Leadership Interview Paper Final Essay Sample

Directors within the workplace are all different when it come to how they develop and lead their employees within the company so it ca be successful. Each director has to use every bit good as determine what some of the different accomplishments. techniques. and styles they will utilize in order to assist decently take their employees within the workplace. In order to set up some existent universe techniques used by directors in the workplace today. two different troughs were interview to assist derive their position of leading that is implemented where they work.

First the paper starts off with information about each trough in footings of where they work. what they do. the section they’re positioned in. and who they straight report to. Next. some brief information about each company the directors work at is given followed by a treatment of the leading behaviours exhibited by each trough. Then some of the differences and similarities of each trough is discussed utilizing leading theories every bit good as theoretical accounts to foreground the different leading manners displayed by them. Finally. different minutes throughout the interview that highlight critical leading points are discussed and concluding information about leaders in the workplace are established. Information About the Directors

Manager 1
The first individual I had the pleasance of interviewing was Eloise Hill who worked at a Restaurant called Schlotzsky’s located in Brooklyn Park. Minnesota that is no lone wolf in service. Her place rubric while the eating house was in service was the Shift Manager so worked in the direction section of the eating house. So Hill was in charge of gap and shuting the shop. delegating some of the work hours to employees. straight oversing the employees. and taking attention of any client issues as needed. She straight reported to the Head Manager of Schlotzsky’s named. She took all of her orders from her in footings of things that needed to be done within the eating house on a day-to-day footing. Hill besides reported anything of importance to her when it came to client. employee. or concern issues. Manager 2

The 2nd individual that I was able to interview was Mary Iverson who works at a company called Sauce Analisa located in Minneapolis. MN. Her place rubric is fundamentally being one of the Lead Training Managers of many of the other employees within the company. Iverson works in the preparation section of the organisation and she fundamentally trains assorted employees on how to decently make merchandise presentations for different nutrient companies such as Wholefoods. Kowalskis. dress shop shops. and cooperatives. She straight reports to Lisa Oconnell. who is the Head Manager of the company. Iverson takes all of her orders from her in footings of the thins she is supposed to develop other employees. how it should be trained. and for how long should the preparation Sessionss be held. She besides reports many other things of importance to her such as how the preparation of employees are traveling. is it effectual. and if the employees are showing a certain willingness to desire to larn or be trained. Information About the Companies

The Schlotzsky’s Company
The schlotzsky’s Company was founded in 1971 in Austin Texas and its bill of fare merely consisted of one delightful sandwich that was fundamentally. “composed of a alone combination of premium meats. cheeses. and marinated black olives served on hot Schlotzsky’s sourdough bread” ( Website ) . It started off as a little eating house on South Congress Avenue in the province of Texas and has developed into a international franchise eating house concatenation 40 old ages subsequently. Furthermore. it has assorted different locations in over 30 different provinces and it besides has a few locations in foreign states every bit good. As the company continues to turn. it recognizes that their clients gustatory sensations have evolved. which is why they’ve implemented originative new bill of fare.

They contuse to sell the really first sandwich that used to be the lone 1 on their bill of fare every bit good as other things such as other delightful hot sandwiches. fresh adust staff of life. forte pizzas. toasted wraps. Artisan level staff of lifes. tossed salads. etc… Since the twelvemonth of 2011. the Schlotzsky’s eating house expression has been upgraded every bit good as remolded into a originative every bit good as ask foring design that is appealing to clients. Many of the locations besides serve Cinnabon’s authoritative cinnamon axial rotations that are really delightful homemade dainties. With everything that has been expanded within the concern. Schlotzsky’s is a eating house that continues to stay true to their roots. which revolve around utilizing the highest quality ingredients possible to present clients with the best sandwich in the universe. The Analisa Company

Lisa Oconnelle. the proprietor of the company has household that is originally from Naples. Italy. Her grandparents Anna and Louis immigrated to a little town in Northern Minnesota after World War II. Her Grandmother opened a little Italian eating house called the Woodland Inn since she loved to cook and has great cookery accomplishments. Lisa was able to pass most of her childhood with her grandma Lisa at her eating house. This is where she. “learned so much about fresh. homemade. reliable Italian fare” ( Website 2 ) . By detecting her grandma Anna prepare her sauce. Lisa was able to see how she merely used the freshest herbs. veggies. and Sun ripened tomatoes. She will ever retrieve the aroma of the sauce with specific ingredients that were used such as Allium sativum. thyme. marjoram. and fresh basil. Peoples would come from all over merely to bask a fresh batch of her grandma Anna’s sauce.

