This will non merely profit the company but besides improve quality of the merchandise. productiveness and employees satisfaction. Part of this planning stage involves placing legal demands and make up one’s minding on bounds for acceptable hazards. In instances where jeopardies are unable to be eliminated hazards can non be reduced to zero but must be minimized every bit far as practical. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 )

Degree 2 – Identify Risks: OHS ordinances require jeopardies to be identified. In world both jeopardies ( the beginning of injury ) and hazards ( what can go on when the beginning of injury causes hurt ) demand to be identified. To place jeopardies efficaciously there must be a systematic procedure by which the workplace. the undertakings carried out and the equipment used are each considered with a structured method of seeking jeopardy. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 )

Please refer Table 2 for the undermentioned content

Having a immense work force makes it hard for us to measure the jobs being faced by our employees in our warehouse. In order to place where and how the job arises? We foremost have to inquire everyone about their sentiment. This can be done by passing out a hazard designation study ( table 2 ) to the group supervisor who in bend will inquire the labours about their jobs.

After the study findings it is clear that the jeopardy is the heat ( the beginning of injury ) and the staff kicking about the concerns and work force per unit area is the hazard ( beginning of injury doing hurt ) . Harsh temperatures make it hard for the work force to work particularly during the summer season.

Bing on of the taking bargainers in the market. we must take proper attention of our workers so that we do non fall out to our rivals during a stiff summer period when the concern is low due to the summer vacations.

Degree 3 – Risk Assessment: Hazard appraisal has two facets: hazard analysis and hazard rating. Analyzing a hazard involves garnering facts about the nature of the jeopardy by which it can take to an hurt or sick wellness. While. hazard rating takes history of people’s perceptual experiences. certainty with which the effects are know and the cost and practicality of cut downing the hazard. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 )

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After happening out the jeopardy we so have to measure the badness of this jeopardy. But first we will happen out how and when this jeopardy arises?

This is caused by the climatic status the part faces during the summer period. The construction of the warehouse is outdated as we have been practising concern from the same warehouse for the past 15 old ages. These are the job which ignites the heat issue. Furthermore. using over 400 labours in a individual warehouse non merely adds more force per unit area but besides asphyxiation. Improper postponing which blocks the flow of air currents shackles the state of affairs farther. As a consequence symptoms of concerns and mental force per unit area are already put into notice. but the worst scenario could be diarrhea. weariness due to imbalanced diet – normally labours are found holding this lack. Sun shot and Sun Burnss. take a breathing jobs as more of C dioxide is built up in the warehouse.

The above ailing labours will non merely hold to be compensated but besides have to be replaced by engaging labours from exterior which non merely increases the operating expenses but besides decreases the productiveness and repute of the house. The above shows the hazard analytical and hazard measuring factors.

Once a list of hazards within a company has been complied. the impact of each hazard on the organisation – presuming no control action has been taken – requires assessment. so that the hazards may be put in order of precedence in footings of when control action is really required. whether immediate. short. medium or long term on the footing of a ranking of the hazards associating to their comparative impact on the organisation. ( Ridley & A ; Channing. 1999 )

The cardinal equation in any hazard appraisal is:

Risk magnitude = Frequency x Consequences

Please refer Table 3

The followers is the account of the Table 3:

The ruddy degree is considered highly hazardous ; it can take to decease and immense fiscal loss. This event is expected to happen more often if the jeopardy is non taken attention of. In this instance. if the direction does non handle the jeopardy. the work force will worsen instantly which will harm the companies repute and will do a arrest in work.

The xanthous degree will do an hurt which will necessitate immediate medical attending and this event will likely happen in sometime. In this instance. the immediate hurt would be unconsciousness due to tire and heat shot. This will ensue into fiscal loss but much lesser than the above.

The green degree state of affairs is less likely but likely. This excessively will necessitate a speedy medical attending. In this scenario a individual will halt work for sometime but uninterrupted exposure to heat could take to some serious hurt.

The bluish degree is really improbable to happen ; even if it does it will do no terrible hurts and non much of a fiscal loss. The work force here will hold to bear the heat if there is no action being taken. But working on cheery afternoon’s when the temperature is around 35-39 grades.

Degree 4 – Risk Control: Risk control means to command the jeopardy before it leads into hurt. In the OHS context the organisation needs first assistance processs. exigency programs and preparation and a rehabilitation plan to assist people retrieve from hurt and to cut down long-run absences. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 ) Controling hazard is managed by cost schemes and each scheme is based upon in order of effectivity. There can be assorted schemes to work out a jeopardy. We will look upon each scheme subsequently when discoursing the hierarchy of control.

By and large talking there are two ways of administering the fiscal costs: Insurance and Sub-contracting ( 3rd party ) . these are easy methods of take downing fiscal hazard over the house but the execution requires a humungous initial capital.

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By sing the work force. in instance of any critical state of affairs. our company will non hold to delve out money from the militias to counterbalance a victim. This is a brighter side but. on the other manus. the premium to pay for each worker will be high due to our working conditions.

Sub-contracting is another option available. But trusting on 3rd party to transport out your operations is non executable. Sometimes sub-contractors may decline to direct workers on clip due to non-settlement of measures. The brighter side is that you don’t have to worry about the labours grudges. the whole force per unit area in on the sub-contractor.

