Let America Be America Again Essay Sample

“The twenty-four hours America experiences true freedom through equality and love of one another. Is the twenty-four hours I’ll be a happy adult male. cognizing I’ve done what this state needs. ” Interviewed in 1935. societal militant and an African American poet Langston Hughes rallied his people with these words of optimism to unify and endeavor for chance. freedom and equality. It was a brave call because it contested the dominant attitude. values and beliefs to color and category during in an epoch of rigorous racial segregation and terrible economic depression.

Whilst Hughes’ voice represented hope and leading. it besides critically highlighted whether the American dream was something all could obtain. In this seminar presentation. Langston Hughes’ verse form. “Let America Be America Again” is deconstructed to research those marginalised in American society. He places the reader to oppugn the Negro human status and their battle for victory. In add-on to the ideological analysis of the text. an aesthetic reading of the linguistic communication is besides presented.

Hughes was convinced that being “black” was something beautiful. Yet he was born during a clip when the discriminatory Jim Crow Laws were enforced. These Torahs created a division between the Whites and the inkinesss in their daily lives. As a consequence of this Hughes male parent abandoned his household to get away this racial bias that stopped him from practising jurisprudence. For Langston Hughes the impact of this was important on his early attitudes and beliefs about equity and equality. It was besides the underpinning subject of his poesy.

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Raised in the southern provinces of America. it was a alone childhood life with his after part but proud. black grandma who taught him to stand up for the underdog and non to allow racial segregation command his life. As a effect of this. Hughes’ poems place the reader to value and back up all Americans no affair what colour their tegument. This construct is foregrounded in the 3rd stanza. “Equality is in the air we breathe. “

Langston Hughes was preoccupied with non merely the subjugation of Negro people but of all minority groups within America. “I am the Negro bearing slavery’s cicatrixs. I am the ruddy adult male driven from the land. I am the immigrant seizing the hope I seek- And happening merely the same old stupid program. ” The repeat of the ego referential lines ‘I am’ place the reader to comprehend the mistreatment of each minority groups. Hughes includes himself as non merely Negro but Native American and Immigrant ; all of whom have been subjugated under white imperialism.

In making this. the representation serves to heighten the polarization of power between white America and ‘others’ . Furthermore the usage of symbolism creates a graphic image of the battle ‘slavery’s scars’ and letdown ‘clutching the hope’ . serves to highlight their subsequent marginalization. It is nevertheless dry. that Hughes has a intent to function for all minority groups. who have been marginalised. yet the voices of adult females have been silenced. The ground for this. it has been speculated. is that Hughes was Homosexual and as such he ne’er referred to adult females in his texts.

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Langston Hughes political political orientations were shaped by his experiences of American capitalist economy and corruptness. which he saw as a direct influence upon the continued marginalization of minority groups within Western society and every bit incongruous to his socialist beliefs. Langston Hughes places the reader to believe that equality for all Americans should be seen as an accomplishable end. At the clip the verse form was written. nevertheless. there was huge inequality amongst category. races and gender.

Hughes privileges these cultural attitudes with the words “dog eat Canis familiaris of mighty crush the weak. ” Dog eat Canis familiaris connotes the thought that everybody is merely looking out for themselves. much like a stray or ferine Canis familiaris will make what it takes to maintain alive. Therefore Hughes efficaciously portrays the thought that the upper category of blue bloods and administrative officials as dehumanised marauders of the lower categories to prolong their ain wealthy and excessive life styles. Similarly the white multitudes tend to feed on the ostracized colored minorities. Hughes political political orientation upheld the belief that it was the capitalist greed and corruptness of Western society that served to perpetuate the continued marginalisation of minority groups.

As an activist Langston Hughes strongly campaigned for a society that embraced equality across all races and categories. his ultimate end was to liberate minority groups ; this emancipation was internal every bit good as external. Hughes. kinds to advance the intrinsic beauty of race to free minorities from ideological subjugation every bit good as recommending political freedom as a release from physical bondage. One of his celebrated lines. foregrounds this beauty implicitly through delightful intensions of nutrient and drink. He writes. “molasses taffy/ Coffee and cream/ Liquorice. clove. cinnamon/ to a honey-brown dream. “

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By utilizing appealing symbolism to place the readers to pull analogues to their ain life and positive connexion to nutrient to authorise their ain spiritualty and self-image. The intertextuality of freedom is shown through Hughes quest for political emancipation as reflected in the line. “Equality is in the air we breathe. ” The usage of a metaphor to link the intangible air to the touchable construct of equality within America’s political model. Reminds the reader that equality is the basic right of all worlds.

In reasoning it is clear to see that by disputing dominant political orientations. Langston Hughes was an militant to the cultural minorities of America and the ostracized lower categories. Hughes inspires the readers to oppugn the cogency of America’s cardinal attitude. values and beliefs in relation to the intervention of minority groups. In the eyes of the Negro populace. Langston Hughes rapidly stood up to power going an unappointed monumental figure. By doing a base and talking out during the clip of the 1930’s where racism tore through the streets and killed many inkinesss. is grounds of the courage he displayed. His dream still lives on today.