Looking At Mental Illness As A Stigmatized Disease Social Work Essay

Most of the clip, my ma Tells me her past clip ‘s narratives. One twenty-four hours she told me the narrative about a miss, that narrative stunned me a batch. Story was like there was a miss who born in a low socio- economic household. She was 4th girl in her household and had merely one brother, when she was in her female parent ‘s uterus, her maternal gramps expired, everybody in her household was anticipating a male child will be born, but it ‘s true that cipher knows what Allah wants. Again a babe miss was born.

During her childhood, she did non received the attending, love and fondness from her parents and with the transition of clip, household ‘s attitude towards her remained different as compared to other siblings. When she reached at school age, she was non sent to school because of some fiscal issues every bit good as her household thought that there is no usage to direct her school because she is a ‘girl ‘ .

She was ne’er encouraged to socialise with other kids and acquire involved in activities, her life was wholly different, as a consequence of which bit by bit she started to act otherwise. By the clip her household noticed this difference, it was excessively late and she did non have any intervention and it was assumed that now she can non be treated and it is a womb-to-tomb disease as her auntie had the similar job. As she was non given proper attending by her parents, she got addicted to Naswar and showed eccentric behaviour by harming herself and others ; she even attempted several failed self-destructions. That was black for her household members as a consequence they became stray and ne’er attended spiritual / societal ceremonials and were besides loath to ask for anyone to their place as people labeled her household as huffy household and besides called her mad and the community people did non liked to eat their house made nutrient. Along with that mental unwellness she ended up with high blood force per unit area, she was non treated for that timely and died with a label of ‘mad miss ‘ . She remained virgin throughout her life.

Happiness and unhappiness is the portion of every homo ‘s life, disease can be one ground of the unhappiness, either it can be mental or physical, but mental unwellness is considered as a societal issue. Harmonizing to WHO ( 2007 ) mental unwellness is a planetary job. One in four people worldwide suffers from a mental wellness job at some point in their lives ( “ Mental Health: New Understanding, New Hope ” WHO, 2001 ) .

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Mental upsets can impact non merely the quality of life of a individual but this status can be prolonged throughout the life span and can impact people of all ages, civilizations, gender and races. Presently the estimated figure of mentally disturbed people is more than 14 million in Pakistan, out of a population of some 152 million ( URL ) . These can be due to many stressors, which can destruct the societal, physical and psychological life of an person every bit good the household members. Sing above mentioned narrative, for mental unwellness, the socio-culture has played great impact because that miss was non given her rights like attending, love and instruction which are basic demands of any homo ‘s life, as a consequence she was non acting like other kids and that behaviour was non accepted by the society, the society considered her that behaviour as a disease so she was known by her unwellness and stigma.

No support was given from the community every bit good as from her household. She was considered as a useless individual and a load on the society. Many professionals in the field of psychological science believe that societal and cultural environments have great influence on the manner people develop and process life. Which means the wellness attention supplier should take clip to larn about traits that are common among people and those that are different. Mental wellness attention should be given along with primary attention services which should be easy accessible via community centres and general infirmaries. Harmonizing to

the World Health Report ( WHR ) 2001, Mental unwellness is a bigger wellness load to the continent than malignant neoplastic disease. Now inquiry is that how we can diminish the wellness load? , for which we should cognize the causes which can take to mental unwellness.

In this narrative, there were some stressors which contributed towards the mental unwellness. Some of them were societal issues like poorness as her household was non fiscal stable. Surveies have shown that societal conditions such as poorness may put big sections of the population at greater hazard of mental unwellness. Because of low socio economic degree she did non hold intervention. Another factor was deficiency of consciousness about the intervention resources as in the narrative household was incognizant about the intervention that ‘s why she did n’t went for intervention. In the narrative Psychological factor was that her female parent was exposed during gestation to psychological injury when the miss ‘s maternal gramps died. Physical issue was that her auntie had the same mental job. “ Many mental unwellnesss run in households, proposing that people who have a household member with a mental unwellness are more likely to develop a mental unwellness. Susceptibility is passed in households through cistrons ” ( Neeb, 2001 ) .

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This narrative reflects some of the societal issues like stigmatisation, isolation and deficiency of household ‘s function as a attention supplier. Stigma is a wide umbrella which covers a big assortment of conditions such as oppressing a individual, ignorance, societal rejection, sing a individual as flawed and unnatural. Stigma can be personal or can be imposed by the society. Stigma due to mental unwellness gives a surprising attitude to the community. Issue of stigmatisation have long been unresolved job in our society as in narrative the miss was enduring from mental unwellness have suffered from unjust stereotypes from public.

Mental unwellness can destruct the societal, psychological and physical wellness of the affected individual every bit good as the household every bit. In this narrative, due to the mental unwellness, the miss and her household were cut off from their societal life and in response bit by bit they became more and more

withdrawn from the society and became isolated. The society did non accept the world of mental unwellness so they had small pick to protect themselves and their loved 1s.

It is known that societal life straight effects on the psychological wellness, as it is really hard to cover with a unusual, eccentric and unpredictable behaviour, that is why her household ended up with defeat and anxiousness and besides she had low self-esteem because of unwellness and stigma ; she tried many times for self-destruction to protect herself from all those negative behaviours. Suicide is the last option to mental sick people because they ca n’t portion their sorrows, emphasiss with any neither they are encouraged to make this that ‘s why they go for that option.

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“ Traditionally, suicide Numberss were low but in recent old ages, they have shown an increased and self-destruction has become a major public wellness job in Pakistan ” ( khan, 2006 ) .

Mental unwellness non merely affected her and her household ‘s societal and psychological facets but it besides had impact on their physical facet as she herself became hypertensive and later she died which was a great physical loss for her household. Harmonizing to Robson and grey ( 2007 ) , people with terrible mental unwellness have higher mortality and morbidity rates of chronic diseases than the general population.

So it is the primary duty of wellness attention suppliers that they give consciousness about mental unwellness along with physical unwellness and they should promote the people that if anyone who have that sort of job, they should be shared with the wellness attention suppliers because people with a mental unwellness needs the same support and apprehension which is given to people with a physical unwellness.

Mental unwellness is no different for which any one should be blamed, as stigma and shame are still the dominated attitudes towards mental unwellness. So wellness attention supplier are here to give consciousness to people that those who are enduring from stigmatized unwellness are merely people who get ill, as all people are vulnerable of being. Social support by society can do mentally sick people a productive portion of community by affecting them in their attention

and societal activities instead than pretermiting. Society ‘s positive response towards mentally ill individual can convey new attack in their lives.

Awareness through wellness instruction progarmme can diminish the rate of diseases and most of import thing stigmatisation because stigmatisation towards illness originates from the deficiency of understanding in the general population which can worsen the unwellness. The most of import recommendation is that mental wellness should be involved in primary attention because in this manner primary attention will heighten the entree, promote regard of human rights and bring forth good wellness results.