Learning Theories in Mean Girls Essay Sample

Average Girls
Goffman’s theory says that Impression Management is the attempt to command or act upon the perceptual experiences of other people. Based on what I watched in the movie. I can reason that this theory is reflected in most of the characters of the movie because people can see how each of them seek to command or act upon other people. A clear illustration of this was when The Plastics had a three manner conversation on the phone with Cady and they all started speaking behind their dorsums being influenced by each another.

‘The Plastics” are an illustration of a dominant civilization because it is a perfect image of an utmost hyperbole of the popular coterie of misss in high school with a amusing alleviation. The movie shows you how pathetic high school misss can be to do themselves experience better about others. The Plastics were the hottest. coolest. most popular. but besides meanest misss ; everyone in high school admired them and wanted to dress. talk. and dance like them but no 1 could be portion of their coterie because they had regulations. bounds. and beliefs. The Plastics merely allowed Cady Heron to be portion of their coterie because she was a new pupil and Regina thought she could contrive her merely to be like her.

Cady Heron is the perfect illustration of function strain. function issue. and function struggle because she experienced all these types of functions in the procedure of going a average miss. For illustration. she experienced function strain when she had problem maintaining up her outlooks to destroy Regina’s life as her friends influenced her to make it. On the other manus. an illustration of function issue is when she experienced the procedure of detachment from who she truly was in order to set up a new function to be and move like The Plastics or when she acted stupid like she did non cognize anything about math merely to near Aaron Samuels and it made her acquire bad classs or her quizzes. even though she was really good at math. Finally. an illustration of function struggle is when Cady started happening herself lacerate between being the existent her when she was with Janis and Damian comparison to when she was with The Plastics. but each function had different and conflicting demands.

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