Management Challenges And Concerns Report Essay Sample

The first challenge that must be addressed is employment security. Harmonizing to the text. “Security of employment signals a long-standing committedness by the organisation. ” The issue at manus is that our organisation has a high turnover rate for Material Handlers. which starts as impermanent places. Employees want and desire lasting places. and our employees know that tomorrow is non promised to them. so doing a permanent feeling is of import. The possible cause for this tendency is because of the type of work being done. Warehouse work can be boring and even non-challenging to state the least. yet it can give positive consequences.

The rewards are low in the beginning but can take to honoring wage and occupation security nevertheless. the high possibilities of layoffs or non doing the 90 twenty-four hours test period can be strenuous. For these grounds. employers will non go on to do a valorous attempt to be a portion of the organisation. The stairss that need to be taken is to turn to this issue is to let a higher get downing salary. with benefits that will get down every bit shortly as new employees are hired for full clip work. This will guarantee employees will desire to give more to the organisation and be a portion of the squad.

The 2nd subject is employee preparation and accomplishments. The challenges that the organisation faces is that there is no formal preparation every bit far as Material Representatives are concerned. These are the work forces and adult females who control all stock lists coming in and out of the warehouse. The preparation has been the duty of the last individual that worked a peculiar portal. This peculiar preparation method leads to bad wonts. and non cognizing the true Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of the system. which can do miscounts and lost stock list. Harmonizing to the text. preparation will supply positive returns merely if the trained workers are permitted to use their accomplishments. It is deemed that the organisation does non care to pass the attempts or money on preparation which besides makes employees distant themselves from the organisation because they are diffident of their occupations. Without integrating new accomplishments. preparation is useless. The best manner to turn to this issue is to put in the necessary preparation for our employees to give the positive consequences needed to travel the organisation frontward.

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