La Estancia Resort Automated Billing and Reservation System Essay

Lolini Balitaan started her concern in the twelvemonth 1998. located at Bayanan II. Calapan City the La Estancia Resort. She built this concern because it is her dream to hold a resort and to portion this Eden resort to other to acquire another income. But since she was working in other state her resort was being manage by her sister Azalea Jimenez from the start since this resort was opened for clients. Their resort becomes popular particularly during summer. As clip goes by their concern grow. every twelvemonth they are bettering their bungalows and pools. they besides offer reserve in bungalows and selling drinks. Now the resort is successful but yet they’re utilizing a manual paying and reserve procedure. Introduction

Today. we are in the coevals of high engineering wherever you go. you will happen engineering rise uping its face. These progresss have brought both good and evil to the professional particularly in concern.

In resort. engineering is really of import particularly in garnering informations and calculating the services that clients traveling to pay. Manual operation consumes a batch of clip and resort demands to enter information about their clients for their entryway. The receptionist will exercise a batch of attempt in composing information about client. It is difficult to records information when the clients is in a haste due to their exhilaration though they are responsible in giving information to resort. besides in seeking the name of client. it is easy to seek manually on book the name of client already enter in resort. The machine-controlled system will decrease the work burden. because of the database that will hive away all informations about clients and the calculation of the services they consumed.

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La Estancia Resort on Bayanan II. Calapan City is presently utilizing the manual log book system. So the advocates provided a survey for it to be converted into automated. Automated Billing and Reservation System for La Estancia Resort system will take the customer’s information and give the entire calculations. The system will supply an easy manner of inputting information. searching and convenience in calculating.

At the terminal of the survey. by the assistance of user-friendly system operation of the log book will be improved. Fast aid of clients will be provided.

Statement of the Problem

The current manual operation of the La Estancia Resort experience many jobs. First. the resort has a scattered list of clients log. second is the clip disbursement in entering information about clients ; they consume excessively much authorship records and information in a book. Third is the calculating of entire payment for the rents in bungalows and the entryway fee particularly when there is a reserves they calculating it in by naming the sums and ciphering it through reckoner.

Significance of the Study

This survey is designed to assist client. particularly the owner/manager who is the 1 responsible for the managing system. It is expected that this plan will be efficient and effectual in entering client information. It will be besides good to the undermentioned: Manager. The work of the director will go more accurate and efficient with the usage of the proposed system. Receptionist. The system will assist them salvage and convenience in the entering the entry and issue of the client particularly in calculating their entryway fee and rented bungalows.

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Customer. It will to the full assist them compare to the manual operation. it reduces clip in composing manually the formation about them. Developers. They will profit on this survey in the sense that they can acquire more cognition and farther apprehension in planing and developing systems. Future Researchers. This survey will assist as a mention to the following developers. The adversities on garnering informations will be lessen. They can besides easy cognize what farther betterment they can do in this survey.

Aims of the Study
General Objective

The chief aim of this survey is to develop a well-organized Billing and Reservation System for the staff of La Estancia Resort. This survey aims to do the staff at easiness for sing and pull offing information about bungalow reserve. clients charging and besides provide faster treating sing reserve and calculation.

Specific Aims
Spend less clip in recording of customer’s entryway information
Save clip for seeking clients information
Supply an easier. faster and unafraid records of all the clients
Calculate the entire sum of customer’s rent in bungalows
Serve clients better.

Conceptual Model
Entity Relational Model ( ERD )

Functionality of the System
The map of the system is to hold a database to hive away all information about the clients like their names. rents. for reserves and day of the month where they entered in the resort. The system has an interface to a registry the customer’s information but the director and the receptionist who is the 1 that has an entree of this system. they are the individuals who can utilize the progress option which is the Add. Edit. Delete and Search Button. The system will supply a user-friendly interface so the user can easy utilize it.

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