Letter To Classmate Essay Sample

My name is Freddy Dijor and I am one of your fellow pupils in your EN1320 Composition 1 class. I am ever early to category because I am eager to larn every bit much as humanely possible. What bothers me the most is when my fellow pupils that pay 1000s of dollars to travel to this school and they end up merely slacking off and making the lower limit required. I merely don’t understand them and why they don’t attention if they end up in debt and without any cognition by the terminal of the class. However all that being said. English is my weak point and I hope to alter that during this category. I am non certain what you skill level in English Composite 1 is but I still have a batch to larn and I hope I am able to larn from our instructor.

With that in head and as I told the instructor a end that I have set is to beef up my composing accomplishments upon completion of this class. However my figure 1 end is to acquire an A+ in the class and I will make whatever it takes to carry through that end. You will larn a batch about me as being my fellow schoolmate but one thing that you will see stand out the most is when I set my head to something I go over and beyond to carry through that head set.

My outlooks coincide with my ends ; I presume that the class will clear up the single constructions for the assorted signifiers of authorship. I’m anticipating to derive accomplishments from the instructor in order to go a more skilled author. with an improved apprehension of English Composite. I have hopes that the class will touch upon my involvement and construct my skill degree for future assignments and enterprises affecting the universe of English.

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