Key Words for Gcse Science Essay Sample

Independent Variable- an independent variable is a variable that in the practical that can be changed e. g. the Beaker. what fire you use and what stuff you test on etc. something that can be alterations. the variable of the practical you use but is non indispensable. It can be manipulated and changed. It is the independent utensil within the experiment. Dependent Variable- a dependant variable is a variable is a variable that in the practical measures the experiment. e. g. clip. infinite. length etc. something that you need to happen out in the practical what you are dependent on for its success. Control Variable- a control variable is the variable held invariable in an experiment that ne’er alterations and isn’t meant to be changed e. g. Statistics. a individual. a group and an event etc. The control variable controls the experiment. Hypothesis- a hypothesis is much like a theory. but with more background grounds back uping the hypothesis. Dictionary reply: 1 ) A guess or proposed account made on the footing of limited grounds as a starting point for farther probe. 2 ) A proposition made as a footing for concluding. without any premise of its truth.

Prediction- A anticipation is much like an estimation of a future happening. so a proven illustration of an result at the terminal of a practical. Conclusion- is the verified result of a practical after the experiment has been conducted. the written summarization of what the experiment concluded. Evaluation- is the written summarization of ALL the events occurred within the practical. what. why. when. how and could you better it? Was it a just trial? Reliability of data- significance to hold dependable and valid grounds of information. it has to be verified. e. g acquiring information from a secondary resources is non ever utile so you have to look into how dependable it is for a practical. Outlier ( Anomaly ) – is something that happens. un-precedent and out of natural order e. g. if you put copper and Na dioxide together and it explodes what does this mean. it’s an Outlier because it doesn’t normally happen. Line of best fit- shows whether these two variables appear to be correlated. Range of Data- A scope of information at your armory.

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Procedure- dictionary definition:
A mode of proceeding ; a manner of executing or impacting something: standard process. 2. A series of stairss taken to carry through an terminal: a medical process ; emptying processs. 3. A set of established signifiers or methods for carry oning the personal businesss of an organized organic structure such as a concern. nine. or authorities. 4. Computer Science A set of instructions that performs a specific undertaking ; a subprogram or map