Leaders Are Born, Not Made Essay Sample

Whether leaders are born and non made is a treatment that has been debated for centuries and yet it still divides sentiment today. Like many. on having this assignment my natural intestine response was that they are! However. over the class of my geographic expedition into the capable affair and in greater contemplation of my ain personal experiences. my contention is now similar to that of the celebrated and successful American football manager Vince Lombardi who said “Leaders are non born. they’re made. They are made by difficult attempt. which is the monetary value which all of us must pay to accomplish any end that is worthwhile”

This sentiment will organize the footing of my statement and my place on the subject. However. I will besides raise and notice on back uping grounds for the impression that leaders are born and non made.

Before plunging into this treatment. logic would order that we would foremost hold to corroborate a definition of a ‘leader’ and therein lies our first job as the term ‘leader’ has a battalion of changing definitions. The same is true with leading. where Stodgill says that “there are about as many definitions of leading as there are individuals who have attempted to specify the concept” .

With this in head and for the intents of this treatment I would wish to travel with Google’s simplistic definition. which states that a leader is “The individual who leads or commands a group. organisation. or state. A individual followed by others”

So armed with a definition. Lashkar-e-Taibas first discourse the statement against my stance. allow us look at the grounds for the impression that leaders are born.

Leaderships are born – The Evidence

First up. I can non sing. In fact. I would travel every bit far as to state I am a awful vocalist. At first glimpse you may be inquiring yourself. what relevancy does that hold to the point in manus. The significance is that I know for a fact that no sum of preparation. coaching or development will of all time turn me into a great vocalist. I was merely non ‘born’ to sing. Possibly through important sums of coaching and preparation. I could better to a criterion that would avoid bring downing physical hurting on my audience – but one thing is certain I will ne’er be a great vocalist. The same decision could be made of leading ; possibly some people are merely non born to take. whereas others genetically are.

The other anomalousness. that supports the impression that leaders are born is the fact that history is littered with great leaders that were from backgrounds that provide no account to how and why they became great leaders. .

Henry Ford is a good illustration of this. A innovator of the industrial age and revered in history as one of the world’s great leaders. However. Ford did non come from a privileged yesteryear. nor had he received important sums of instruction or preparation that would impart itself to him going a great leader. Sangeeth Varghese. from Forbes describes Ford. “As a kid. Ford was quiet and inward-looking and exhausted much of his clip around his female parent. She died while he was really immature. taking him into depression. His male parent despised him for non demoing any involvement or accomplishment in farm work and literally wrote Henry off. stating he would ne’er amount to anything. Ford apprenticed as a low-level mechanic at assorted topographic points. non even gaining plenty for a nice life. He did non possess anything that could do him a Born leader–no birthright. no lineage and surely no extraordinary attributes” .

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Continuing this point. I think we’ve all met Henry Ford’s ‘types’ earlier. as in those people that have no obvious or evident ground that explains their natural inherent aptitude to take. and more prevalently are good at it. We have all known Borns leaders…They were the amiable persons that seemed to seep personal appeal. exudate assurance and appeal and in which the remainder of us were of course drawn to since an early age. They were our ‘Head male childs. squad captains. nine leaders. and the people who held all the available leading places that existed in school and early life. They were those popular persons that you inherently sought blessing from. They merely seemed to hold the ‘leadership’ x factor within them. They were the leaders we all grew up with. and at an age that was impossible for them to hold received any formalistic preparation or development.

Another angle to discourse is personality and the really plausible belief that we are born predisposed to certain personality traits. If this holds true so certainly certain personality types are better suited to places of leading. Therefore. an introvert is improbable to experience comfy taking. commanding and being followed. nor are they probably to possess the necessary communicating and act uponing accomplishments required to earn support and followings.

A individual born with a deficiency of assurance is besides improbable to of all time seek out leading or be comfy if it is thrust upon them. Desire. another personality trait. in my sentiment is besides a really of import quality in that it indispensable prerequisite trait that must be possessed by those that go on to go great leaders. Those that do non hold the necessary desire to win – seldom do.

Leaderships are Made – The grounds

The root of my place stems from another argument. A treatment which. in many ways. tallies in analogue with this one – the treatment of ‘nature vs. nurture’ . on this subject I passionately sit on the side of ‘nurture’ and hence would experience slightly hypocritical if I were to recommend the impression that ‘leaders are born! ’

My support of ‘nurture’ is based on personal fortunes. I am from a hapless background and a long line of non-professional. non-academic line of descent. This background created the expectancy that I was non expected. or even encouraged. to win academically nor was there any vision of me going a professional of any sort but alternatively to hold a similar life and profession of those before me. I rejected this impression from an early age and embarked on everything I was non expected to make. and with every hurdle jumped I proved in my ain manner that we are greater than the amount of our parts.

