Management and Leadership Essay Sample

“A leader is one who influences others to achieve ends. Leaderships orchestrate alteration. set way. and motivate people to get the better of and travel the organisation toward its ideal future” ( Bateman & A ; Snell. 2004. p30 ) . An effectual leader will depute undertakings to other persons and trust him or her to transport out the assigned undertaking to completion. In the Spokane Public School. the principal in each school holds the function of leader. The occupation is for the decision maker to understand the procedure of instruction and the province and federal ordinances that mandate instruction. The decision maker is so able to pass on efficaciously to all instructional staff the course of study that needs to be implemented in each schoolroom.

The principal at Madison elementary is new at being a principal and he is immature. He does non ever come across as honest or a true leader. This person is more interested in where he can travel within the territory and how fast he can acquire at that place. The type of leader he is is to give bids and that they are to be followed through no inquiries asked. This causes a barrier of communicating within the school.

Some instructors have been at Madison for old ages and former principals have let him or her Teach his or her category the manner that he or she wants to learn. The new chief comes in and says this is how we are traveling to make things. The best manner for the principal to depute would be to open up communicating and discourse different state of affairss with the staff and utilize the input from the staff to do determinations. For illustration. the principal is non familiar with Teach developmentally impaired kids and hence can non come into the schoolroom and state the instructional staff how to run the category. If he feels there is a concern. he needs to pass on with the instructional staff to happen out how things are done and why they are done a certain manner. This will let the decision maker or principal to gain the regard of the staff and open up communicating.

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To be an efficient and effectual director and single demands to be able to pull off persons within his or her organisation or section. “Managers do more than manage other persons. he or she besides control financial resources. pull off technological alteration. and impact his or her physical work environment. Directors market. innovate. accomplish. alteration. do determinations. take part in strategic planning. delegate. communicate. motivate. and lead” ( Simon. 2005. p1 ) .

The decision maker within the Spokane Public Schools do all of these things. He or she is non merely committed to student instruction and higher acquisition but is besides at that place to actuate and depute instructional staff every bit good as support staff. The function of the decision maker does non halt at that place though ; he or she is besides busy with the daily running of the school. He or she must be portion of the strategic planning of the school and the territory.

The decision maker may direct place letters to parents ask foring them to fall in the PTO. to go more actively involved in his or her student’s instruction. The decision maker may besides do determinations sing emptying drills. deferral regulations. every bit good as if to implement certain frock codifications for pupils. The administrator’s function is to non merely ease the instruction procedure but besides the morale of all pupils and staff members within his or her edifice. The decision maker may besides put up commissions that cover the proficient support of the school. or a commission that deals with safety issues. He or she is non required to actively be involved in the determination procedure of these commissions. but he or she needs to be able to supervise advancement and record any information that needs to be communicated to the staff.

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The decision maker. as the director besides does the hiring within his or her school. This requires the decision maker to be able to efficaciously engage competent persons that are traveling to assist the school meet the ends and aims of the Spokane Public Schools. The decision maker besides needs to be able to efficaciously work out jobs within his or her school. This could be a staff member. a parent. or a pupil. The decision maker needs to hold the communicating skills that will let him or her to efficaciously defuse a state of affairs that could acquire out of manus.

“Sometimes it is non much merriment being a school decision maker. The wage is non commensurate with the challenges” ( Ramsey. 1999. p1-2 ) . Most decision makers put in long hours and trade with dissatisfied employees every bit good as parents and pupils. Not to state that the wagess of seeing a pupil subsequently in life after he or she has graduated and thanked a instructor or decision maker for being supportive is non deserving the difficult work.


The difference between directors and leaders are that directors give an order and anticipate them to be followed. while leaders may give an order but he or she will besides actuate and promote persons within his or her bid to carry through those orders. Within the public schools. the principal or decision maker is the leader and the director at the same clip. Not all persons can carry through both of these undertakings at the same clip. It takes a particular person to be able to efficaciously be both a leader and a director within the school territory.

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Administrators need to be dedicated and able to work as both leaders and directors in order for the school to go successful. Bing able to pull off the school and take the employees within the school will take to the school being successful and the ends and aims of the territory will be met. This in bend will make a healthy civilization within each school for pupils and module members.


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