Leadership Style Essay Sample

Health attention is a phase that requires multiple leading manners to be successful. There is a distinguishable difference between pull offing employees and taking employees. A successful leader demands to hold a solid apprehension and ability to unify the two traits together. A group of employees that are lead during their work clip alternatively of micromanaged will hold a stronger sense of trueness and finding to bring forth quality work. Successful leading manner

This pupil identifies Kelly Zuiker as holding a successful leading manner. Kelly Zuiker is the Administrative Assistant at Catholic Health Physicians Group ( CHPG ) and manages three different orthopaedicss offices. Each office has its ain manner of day-to-day operations and different personalities of staff and doctors to interact with. Kelly Zuiker handles every twenty-four hours with manner and the ability to steer through multiple office challenges without demoing the slightest frill of distain. Kelly Zuiker walked into a place that had been vacant for several months and was able to get down making a work environment that supports the employees. Why he or she is a successful leader

This pupil feels that Kelly Zuiker is a successful leader because she is non afraid to leap in and take the reins in any state of affairs. Kelly shows great motive in back uping her staff and doing the determinations needed within direction to make a balanced work environment. Although. Kelly is handed many obstructions to discourage her forward advancement she continues to travel frontward. managing each set back as a new end to work through. This pupil feels that Kelly uses a Democratic. or participative. leading manner with her employees. Kelly involves staff in some determination devising and creates an unfastened line of communicating. Kelly has made a conjunct attempt to increase satisfaction for the employees. This pupil sometimes finds it difficult to have the degree of support that is given by Kelly Zuiker. This pupil has been back uping fellow employees for so many old ages that it is foreign to be the employee that is being support. Kelly Zuiker supports this student’s attempts to travel frontward in her calling and encourages attempts at promotion. Comparison of manners

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This pupil believes that Kelly Zuiker’s leading manner aligns with her ain manner. This pupil employs the aid of fellow staff to assist do determinations that will straight impact the office environment. This pupil believes that staff engagement in determination devising helps to diminish anxiousness about future alterations because the staff is cognizant of and had an active portion in the determination devising procedure. Traits of a successful leader

This pupil believes that she needs to develop more features that thin towards an Authoritarian. or bossy. manner of leading. This pupil believes that she needs to understand and exudate a more exact determination doing procedure. When a leader leaves room for an employee to counter with unwanted words or behaviour so disciplinary jobs can germinate. This pupil believes that a strong combination of Democratic and Authoritarian is the coveted accomplishment set needed to be a good leader. Student’s strengths

This pupil believes that Kelly Zuiker could larn from the pupils strengths by being able to pass clip larning her place and the true facets of the occupation the pupil does. Kelly Zuiker is non able to pass solid clip in each of her clinic and this pupil believes that is a hurt to Kelly’s full cognition of what is needed in her clinics. Kelly relies on solid staff members. non a supervisor. to run the day-to-day facets of her clinics. This lost clip in the clinic is valuable to a leader to understand and do alterations to office policies and processs. If a leader does non hold an apprehension of all the occupations done in the office so appropriate recognition of an employee or disciplinary actions of an employee can non be taken. Decision

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When taking employees a good leader will use a combination of manners of to be effectual. The manner of leading this employee is presently working under is contributing to a productive and supportive environment. Supporting the staff to develop their public presentation and work production is critical to a good work environment. This pupil believes that she is in the right environment to larn and develop her leading accomplishments.