Looking At The Analysis Of Drowning Sorrows Social Work Essay

This bureau started as a little non-profit hospice bureau and it has grown over the old ages. The bureau is steadfastly committed to supplying hospice attention to any citizen of its province that needs hospice services. While the orbiter offices of this bureau have a supervisor, most of the disposal staff is at the chief office.

Karla is a hospice societal worker in the little town of Dandridge Tennessee. Karla is making

mourning guidance at a satellite site of her bureau, Hospice of the Smokies, and she believes she is effectual at what she does. A retrieving alcoholic, Karla, went back to school in her mid-thirtiess, obtained her MSW, and is contented with where she is and what she is making now.

Shannon is Karla ‘s supervisor, every bit good as the supervisor of all counseling staff at the Dandridge orbiter, which includes about six staff members. Shannon and Karla were colleagues at one clip, but now that Shannon is Karla ‘s supervisor there is no difficult feelings, and they have a comfy relationship, really harmonizing to Shannon, Karla requires really small supervising.

Sarah Harriman had been having services from Hospice of the Smokies, until her recent decease. She left behind an ex-husband Howard, who had been her primary attention giver, a boy, a grandson, and his household. Both of the Harriman ‘s were reported to hold intoxicant issues and it was reported that Howard had a long history of intoxicant maltreatment. The Harriman ‘s boy has reportedly cut contact with his Mother and Father, although the grandson and his household visit hebdomadally.

The bureau is concerned that now that Sarah has passed on, that her hubby Howard, will necessitate

mourning services and has referred him to Karla for services. In a recent, visit to Howard, Karla,

studies that Howard has been imbibing and unsuitably touches her. Karla does non experience safe meeting Howard in his place. Additionally, Karla is concerned for Howard ‘s safety, because Howard has told Karla that he has thought about killing himself.

Problem Designation

Karla, a societal worker, trying to supply mourning guidance in the place of a client is being placed in danger by the client ‘s maltreatment of intoxicant. The client, Howard, is believed to be a high self-destruction hazard because he has indicated that he has planned the manner he will kill himself. Additionally, because Howard abuses intoxicant, there is an issue with unprompted behaviour and /or behavioural dis-inhibition as

demonstrated in a recent article published in the Journal of Addiction Biology ( Dick, Smith, Olausson, Mitchell, Leeman, O’Malley, and Sher, 2009 ) . Because unprompted behaviour is elevated by those that abuse intoxicant, the opportunity that Howard may perpetrate self-destruction is higher than that of person that does non hold a substance maltreatment issue ( Dick, et al. , 2009 ) . This makes Howard a danger to himself and/or others. Until these other issues are addressed, Howard can non turn his full attending to bereavement guidance.

Contextual Analysis


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In a recent visit, Howard was intoxicated and unsuitably touched Karla. When a societal worker visits a client in their place, and the client has been imbibing, the societal worker is placed in danger. Harmonizing to the National Association of Social Workers, ( NASW ) , work related force against societal workers is an unpleasant fact ( Safety Policy, 2010 ) . Work related force against societal workers is permeant and must be addressed by every school of societal work, bureau, and single worker. The National Association of Social Workers has identified that there is a upseting tendency of force against

societal workers and other human service professionals. This force includes physical assault, verbal assault, torment, and the menace of assault ( Department of Labor, 1996 ) . Many happenings of force can be anticipated and their impact lessened ; some may be prevented wholly.

Alcohol Abuse.

Harmonizing to recent alcohol addiction dependence research, it has been found that about 53 per centum of the grownups in the United States have stated that one or more of their close relations has a imbibing job that requires professional alcohol addiction aid ( Kent, 2010 ) . Data indicated that about 15 per centum of people in the United States are job drinkers, and approximately five to ten per centum of male drinkers and three to five per centum of female drinkers could be diagnosed as intoxicant dependant ( Kent, 2010 ) .

Alcoholism is a major societal, economic, and public wellness job. Alcohol is involved in more than half of all inadvertent deceases and about half of all traffic deceases ( Schuckit & A ; Smith, 2006 ) . A high per centum of self-destructions involve the usage of intoxicant along with other substances ( Schuckit & A ; Smith, 2006 ) . Peoples who abuse or are dependent on intoxicant are more likely to be unemployed, involved in domestic force, and have jobs with the jurisprudence ( such as imbibing and drive ) . Additionally, there is an extended literature associating impulsivity to alcohol usage and intoxicant jobs in human surveies ( Dick, et al. , 2009 ) . It is besides good known that heavy intoxicant usage can trip unprompted behaviour ( Dick, et al. , 2009 ) . This would bespeak that Howard stating that he will hit himself should be taken earnestly and reported to governments.


Suicide is a major public wellness job ( Suicide, 2010 ) . Not merely is suicide riotous to the quality of life of subsisters and friends it is dearly-won. Suicides that are attempted and completed consequence in

tremendous societal, economic, and medical costs ( Suicide, 2010 ) . It is estimated that self-destruction efforts cost about $ 33,000 annually in the United States ( Suicide, 2010 ) . Suicide occurs most frequently in response to a crisis such as a decease or loss of a relationship or occupation. Almost all persons that kill themselves suffer from depression or substance maltreatment issues ( Suicide, 2010 ) .