Above were the fiscal facets. now we will see in item the hierarchy of control. There are fundamentally 6 stairss which are different from one another but. sometimes there are a few schemes which can belong to more than one measure.

Measure 1 – Elimination: This scheme merely eliminates the jeopardy. It is the optimal scheme but really dearly-won. I reckon that the riddance here would be switching from a hot state like UAE to a moderate climatic zone where the temperatures are non really high. This evidently will be out of inquiry due to the costs involved.

Measure 2 – Substitution: Here by permutation we mean to replace the risky stuff with another but a safe option. There are many safe options available. foremost we could travel into a new state-of-art warehouse where there is proper airing and aired topographic points. Or else. we can hold an extended tiffin interruption so that the workers don’t have to work under intense heat during the afternoon. This option is cheaper when compared to elimination but much higher than the lower 1s which are to be followed.

Measure 3 – Redesign: In this measure we wholly redesign the country where we work so as to avoid the risky substance. Here redesigning will be the above mentioned characteristic like holding a good airing system. air-conditioning in the topographic points where there are high force per unit area degrees. This excessively is an expensive matter. so the higher direction will seek to look for other suited option.

Measure 4 – Isolation: In this measure we isolate the jeopardy so that it does non do injury. This scheme will non work much as it reduces the work efficiency and can impact the net income lines. Isolation here will be working in dark displacements instead than twenty-four hours displacements.

Measure 5 – Administration: In this scheme we will hold to explicate the processs and policies to the work force how to undertake the heat during summers? We can function refreshments and particular liquids which will chill off organic structure. This is relatively cheaper than the schemes mentioned supra.

Measure 6 – PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) : In this scheme we give out particular protective cogwheels to the work force so that the can avoid jeopardies. This will non wholly extinguish the jeopardy but will certainly do the impact minimal. Here we can supply the work force with ultra-violet dark glassess. caps. serviettes. personalized automatic manus fans etc. this will decidedly do some difference to their state of affairs. This is the cheapest scheme out of all. The direction will be quiet happy to connote this scheme.

Degree 5 – Monitoring: All the stairss in hazard direction are to be monitored ; the most of import facet of this is the aggregation of informations on losingss such as accidents. jeopardy studies. first assistance hurts and absence from work. etc. which is past records. these records can be colleted first manus or 2nd manus which of all time comes in ready to hand. The jeopardies are to be on a regular basis followed and updated. Previous hazard direction degrees must besides be checked upon and be updated from clip to clip.

The safety director must connote tough conditions of safety manuals and processs which the supervisors must look into upon so that the work force does non pretermit them. The safety director must besides hold random cheques in the warehouse so that a jeopardy can be avoided before it becomes a job. This will non merely be cost effectual but will be a good illustration for the others to follow.

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Degree 6 – Communicate & A ; Consult: these are non merely critical but are lawfully required. The agencies of channel broadcasts possible input which is needed to place jeopardies and hazards efficaciously. ( Bohle & A ; Quinlan. 2000 ) The top degree direction has to pass on with the subsidiaries from clip to clip so that they can look into upon the work force grudges. The junior degree like the group warehouse supervisor must execute safety cheques and must convey to attending even little mistakes to the safety director. Hazards and hazards can be avoided if you have a sound pass oning system.


The hazard direction is basically a structured attack of safety direction which requires teamwork and audience. Planning and structuring hazard designation and appraisal exercisings efficaciously and happening out all relevant background information about the organisation and its hazards are an of import portion of guaranting that safety direction tantrums in with and is portion of mainstream direction ends. aims and systems.

It is normally impossible to extinguish all jeopardies OHS direction must besides see ways of handling residuary hazard through workers compensation insurance. exigency planning. first assistance. rehabilitation and other loss direction plans.

Regular monitoring and reappraisal provides feedback information which allows the safety hazard direction procedure to be continually improved with respect to the direction of OHS.


Company Name: ABC Pvt. Ltd.

Profile: Trades in grocery. importers and exporters of canned/frozen/bakery/meat points.

Location: Dubai. UAE ( Middle East )

Market Position: One of the taking sole-agents of assorted nutrient points in the UAE

Work force: 500 employees ( 400 labour force. 90 admin force. 10 – including directors. GMs. Directors )

From the above tabular array. it is clear that the company is into trading of nutrient merchandises. Everyday it imports and exports dozenss of nutrient stuffs to assorted finishs. This is why a immense labour force is required to lade and unload palettes from the bringing vehicles to supply service ( s ) rapidly.

Bing situated in the Middle East part. it is really tough for the labours to work under searing Sun when the temperatures are said to make about 50 grades during the months from April to September. In this instance the work force is kicking about the force per unit area generated through the heat in the warehouse. They are confronting terrible concerns and mental force per unit area as a consequence they are losing involvement in work. Working under such intense conditions it is non possible for person to give in their 100 % . this is due to miss of proper airing system in current warehouse.

As a safety officer the first undertaking is to follow a hazard direction system which tells us to look into where and how the job arises? What is to be done to command it? And how good it is being controlled or monitored?

In this instance. it is impossible to do determinations when over 400 employees are concerned. A safety officer will hold to look into grudges of all in order to provide them a sound working environment. This is easier said than done because he ( safety officer ) foremost needs to hold blessing of the higher direction maintaining in head the costs and other facets of holding a safe working environment.

P. S. Table 1. 2. and 3 are followed after this page.


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