Today. Lisa has re-created this sauce by go oning to choose the freshest ingredients with no unreal spirits or preservatives being added to the jars or sauce that are prepared. Each batch is simmered for over 10 hours and the sauce can be used to layer lasagne. top spaghetti. coppice across a pizza pie. or even dip with crusted staff of life. Peoples are able to purchase this sauce that Lisa created created utilizing thoughts from her grandma online utilizing the company’s bringing services. Overall. the company gross revenues healthy wholefoods merchandises to shops every bit good as people and chiefly he sauces that Lisa has created are the figure one thing that is sold. Leadership Behaviors

Democratic Leader
Their are two sets of behaviours that can be demonstrated by leaders including task-oriented behaviours and people-oriented behaviours. Hill seemed to show the leading behaviour of a democratic leader. which is person who. “shares determinations with followings. encourages engagement. and supports the teamwork needed for high degrees of undertaking accomplishment” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 263 ) . So she exhibits a high respect for both the undertakings and people. which constitutes as some of the features of some of the most effectual leading techniques. One of the leading traits that she exhibits is good concern cognition because she seemed to be really knowing about the things that went on within the eating house every bit far as running the hard currency registries. the back room. and some of the managerial duties. Other traits that she exhibits include holding thrust. assurance. creativeness. cognitive ability. motive. and honestness. Equally far as Hill’s personality goes. she is an extravert. which means she was ace talkative during the interview. confident. and really engaged in the conversations. She is a really people individual and she enjoys meeting every bit good as interacting with new people.

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One illustration of how Hill supports the thought of teamwork in acquiring things done is shown in how she helped form how the backroom of the eating house used to be conducted in footings of seting employees into groups. Upon come ining the backroom of the eating house. it was clear to see that teamwork was extremely utilised in footings of the flow of clear communicating that goes on. the organisation in footings of the groups of people who work together to prepares certain nutrient points. and the manner that others pitch in to assist another individual who may be holding problem within their groups. One illustration of how she would portion determinations she’s made with her followings is how when she’d come into work every Friday. she would keep a short company meeting. During this meeting. Hill would thank her employees for making good occupation that hebdomad. update them on ways they can go on to be successful within the eating house. and advise them on any determinations that were made sing the eating house that had already been discussed with her by the caput director. Human Relations Leader

Iverson seemed to show the leading behaviour of a human dealingss leader. which is person who is. “interpersonally prosecuting. attentions about about others. is sensitive to feelings and emotions. and tends to move in ways that emphasize harmoniousness and good working relationships” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 263 ) . So she exhibits a high respect for people over undertakings. with is much different than a democratic leader who focuses on them both. One of the leading traits that she exhibits is motive because she seemed to set a high respect in doing it cognize that she enjoys actuating others in footings of preparation on how to properly demonstrate merchandises within her company. Other traits that she exhibits include holding a batch of concern cognition. being flexible. possessing a batch thrust. cognitive ability. and honestness and unity. Equally far as her personality goes. she seemed to be extravert merely like Hill. During the interview she was highly chatty. merriment to speak to. really knowing of her company. and seemed to be really interested every bit good as engaged in our conversation.

One illustration of how Iverson focuses on keeping good working relationships is seen in how she tries to develop good work relationships with all of her employees by acquiring to cognize them. When employees come into her office for developing. they frequently talk to her about their life and she uses that as a opportunity to go more familiar with them so that good working relationships can be established. For illustration. she has gotten know one of her employees really good and they have even developed a really good friendly relationship. She has even been able to move as a wise man for this employee because they frequently come to her office for advice in footings of work and even some personal things in life.

