Maintaining quality standards in the health sector Essay Sample

Section 1: Know how statute law. policies and processs determine quality criterions of work

1. Using the tabular array below. place how choice criterions link to statute law. policy and processs in your current wellness sector administration ( or one that you know good ) . Legislation
Key point
Which policy is affected by the statute law?
Which quality criterion does it impact in your administration. and how? Equality and Diversity Act
All patients are seen on the footing of demand and non on features based on race. nationality. ethnicity. gender. etc. Interpretation policy
Patient experience – Some linguistic communications are rare. and the interpretation company contracted with the company may non hold any one who can talk the linguistic communication on the books. Or there may non be any translators specific to that linguistic communication available. Some processs and face-to-face. instead telephone translators. That could intend that the patient can non be seen on that twenty-four hours. and other factors such as A/L professionals. may go forth patients waiting hebdomads for much needed medical intervention.

2. Describe how personal attitudes and behaviors in your current wellness sector function ( or one that you know good ) impact on the quality of service in your administration. Attitude/behaviour
How does it impact on your function?
Having a negative attitude

Having a positive attitude
I feel lazy. less inclined to desire to transport out my responsibilities. More prone to do errors. It may make a bad ambiance and I come across as unapproachable.

Work more expeditiously. less prone to do errors. Appear more accessible. therefore no 1 will experience that they can non inquire me for advice on a job.

Section 2: Know the bounds of your ain expertness and cognition and when to mention to others

1a. Use the infinite below to depict what is meant by being competent.

A competent individual is person who has sufficient preparation. experience/knowledge and other qualities that allow them to carry on their given function. The degree of competency required will depend on the complexness of the function.

1b. In the tabular array below. depict the competences needed for your occupation function ( or one that you know good ) . If you’re presently seeking employment. you could establish your reply on a function that you would wish to use for. Give illustrations of the competences you are expected to hold and how you meet these competences. Job function: Receptionist

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How make you run into this competence?
I. T.
I have good cognition of Microsoft office ; I can trouble-shoot issues with package and hardware ; I can voyage the cyberspace good and utilize electronic mail and its characteristics. Telephone Manner

I am ever polite and helpful. preceding each call with the standard salutation. I keep relevant contact lists and information updated and readily available. Covering with hard-pressed patients/people

It is a accomplishment I do possess. and is a accomplishment I have had to utilize in my personal life every bit good as my professional life. I have besides partaken in internal preparation which focused on how to efficaciously pass on with hard-pressed and disquieted patients. Working with others

I am able to supply support to others by imparting my accomplishments where needed ; for case. a co-worker may be in a state of affairs where they are fighting in a peculiar undertaking because of deficiency of accomplishments in that country. if I am knowing. I’d portion that cognition. I’m non afraid to inquire for aid if I am stuck when working on task/don’t understand something/or work load excessively heavy. I learn from my co-workers and they learn from me

2. Using your occupation function ( or one that you are familiar with ) can you place at least 2 illustrations of when to seek aid from others? One illustration should mention specifically to covering with hapless criterions. Example

When to seek aid from others
A phone call from medical chap naming the response desk and so continuing to discourse the patient’s medical job. for advice. because the patient needs to be seen ASAP.

Straight off. I am non medically trained so I will necessitate to happen person who will be able to assist. A alteration in company policy and/or process

Equally shortly as possible.

3. In your occupation function ( or one that you know good ) . why is it of import that you seek aid and describe issues to others? State your reply below. There are undertakings that require actions I am non skilled. possess limited cognition and/or have small or no authorization to set about. Reporting the issues and inquiring for aid. maintain everybody up-to-date about the jobs. so that any issues can be resolved rapidly. Besides. it may decelerate up the procedure of the concern. doing it hard to supply an efficient service for the users. if issues are non reported. By inquiring for aid I am demoing my competency. in that I am demoing that I am cognizant of my restrictions.

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4. In your occupation function ( or one that you know good ) . who do you larn from? Can you depict the benefits of larning from them? Everyone is kept up-to-date – If all members of staff are up-to-date the service the administration is able to much more provide efficient service because everyone will cognize what is expected of them if they need to step in if there is deficiency of staff. Besides it helps morale because everyone will experience that their function is valued. Constructing Rapport – It provides an chance for persons to develop and construct on resonance with co-workers. The employee gets to cognize their co-workers closely. at least in context of the concern environment. whereby strengths and failings are identified and worked on. Learning from each other – Everyone has their ain single attack to alterations and by working together and larning from each other. they are able to see the state of affairs from a fresh position and it gives them the opportunity to be flexible and advanced with their attack.

Section 3: Know how to utilize resources expeditiously to back up quality criterions 1. Why is it of import to utilize and keep resources decently when working in the wellness sector? Choose one scenario from this list below and compose a short study on the effects of non utilizing and keeping the resources which apply to this state of affairs expeditiously. You and your friend both work as attention helpers. However. you have received ailments from his patients that he is non concentrating on his occupation. You know of person who routinely fails to follow lock-up processs right and this has resulted in housebreakings to medical specialties closets. A co-worker has gone place at the terminal of their displacement but has forgotten to describe a major mistake on a piece of equipment that you need to utilize. How might this state of affairs affect the quality of service?

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What might the effects on patients or users be?
Who should you hold told about the incident and how?
The purpose of the service is to concentrate on guaranting that the patients and user experience is the best it can be. The patients may experience frustrated because they don’t feel they are being listened to. My friend and the Lead Nurse

2. Why is it necessary to describe issues related to resources? Reporting issues to others ensures that the section is more likely to see a smoother dealing. Reporting issues is besides necessary because work staff are able to derive an penetration on how they are perceived by members of the populace. It besides enables rating of client service/situation. which helps the company to place what systems are working and what systems aren’t and in bend what improvements demand to be made.

3. Identify how the efficient usage of resources contributes to the quality of service. Use illustrations from your topographic point of work ( or one that you know good ) to assist reply this inquiry.

Cost effectual and clip effectual ; for case. a company directing out grouped electronic mails. Sending information to several people via electronic mail will salvage more clip and money than if an person would sit and print of letters. turn up them and direct them out. as the electronic mail is designed to direct mail to an limitless figure of receivers at a clip ; a missive could take up to a hebdomad to be received but most times an electronic mail would be received instantly.

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