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In add-on. I believe a rough manner of construing the statement of ‘nurture’ is to hold assurance in that with ‘hard effort’ and desire anything is possible and with that impression I was the first of my household to go to university. to go forth my place town. and embark on a successful professional calling. In drumhead. as person who believes in the side of ‘nurture’ on the nature V nurture’ treatment. I have faith in that we are Masterss of our ain fate and non merely the merchandises of doomed D. N. A ergo if I want to go a leader. with the right sum of desire and difficult work I can.

On sing the library I discovered that my belief that leaders could in fact be the consequence of development was really much shared. Within the concern subdivision. at that place. presented in forepart of me were literally 100s of books on the topic of ‘how to go a leader’ . It was obviously obvious to me that a figure of writers and professionals shared my believed that leading qualities could be taught and developed. In fact the ‘Leadership’ development’ market is a multi-million dollar industry where non merely books are authored on the topic but 1000s of seminars and preparation classs are delivered around the universe every twelvemonth. However. one would presume there is small net income in composing books or presenting preparation on the topics like “Why you’re non a leader” or “Born to follow” .

Returning to an earlier point back uping the ‘Born’ position that those born with certain personality types were more likely to travel to go leaders is rebuffed by the determination s from “600 surveies. done between 1920 and 1960. showed no systematic relationship between personality traits and ability in leadership” . David Grabaovac goes on to province “Researchers have concluded that it is impossible predict effectual leading by analyzing traits” .

Grabaovoc besides states “Education is cardinal to the development of leaders. In add-on to natural features. like personal appeal and love of people. there are of import entrepreneurial accomplishments that need to be taught. For illustration. the ability to joint a vision. the accomplishments to construct and actuate a squad. and project direction accomplishments are strong leading accomplishments that can all be learned. ” With this sentiment I conclude my statement for belief that leaders can be made.

A job with my contention is that if leaders could in fact be trained / developed so certainly we would be seeing them everyplace. but the truth is that those whom we see and believe to be good leaders are few and far between. Possibly this evident deficiency of leaders is down to something else. possibly the leading qualities we associate with leaders is non evident until that individual is put in a place of leading. Others may reason that leaders demonstrate leading qualities to get leading functions. Whatever the sentiment. there is failing on both sides of the statement.

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One possible solution is the possibility that leaders are non born per Se. but certain people are born with the potency to go good leaders. This position moves my place a little more to the Centre of the statement.

If so certain people have a sensitivity towards leading. I would reason that. that in itself does non vouch them going a successful leader. For illustration. a individual born with ‘fast vellication musculus fibre’ cistrons. ( cistrons found in 100 metre dash title-holders ) who are ne’er exposed to running. nor ne’er receive professional dash preparation are improbable to go jocks ne’er mind title-holders. Another manner of looking at this point is to take Mozart for illustration. Mozart was doubtless a musical prodigy – nevertheless. if he was ne’er given a musical instrument. so it is just to presume that his ‘gift’ would of all time hold been discovered. My overruling point is that even if leading. like musical ability or athletic art is something that you are born with. their still exists the demand for destiny to pave the route with exposure. preparation and chance for that innate accomplishment to bloom.

To widen this line of believing farther. I believe that non merely do you hold to be born with unconditioned leading qualities. and receive the necessary preparation. development and chance but in add-on you would necessitate to besides Desire to go a leader! Some people. may hold all the requirements of a great leader but choose non to take and hence ne’er do. The desire. in my sentiment is the concluding accelerator.

Possibly so the reply is that if person is born with adequate DESIRE to be a leader so they will be successful regardless of the skills/attributes with which they are gifted and they will force their egos to win and to develop into whatever is required to be a leader. The reply therefore is that leaders are MADE but merely out of those born with the privilege to be one. The argument is in line with nature vs. raising and besides skill vs. will. if person wants it adequate so that could be plenty.

So in decision. some people are born with unconditioned qualities that predispose them to being leaders. and other people while non of course gifted with leading ability can get it. Furthermore. all leaders. Born or made. can better their ability with desire. experience and attempt.


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