Iverson cares about her employees and she frequently gives them each small gifts to demo them grasp for making good at work. For illustration. one employee was executing truly good in footings of selling the company merchandises and doing a batch of gross revenues. Iverson had already gotten to cognize this employee really good and cognize she needed some new places for her Canis familiaris. Iverson ended up purchasing her Canis familiaris some new shoe in order to demo the employee grasp for doing a batch of gross revenues. It is small things such as this that are great manner in which directors can demo their employees grasp every bit good as maintain good work relationships. Comparison of the Leaders’ Leadership Styles

Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Style
Hill’s leading manner seemed to be focused on the Hersey-Blanchard situational leading theoretical account ( HBSLM ) . This manner fundamentally suggests that successful leaders adjust their manners based on the degree of adulthood their followings may posses that may be indicated by their preparedness to be able perform in different state of affairss. The preparedness is truly merely based on their degree of assurance. adulthood. every bit good as if they’re able or willing to execute the undertakings they’re required to make. This theoretical account integrate four different leading manners that focus on a combination of undertaking every bit good as relationship behaviours. which include deputing. take parting. merchandising. and stating. Hill would typically show all of these leading manners when it came to the manner she would cover with a new employee that would be be one of the new squad members within Schlotzsky’s. She explained that all new employees would get down off as squad members and it was her occupation as the director to eeffeciently steer them so they could be molded into a good squad member.

Harmonizing to the HBSLM. relation can be defined as. “giving specific undertaking waies and closely supervising work ; a high-task. low-relationship style” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 267 ) . For illustration. Hill would use this manner of leading when the employee is traveling through the procedure of preparation to be a good squad member giving them really specific waies on what they need to make and how they need to make it. Selling can be defined as. “explaining undertaking waies in a supportive and persuasive manner ; a high-task high-relationship style” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 267 ) . For illustration. Hill would use this manner of leading when the employee is go oning their procedure of preparation to be a good squad member while giving them encouragement every bit good as the support they need to guarantee them that they can execute the needed undertakings this occupation requires. Participating can be defined as. “emphasizing shared thoughts and participative determinations on undertaking waies ; a low-task. high-relationship style” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 267 ) .

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For illustration. Hill would use this leading manner in footings of assisting employees experience more confident about executing their occupation of being a squad member by sharing with them her thoughts in footings of how make successfully be a squad member and go oning to give them support. Finally. delegation can be defined as. “allowing the group to take duty for undertaking determinations ; a low-task. low-relationship style” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 267 ) . For illustration. Hill would use this leading manner when employees are to the full confident in cognizing what it takes to be a good squad member so all she may make at this point is portion any of her thoughts and input to enable them to go on to successfully execute good in their place. House’s Path-Goal Theory

Iverson’s leading manner seemed to focused on the path-goal theory ( PGT ) that was advanced by Robert House. This theory fundamentally suggests that leaders can be more effectual when they help their followings move along waies that may assist them successfully achieve both work ends and personal ends. It focuses on the fact that the some of. “the best leaders create positive path-goal linkages. raising motive by taking barriers and honoring progress” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 267 ) . This theory focuses on obtaining the right tantrum between leading every bit good as features with the indicant that a leader can travel back and 4th among four different leading manners including. directive. supportive. achievement-oriented. and participative. Mary would typically show all of these leading manners when it came to how she would cover with many of her employees in footings of preparation or when they visit her office.

Harmonizing to House’s PGT. a directing leader. “lets others know what is expected ; gives waies. and maintains standards” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 268 ) . For illustration. Iverson use this leading manner when employers come to her office and demand to larn something new about a merchandise. She would fundamentally state them about the merchandise. explicate about how they need to show it to clients. and allow them inquire anymore inquiries they may hold. A supportive leader fundamentally. “makes work more pleasant ; treats others as peers. Acts of the Apostless friendly. and shows concern” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 268 ) . For illustration. Iverson may utilize this leading manner when employees come to her office for preparation because the conversations they have may float over to topics about their life. Employees may sometimes experience comfy sharing this information with her since she truly dose attention and wants to supply any advice or support that she can.