A survey released in March 2006 by the National Association of Social Workers found that 55 % of 5,000 accredited societal workers surveyed said they faced safety issues on the occupation. Sixty-eight per centum said their employers had non adequately addressed their concerns. On a mezzo degree, Karlaâ€â„¢s bureau does

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non look to hold any safety processs or policies in topographic point. When Karla speaks to Shannon about her concerns, while suggestions are made, Shannon does non take a proactive stance and acquire involved. Karla has stated that she does non experience safe in Howard ‘s place. She has explained to her supervisor that Howard lives in a distant country where aid might non be available to her and her bureau has non stepped frontward with a program to ease her frights. NASW postulates that if bureaus have good conceived safety policies and processs in topographic point, client and worker safety will be maximized and the bureau ‘s liability can minimise.


On the micro degree, while Howard has been referred to Karla for mourning guidance, Karla understands and has explained to Howard that if he is imbibing, mourning guidance will non be of much usage. Karla besides believes that Howard is a suicide hazard. The NASW Code of Ethics says that Social

Workers respect and promote the right of clients to self-government and assist clients in their attempts

to place and clear up their ends. Social workers may restrict clients ‘ right to self-government when, in the societal workers ‘ professional judgement, clientsâ€â„¢ actions or possible actions pose a

serious, foreseeable, and at hand hazard to themselves or others. Howard has stated to Karla that he knows how to stop his ain life and has identified a program ; he will hit himself. Although this menace may non be subjective at this clip, he has identified how he will stop his ain life, and this could be considered a foreseeable event. In add-on, maltreatment of intoxicant has been shown to increase unprompted behaviour ( Dick, et al. , 2010 ) .

Alternate Schemes

Strategy One

Howard has identified a self-destruction program, and hence, is a danger to himself. Kara should name the constabulary and study that he has indicated to her that he has developed a program for self-destruction. Therefore, he should be brought to a Community Mental Health Center, where he could be seen by a Accredited Mental Health Professional and undergo detoxification, if he meets Emergency Detention, ( ED ) standard. An Emergency Detention is when a individual is believed to be a danger to themselves or others, the individual may be detained, involuntarily through a legal procedure ( Schwartz, 2007 ) . The phrase, a danger to self agencies that there is grounds or significant chance that an single intends to harm themselves ( Schwartz, 2007 ) . This normally involves a recent effort or menace made by the person ( Schwartz, 2007 ) .

Strategy Two

Karla would explicate to Howard that because he has continued to imbibe, even after they have talked about non imbibing, she could non help him with his mourning. Furthermore, because he is go oning to imbibe he is making a unsafe state of affairs for both of them. Karla would explicate that if Howard wants her aid with the mourning issues he has been covering with, he would hold to

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semen to her office.

Strategy Three

Karla would mention Howard to a drug and intoxicant rehabilitation centre, and explicate to him that until he deals with this issue, bereavement guidance will non make any good. She would explicate that because intoxicant is a sedative, his imbibing, increases the depression that he is covering with ( Bigsby, Ratcliffe, Rexrode, 1996 ) . She would obtain informed consent and name his Grandson. Howard becomes animated when talking about his Great Grandchild and this might be the inducement he needs to prosecute rehabilitation. Karla will besides hold to turn to the bureaus safety policies as they pertain to in place visits that pose safety issues. Karla would run into with her supervisor and explicate that with the current patterns of their bureau they need to see making policies and/or processs that address insecure in-home visits.


Karla will name Howard and explicate that she can non do their scheduled assignment because he has been imbibing. She will explicate that she would truly wish to help him but she can non when he is

inebriated. Kara will propose that he should see rehabilitation and that she will assist him with

resources in this affair. Karla will explicate that intoxicant is a sedative and this will add to his unhappiness about his married woman ( Bigsby, et al. , 1996 ) . She will offer to get off some educational stuffs to Howard about intoxicant, its effects, long-run wellness effects, and rehabilitation. Karla will keep a unagitated temperament so that feelings of anxiousness, fright, and anger do non interfere with her ability to pass on efficaciously. She will do her statements in a clear, simple, and direct mode. She will be self-asserting with Howard so her engagement in his state of affairs is seen by Howard as professional and non personal. She will repeat that until he is sober bereavement guidance will non be of much usage to him. She will explicate that she would wish to help him and should be sensitive to his demands. While she must non put herself in danger, she should assist Howard understand that she is available to assist him, merely non at his

place if he is under the influence of intoxicant. Karla will seek to obtain informed consent, speak to

Howardâ€â„¢s Grandson about Howardâ€â„¢s issues, and explain that Howard needs their support, love, and aid. Karla will explicate that she believes Howard is a danger to himself, and hence, she must reach the governments and he will be brought to a Community Mental Health Center and if he meets standards for admittance, he will hold to remain. Karla will talk to her supervisor about the absence of safety issues with her supervisor and will propose that they must set policies and processs in topographic point to protect the consumers and workers.