Language Analysis Essay Sample

This formal newssheet was written on 19th of September. 2012 by Dr John K McGuire P. H. D. MOA. and Principal of Turramurra Christian Grammar School. It appeared in the Parents Newsletter as a response to concerns raised. sing nomadic phones. The Principal is denoting the school’s Board determination that they have ban phones because they are distractive and debatable. The Principal supports the school prohibition. The authors tone is formal. direct. important and forceful. The missive has been officially laid out. It contains the school logo with the school’s slogan. “Obedience to Conscience” printed below it. This has a strong feeling on the audience who will acknowledge the authorization and high concerns of the Board and Principal. There is an image of a Crucifix as good which represents the spiritual facet of the school. Parents will accept that as a Christian school the school has the authorization to go through waies without audience. Underneath the school slogan is the school reference and the rubric of the Principal.

The reader is informed that he is a Doctor of Philosophy and holds an MOA. As such he knows what he is speaking about. The letter’s school logo with the slogan. the rood and formal rubrics of the principal creates a sense of authorization and the readers will hold no uncertainty to understand the earnestness of the proclamation of the Principal and his purpose to implement the regulation that ‘ no pupils will be allowed to convey a nomadic phone onto school belongings. ’ The statement is in bold letters which tells us that this dictum is non optional but a directing and as such is non up for treatment. The principal has a directing tone in most of the missive. He uses his tone to do clear to the mark audience. who are the parents of the pupils go toing the school. that there will be no compromising and that it is a opinion that all pupils must follow.

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The principal farther strengthens his instance by composing in point pints to convey the school’s concluding on behalf of the Board of Directors and the school council. The chief entreaties to parents academic ideals by observing security concerns for trials and scrutinies. He furthermore uses words such as ‘emergencies’ . ’lost’ and ‘accidently’ in sarcastic manner to depict the abuse of the phone by the pupils. He intentionally refers to the determination as being that of the Board of Directors. in an effort to make an feeling of the high authorization from which the determination came.