Achievement-oriented leader can be defined as person who. “sets disputing ends ; expects high public presentation. and shows confidence” ( Schermerhorn. p. 268 ) . For illustration. Iverson uses this manner in footings of how she expects her employees to sell merchandises and sometimes she may look at their gross revenues Numberss to speak to them about ways in which they cam better when selling the merchandises. She gives them advice. illustrations. and expects them to seek to hold a higher public presentation in footings of gross revenues the following clip they come to her office to speak. Finally. a participative leader fundamentally. “involves others in determination devising ; asks for and utilizations suggestions” ( Schermerhorn. 2012. p. 268 ) . For illustration. Iverson utilizes this leading manner when she asks her employees for suggestions on how she can assist them with preparation in footings of doing certain they can be successful in selling the merchandises the company sells. What do you believe we can make to run into your developing ends? How can I back up you in this preparation procedure? These are the sort of inquiries she will inquire in order to allow her employees know that she values their input every bit good as suggestions. Similarities

Both directors demonstrate a few different leading techniques that highlight ways in which they’re similar to each other. Hill utilized the HBSLM and Iverson utilizes the path-goal theory. but there are ways that both of these different positions on leading can be seen as the same. When it comes to the merchandising leading manner of the HBSLM that Hill uses. it can be seen as being similar to the supportive leader manner from the path-goal theory that Iverson uses. This is fundamentally because both of these leading manners focus on demoing employees support when it comes to explicating undertakings every bit good as merely offering aid that they may necessitate. Furthermore the focal point on support that is shown through both of these manners helps makes for a more pleasant working environment for the employees.

When it comes to the stating leading manner of the HBSLM that Hill uses. it can be seen as being similar to the directing leader manner from the path-goal theory that Iverson uses. This is fundamentally because both of these leading manners focus on straight taking employees every bit good as steering them in footings of giving them giving waies. supervising them. and maintaining criterions. Finally. when it comes to the take parting leading manner of the HBSLM that Hill uses. it can be seen as being similar to the participative leader manner from the path-goal theory that Iverson uses. This is fundamentally because both of these leading manners focus on affecting employees in the determination devising footings of undertakings. sharing thoughts. and taking suggestions. Ah-ha Moments/Learning and Value of Assignment

After questioning both of the directors. I was able to acquire a apprehension of leading every bit good as direction from a existent universe position. Both directors highlighted some cardinal information about what they believed to be the most critical accomplishments that leaders should possess. Some of the accomplishments they listed include communicating. engineering. educational. forbearance. mathematical. and motivational. It is true that good communicating accomplishments are needed so they can interact good with clients every bit good as other clients. It is genuinely the foundation of what great leading is based on because communicating is invariably used in our day-to-day interactions with people particularly within a topographic point of concern. Technology accomplishments are besides utile for leaders to hold since engineering is used invariably in the universe today so you need to be competent in footings of cognizing how to use computing machines. Educational accomplishments are besides good to hold because its of import for an person to be knowing about their place so they can be able to execute their occupation good.

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Patience is another accomplishment that is great to hold because sometimes when covering with clients or employees. it may take a certain degree of forbearance. This is particularly in footings of employees because people learn or do things at their ain gait and directors have to be able to come to footings with that by using forbearance. I think mathematical accomplishments are besides good for leaders to hold in footings of doing certain they know how to manage money right. but I think its largely for leaders that may really hold to use math within their profession. Motivational accomplishments are besides a truly utile accomplishment to hold because its of import for leaders to supply their employees with a certain degree of motive that will enable them to experience like they can win and make good within their occupation places.

