Khairuddin Hasyudeen & Razi Essay Sample

It has been great award and privilege to undergo preparation at Khairuddin Hasyudeen & A ; Razi for the six months get downing 1st August 2014 until 31st January 2015. Fisrt of all. I would wish to give particular thanks to Puan Nur Adura Ahmad Noruddin. Coordinator Student Internship and Mobility UiTM Shah Alam for his aid to assist us to take the topographic point of preparation. I am really much thankful to Partner of Khairuddin Hasyudeen & A ; Razi. Encik Ahmad Khairuddin Mat Salleh for supplying all installations and support to run into my practical preparation demands. I would wish to take chance to show my low gratitude to the supervisors and all staff of Intan Accounting & A ; Secretarial Services for their changeless counsel and willingness to portion his vast cognition made me understand to finish the assigned undertakings. Finally. I thank my parents and friends for their changeless encouragement without which this internship would non be possible. Thank you really much and all the best


Khairuddin Hasyudeeen & A ; Razi was established on 1992. located at B-5-7 & A ; B-5-8. Megan Avenue II. 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. 50450 Kuala Lumpur. KHR have another subdivisions located at Melaka. Alor Setar and Kota Bharu. KHR was led by Ahmad Khairuddin Mat Salleh ( CPA Australia ) . spouse of KHR. follow by other spouses. Ahmad Razi Mod Noor ( CPA Australia ) . Mohd Arif Hj Yusa ( CPA Australia ) . Tengku Shahrizanny Tengku Abdullah ( CPA Australia ) and Ahmad Shahrul Hj Mohamed ( MICPA. CISA and ICAA ) . KHR provides a full scope of professional services from confidence. revenue enhancement. endeavor hazard direction and internal audit. For confidence. KHR is dedicated to supply confidence on fiscal coverage substructure and operations. assisting client to better the criterions of coverage and adapt to the regulative demands. Range of services for confidence provided by KHR are fiscal probe. fiscal due diligance. fiscal projections reappraisal. fiscal statements audit. confidence & A ; investigate assignments. and other particular intent. For revenue enhancement. KHR is committed to help and supply support to client in guaranting timely conformity. In add-on to that. KHR will besides place and optimize tax-saving chances every bit good as understating possible liabilities.

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KHR besides offer individualized advocate and bespoke solutions to run into client’s demand. By using the cognition and experience. KHR attack will be to develop and implement personalised. systematic and advanced solutions that will turn to client’s critical revenue enhancement demands. Tax services provide by KHR are revenue enhancement direction. revenue enhancement advisory. indirect revenue enhancement. and TR scan. For endeavor hazard direction. KHR focuses on the endeavor broad hazard designation. appraisal and control steps that would help client to better your organisations’ hazard direction attack in enabling your administration to accomplish its corporate aims. In add-on to that. we provide recommendations for bettering hazard direction procedures by promoting hazard consciousness among team members every bit good as heightening the sharing of hazard related information. For internal audit. KHR will supply to the client how to puting up of the Internal Audit map within the administration. entire outsourcing of the Internal Audit map. helping Internal Audit section through co-sourcing of the specific maps in the Internal Audit Department and independent appraisal and quality reappraisal of the bing Internal Audit Department.

At Khairuddin. Hasyudeen & A ; Razi. all practical pupils have been have been placed in audit section and been exposed to all audit procedure from top to bottom during our six months here. First of all. before we traveling for audit field. I will put up a box file. Inside of that. contains of all the checklist and the centrifuge. And at the same clip. I will do an assignment with the individual in charge at the company that I will scrutinize. Next we will travel to the the client’s office. At at that place.

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All in all. after six months making practical preparation. I have gained a batch of cognition and acquire a good image of the calling chances available in the accounting profession. Besides that. I’m felt more disciplined and more certain of what to go in the hereafter after making the practical preparation.