Leadership Self-Assessment: Readiness Essay Sample

Interpretation 60-89: Moderate preparedness for a leading function. I see myself being able take up disputing function as a leader. I will be ready to implement of import determinations with the aid of other squad members. and I will see myself as a squad participant. Skill Development In order to better on my leading accomplishments. I must get the better of ambitious functions. and besides learn from it. I will besides larn from experient supervisors. I will besides take up the taking functions in leading assignment. most particularly when it comes to group work. Leadership Self-Assessment: Undertaking Orientation ( p. 115 )

Interpretation This shows that I have a high undertaking orientation moralss. I am able to acquire my occupation done in the manner I am supposed to. I follow the regulations and usher lines to do certain I am in conformity. I besides use the accomplishments and cognition learnt in MBA categories to acquire my occupation done Skill Development I need to larn how to an attentive hearer. pay attending to group members part. sometimes during group deliberation. I tend to do my ain suggestion paramount. but I subsequently realized that more attendings demands to be given team members. . I have to work invariably with a squad to develop my accomplishments in decision-making. I will hold to better my accomplishments advancing accomplishments and values in order to better on organization’s efficiency. Leadership Self-Assessment: Manner ( p. 125 )

Interpretation This shows I am a participative leader. I ever try to set in my best to acquire the occupation done in a timely mode. Furthermore. I am really unfastened to suggestions. Skill Development I will necessitate to larn more accomplishments to be a participative leader. I am a really diffident individual. but I am seeking to construct my assurance. I have a inclination for doing my determination paramount without sing others. which is why I have to listen and measure other people’s suggestion. I will besides love to manage more ambitious functions to hike my assurance. and to do me more effectual. Even I might be disbelieving about disputing functions. I feel much better working with squad.

Evidence Assurance is ever a portion of Jeff Bezos. he has the ability to present his passion to the populace or the consumers. he is besides ready to do determinations. and take hazard every bit good. He took the hazard of get downing virago with $ 50. 000. though he made a loss that twelvemonth. but he was confident about the success in the hereafter. Jeff has shown that he skillful plenty to do Amazon a successful company ; he had ever shown marks in scientific involvement and computing machines. Dynamic

Creativity by Jeff Bezos has kept Amazon traveling frontward. he invented the kindle fire which made a batch of gross revenues and Amazon’s fire phone. which was introduced June 18. 2014. Improvement Recommendation I think Jeff should affect more experts in technological determination because. Kindle Fire merchandise demand betterment. His leading should affect other members in determination devising. Task-Related Personality Traits of Jeff Bezos ( p. 46 )

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List Traits Passion
Flexibility and Adaptability
Emotional Intelligence
Evidence At a really immature age Jeff has a passion for engineering and computing machines. he is holding strong passion for entrepreneurship. and ready to take hazard as a affair of fact. his company has succeeded with hazardous ventures. He followed his passion by get downing Amazon in his garage in 1994. One of his passion to develop and sell premium merchandises at non premium monetary values. Jeff brought in flexibleness to his concern. anything in the universe could be found on virago because his leading manner is detailed. he is more concerned about what the consumer wants. and he follows it up. His emotional intelligence has led Amazon to greater highs. he is able to pull off the company financially. and he has feeling for the clients and his employees every bit good. He has a great relationship direction. he is able to associate good in footings of what the consumer wants. Jeff is obsessed with client demands.

He is a altruist. he acknowledges CSR Improvement Recommendation I think Jeff Bezos should be more flexible and pay more attending to his employees. I know he has great passion for his thoughts. I think Amazon would be stronger financially if he allows the vision and thoughts of his employee to be shared every bit good. Furthermore. Bezos’s Kindle Fire invention will necessitate more betterment to be able to vie with other tablets in the market. even though Jeff Bezo’s passion is merely a tablet that is non every bit sophisticated like the IPAD and the Windows tablet. I think suggestions from other employees or experts in engineering could convey in new thoughts that would better their bing merchandise like the Kindle fire. accepting other thoughts would take to increase in net incomes. and he could be compared to leaders like Steve Jobs.


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Style Entrepreneur leading
Evidence Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful enterprisers in the universe. That is why he is one of the few billionaires in the universe. Amazon was his construct. he was a innovator for ecommerce. and he turned it to multi-billion dollar industry. Most of the thoughts where based on his ain picks. he started Amazon from his garage. he made the determination to purchase Washington Post. he invented Kindle fire a portable tablet. I see him as a airy leader. he conveys his determination devising to his employees. I have ne’er heard of employees presenting their ain innovation to Amazon Int. he demands a batch from his employees to run into up with his outlook. He is a micromanager. he makes most determinations. He personally allowed other retail merchants to sell their merchandises on Amazon by so making his company earns committee from each sale. After the innovation of Kindle fire. he stills negotiations about his aspirations and future programs. Rationale for manner He is a airy individual. ready to take hazard. As an enterpriser he must make his best for his concern to last. Find himself in a competitory market will do him a really proactive leader. most determination devising will be done by him. Contingency Approach of Jeff Bezos ( Chp. 5 )

Does he hold a eventuality attack to leading Jeff Bezos do hold a eventuality attack to leading because he is task oriented and for the most portion he to the full controls Amazon. Furthermore he aligns his employees to his ain vision. Evidence Jeff Bezos’s manner depends on what is traveling on within the organisation. Jeff is seen as a undertaking oriented leader. he is focused on the undertaking that is meant to be performed in order to run into certain ends. which is one of the grounds why he is one of the most successful enterpriser in the universe. For illustration the recent release of Amazon fire phone. shows he is task oriented. he made his workers to set in relentless attempt in order to let go of the phone this twelvemonth. He was given an award by USA Today as Person of the Quarter. Further looking at his manner of leading. he is in full control. and executing really good in his concern. This manner of leading is extremely favourable for an enterpriser.


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Leadership Case A ( p. 296 )
Measure the degree of teamwork. Harmonizing to the instance. the director realizes that there is no coordination in this squad ; squad attempt is low in the country of communicating. Furthermore. the relationship between Calvin and the group members is really low. The low degree of engagement among these groups will take loss of net income. Calvin needs to look for a better manner organizing the attempts of the squad in order to hold a successful insurance company. Recommended actions for bettering teamwork based on Table 9-1. A alone manner of working with different groups should be established by a leader. Every squad should be treated the same in order to do them more committed to the company’s end A leader should play the major function of a squad participants. this behaviour will reciprocate between leader and members of the group. A leader should set in excess attempts in actuating the employees. Calvin must develop a quality relationship with the group members. The leading exchange theoretical account emphasizes on communicating. the leader must do certain there is changeless flow of information among group member. because communicating will set the organisation in a safety zone. and errors are prevented as good. A lead must be able to transform his squad members in a positive. Calvin should animate the squad members more. and state them the importance of holding a group and how successful they could be if they are good coordinated together. Leadership Case B ( p. 297 )

Measure the degree of teamwork. Teamwork was non effectual at the initial phase because the squad members are non place in the country of expertness. and they don’t have adequate preparation to execute the current undertaking. Recommended actions for bettering teamwork based Table 9. 1. I think there should be development squad preparation. during this preparation employees tend to cognize their strong and weak points. They are able to cognize which countries to better. A leader should be ready to actuate followings and cogwheels them towards positive actions. Leaderships should do usage of their place to depute responsibilities. group members are cognizant of high ranks. so they comply to instructions given to them in respects to their responsibility.