Its besides of import for leaders to maintain in head that people may hold different things that will actuate them in footings of work so its their occupation to seek and calculate out what those things may be. I imagined that both of the directors I interviewed would name keeping relationships as critical leading accomplishment. but they didn’t. Keeping relationships is an highly critical accomplishment a leader should hold because its of import to be able to derive relationships with employees so that you can acquire to cognize them and seek to calculate out how you can assist them be successful. Furthermore. it goes along with making a positive relationship with employees so they can experience like they have a foreman who does care about them and as a consequence. the employee may execute their occupations better and love coming to work.

Two things that both of the directors I interviewed reinforced about my construct of leading and direction at organisations is that troughs utilize more than one leading manner and they all have different personalities that dictate how they perform their occupations. I already had a reasonably good thought that directors may utilize assorted different leading manners when it comes to covering with their employees. In the interview. Iverson stated that she developed her leading from function theoretical accounts that are troughs at other companies in industries such as banking. wellness. and printing. Hill noted that her leading manner was self directed. which means she fundamentally taught herself how she could be an effectual leader from personal experience and acquisition.

So after carry oning the interviews. it fundamentally reinforced my believing about how directors take on many leading manners and I was able to acquire some existent universe perspectives on this. Its all about them understanding what attack they may take when covering with an employee and calculating out precisely when they are traveling to take on that attack. For illustration. a director may take on a directing attack when it comes to developing an employee because they have to give way. sets criterions. and state an employee precisely what it takse to make whatever it is they’re being trained on.

When it comes to personality. I already had a reasonably good understanding about how troughs will each hold different personalities. A directors personality is fundamentally shown through how they will interact or pass on with their employees every bit good as the clients. After questioning each director. it fundamentally reinforced my believing about how directors may hold different personalities because I was able to acquire existent universe experiences about how they would cover with employees or clients that shed visible radiation on personalities. Furthermore. how each of them acted while questioning gave me some information about what sort of personalities they had every bit good. During the interview. Iverson was really chatty. surpassing. and she truly had a batch to state. I couldnt maintain up with all that she was stating. so I frequently had to inquire her to reiterate things. She was really nice. highly buoyant. and talked about her occupation with a batch of passion. Her personality was along the lines of extravert because she was ace talkative. really comfy. and really confident about the things she had to state.

During the interview. Hill was besides really chatty. surpassing. nice. and had many different things to state. She besides gave me many great illustration without me holding to inquire for them. Her manner of speech production was really blunt and she got directly to the point. She spoke slow plenty for me to be able to understand what she was say so I didn’t have to inquire her to reiterate things really frequently. Her personality was besides along he lines of extravert because exuded a batch of assurance. she talked a batch. and she was comfy when she spoke to me replying every inquiry with easiness. Overall. its safe to state that both of these directors may integrate their extravert personalities within their work in footings of how they treat their employees and clients. Decision

In decision. I enjoyed questioning Hill and Iverson to assist derive existent universe perspectives every bit good as their ain personal penetrations on leading within their organisations. During the interview. I was able to see how each director was different in footings of their personalities. leading behaviours. and leading manners. Hill demonstrated a democratic leading behaviour attack when it came to how she managed her employees and this is apparent in how she relied to a great extent on undertakings every bit good as people. The human dealingss leading behaviour was displayed by Iverson and this is apparent in how she relies to a great extent on interpersonal relationships with people. When it comes to leading manners. Hill demonstrated techniques every bit good as the accomplishments exhibited in the HBSLM and it could be seen through ways in which she interacts with employees during their procedure of going an efficient squad member.

Iverson’s leading manner was more aligned with the PGT and it could be seen through assorted illustrations that showcased how she interacted with employees at her company. Its really apparent that both troughs shared many similarities every bit good as differences when it came to how they portray their leading at their companies. They besides shared some of the same ideas on what some of the critical accomplishments are that directors need to use to win in the concern clime. Overall. its of import to understand that every director is different and when it comes decently pull offing their topographic point of concern. they each will hold to use the leading manner that works the best for them.