Life Aboard a slave ship Essay Sample

The slaves were packed aboard a slave ship so taken across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. This journey took approximately six to eight hebdomads. In the West Indies. slaves were either sold through auction or prearranged gross revenues.

Overcrowded conditions were the norm aboard a slave ship. as the captains attempted to maximise the net incomes. The slaves were kept in crampt status with little more than a seated room. Merely shelves being about 18″ deep were built to suit the slaves. Overcrowded conditions were the chief cause of the spread of diseases.

Extreme depressions were common among slaves on the ship. Slaves were taken on decks one time a twenty-four hours to exert to enable the circulation of the blood. During this clip. many slaves attempted to perpetrate self-destruction by leaping overboard and holding their liquors return to Africa. They were given repasts. twice a twenty-four hours. which was non decently cooked and prepared and those who refused to eat. their dentition was knocked out and the nutrient was so forced down their pharynxs. One pail of H2O was thrown on them ( where they were everyday ) to maintain down the malodor: because they excreted. urinated and died right at that place. Almost all the slaves who arrived on the sugar plantation. in the West Indies. were in demand of medical attention. Sometimes. slaves needed to be quarantined in order to forestall the spread of contagious diseases. Slaves frequently became sick with febrility and grippe before they became accustomed to the clime.

Newly arrived Africans underwent serious personality injury. Symptoms of backdowns and apathy were common. Extreme depression was frequently the cause of self-destructive behaviour. The general’s detached attitude towards their personal belongings was a contemplation of the mental status of the African Slaves would supply some signifier of welcoming amusement for the freshly arrived slaves. By and large. ointments were placed under the attention of the season African slaves from the same folk who would learn them the linguistic communication. They would besides develop them on how to set to their new manner of life. They would be assisted by the Creole slaves in seting up a little hut and in learning them how to cultivate their little secret plan to supplement the nutrient material supplied to them by their Masterss.

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