Leadership Lessons From the Movie “Invictus” – Essay Sample

Invictus is a biographical movie based on the book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a State. While writing a movie review it is important to mention that the narrative of the movie revolves around Nelson Mandela’s attempts and scheme to unify the South African society that is lacerate apart by apartheid. Upon being elected as the first black President of the state amidst terrible resistance from the Whites. Mandela faced an tremendous challenge to accommodate the state and construct a democracy in the state devoid of racism. The 1995 Rugby World Cup hosted by South Africa became an improbable chance for Mandela to reconstruct harmoniousness in the state. The inkinesss in South Africa despised the Springboks. South Africa’s rugger squad as it was a symbol of white subjugation. Merely the Whites supported the Springboks. whereas the inkinesss ever supported the resistance squad. By animating Francois Pienaar. the captain of the poor-performing Springboks to win the World Cup. Mandela was successful in edging towards his end of racial harmoniousness in the state. Invictus serves as a good lesson on leading by portraying two characters. Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar as successful leaders. nevertheless. with different leading manners.

Nelson Mandela exemplifies transformational leading. His ultimate end of reuniting a state torn by racial favoritism was a major transmutation that would alter the face of the state globally. He shaped a strategic vision of a realistic and attractive hereafter of the state and was really efficient in pass oning his vision since the beginning of his authorization. On his first twenty-four hours as the President. Mandela observed that all employees of the old authorities were go forthing their occupations. He organized a meeting with them to pass on his vision and promote them to remain back if they shared his end. When his black security guards were unhappy about being forced to work with white opposite numbers. he informed them about his end of a racially united state and persuaded them to work together as a individual unit.

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Mandela set up a perfect illustration of patterning his vision by integrating both inkinesss and Whites in his personal security unit. He non merely spoke about his vision but besides enacted upon it ; this is a perfect illustration of “walk the talk” . He believed that the state would swear him if they saw consistence in his words and actions. A transformational leader tends to confront several external and internal challenges on the way towards his end. Assurance. strong strong belief in the vision and committedness to take from values help confront these challenges. These qualities were a important portion of Mandela’s leading manner. Despite confronting opposition from his black security guards. he changed the cultural representation of his personal escorts to learn them racial harmoniousness. This proved to be a right move because by the terminal of the film both the black and white escorts worked expeditiously as a individual unit and supported the Springboks together. Mandela strongly believed in the virtuousness of forgiveness and excusing the Whites for their past behaviour.

He demonstrated this himself and carry his people to besides forgive the Whites. Despite a consensus amongst inkinesss to alter the name and emblem of Springboks as a retaliation for old ages of subjugation by the white population. Mandela persuaded the commission to forgive the Whites. reconsider their determination and re-vote. On having minimum support. Mandela decided to retain the Springboks guaranting that the Whites were non punished for the yesteryear ( illustration of participative leading ) . Bing cognizant that his determination would do his protagonists unhappy. he stood by his determination because he believed in taking from values. An effectual leader would endeavor to integrate rules into people’s passion. Mandela exhibited both people-oriented and task-oriented leading. His heat. common trust. regard. grasp and gratitude for his subsidiaries impressed Francois. In a rugby lucifer. Mandela personally interacted with some of the viewing audiences at the game.

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During their first meeting. Mandela appreciated Francois’s occupation as captain of Springboks and acknowledged the challenges as a captain of a national squad. Mandela besides demonstrated a high degree of emotional intelligence and created a positive work environment which made him gain trust. regard and love from his employees. He made an attempt to strike a personal chord with his subsidiaries. For case Mandela softly memorized the names of each of the Springboks participants so he can give them each a personal salutation. Mandela was an first-class incentive. This is seeable when he inspired Francois to win the World Cup.

Towards the terminal of their meeting. it seemed like Francois realized a important alteration in his mentality and shared Mandela’s vision about the importance and significance of a Springboks win to South Africa. Mandela believed in taking by illustration and by inspiration from the work of others. He found motive and thrust to stand out from the Victorian verse form ‘Invictus’ . Mandela’s doctrine of leading was to animate others non merely to be their best. but to go even better than they thought they could.

Francois Pienaar is another character in the function of a leader. He was the captain of the underperforming Springboks. Francois exemplifies transactional leading. His function was to actuate and animate the squad to present their best public presentation and recover the assurance of the state in his squad. His leading political orientation was taking others by illustration to better squad public presentation. In one scene when the squad was exhausted after extended physical preparation. Francois was the first one to go on exerting despite the weariness. hence animating his team-mates non to give up. After his meeting with Mandela. Francois was motivated to win the World Cup and believed in Mandela’s vision about the importance and significance of a Springboks win to South Africa. Despite meeting initial resistance from his ain team-mates. Francois had assurance in his vision and persuaded his team-mates to supply rugby preparation to hapless black childs.

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His assurance and religion in the vision was excessively strong to be affected by his family’s disfavor for Mandela. Francois came across more as a task-oriented and achievement-oriented leader than a people-oriented leader. Depending on the state of affairs. Francois somewhat altered his leading manner. He was an bossy leader when he directed his unwilling squad couples to supply preparation to the black childs. In another scene. when his squad couples were to the lowest degree interested in larning the national anthem. he did non utilize force but persuaded them to sing it meaningfully by explicating what it meant. The team’s visit to Robben Island. where Mandela was jailed. boosted Francois’s inspiration and belief in the verse form ‘Invictus’ . In the terminal. Francois proved to be a successful and efficient leader when the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup.