Kentucky Fried Chicken IMC approach Essay


Markets throughout the Earth have become more complex and sophisticated. and it has become complicated for sellers to make their mark markets through direct traditional selling. Therefore. administrations have acknowledged the increasing importance of using the incorporate selling communicating ( IMC ) attack in their selling scheme. The effectual execution of the IMC attack can ease and heighten an organisations communicating based on its merchandise offerings whilst at the same time taking advantage of the assorted available promotional tools to strategically make its mark audience. Many South African companies have decided to use the IMC attack to maximise their return on investings in selling and publicity.

The aim of these administrations is to efficaciously and expeditiously use the promotional tools of the IMC through increased apprehension of its clients while strongly pass oning its merchandise offerings and therefore giving a positive response with the modern client to take its products/services. The IMC procedure requires sellers to be originative in their attack to communicating. Sellers need to believe critically of the messages they want to pass on through incorporating the elements of the promotional mix which are publicizing. direct selling. synergistic selling. gross revenues publicity and personal merchandising.

The purpose of this critical rating of the IMC run is to find the usage of Integrated Marketing Communications being used at Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) in order to make trade name equity within KFC. This nonsubjective can interrupt down into five aims as follows. To understand the nature of KFC’s market. To find the demand for and the benefit of IMC in KFC. To find the of import facets of IMC in KFC. To find the barriers in using IMC in KFC. To analyze the state of affairs of KFC in the South African market. To analyse and specify the important function of KFC as executed in gross revenues publicity schemes in the fast nutrient South African market.

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The fast nutrient market is seen with strong exponential growing. The challenge is to develop a competitory border based on an old demand. presenting new and advanced selling thoughts to break the competition. One of the constructs used by KFC is the “Add Hope selling campaign” .

Besides. with really intense competition. KFC needs to cut through the jumble utilizing this run as a point of difference. The negative stigma on fast nutrients. sing wellness related issues is besides a challenge to be addressed.

The communicating aims are identified as to cut through the jumble of trade names and make a merchandise that is better than the remainder by being different and making runs that go farther than merely the quality of nutrient being sold.

The “Add Hope marketing campaign” of KFC will include a thorough treatment of Integrated Marketing Communications ( IMC ) . a brief background of KFC. a description of the “Add Hope selling campaign” . and a review of the run.


“KFC launched their Add Hope marketing run in October 2013. to foreground World Hunger Relief Month and is still running until today due to the huge success. KFC encourages the general populace to do a personal part toward relieving hungriness in South Africa by adding merely two rand to your KFC repast. The money obtained from the Add Hope run is used in feeding strategies to cut down hungriness in all parts of South Africa. “

Target MARKET – KFC’s Add Hope run marks all age groups. When one walks into a KFC shop. the Add Hope run is advertised everyplace. from in-store counter strips. boards. postings. staff jerseies. caps. badges to napkins and even an in shop porcelain dolly with a money box at the entryway. This encourages all clients to literally add hope. KFC besides allows you to add two rand or more to your repast which goes to the add hope run. This is directed to the individual paying for the repast normally an grownup whereas the small dolly with the money box is directed to kids as they may happen it entertaining to drop a coin or two in the box.

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The selling scheme of utilizing the dolly at the entryway of a shop in my sentiment is superb. as it makes one sympathetic towards a hardly existent kid. COMPETITORS – KFC’s rivals is every other nutrient mercantile establishment. KFC’s is by far the first to believe of such a run. This run does non merely profit them with gross revenues but besides benefits the full state. It’s hard to acquire existent rivals in this instance as most concerns compete with others for their ain benefit.

PERFORMANCE IN ITS MARKET – The KFC Add Hope run is really successful as it is running from October 2013. “Consumers have donated over R6 million in R2 coins at KFC eating houses countrywide. ” This shows that the campaign’s public presentation all over the state was a success and is still endeavoring towards success.

Selling OBJECTIVES – KFC’s aim is non to merely increase gross revenues but besides to assist their community and the under privileged through their eating strategies. Every six seconds a kid dies of hungriness. KFC’s aim is to cut down hungriness and poorness nationwide.

Selling COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES – KFC’s selling aim is to do every client aware of the Add Hope Campaign. This is achieved by publicizing the run everyplace possible. KFC advertises for the run through mass media which is telecasting and wireless every bit good as print media such as hoardings. on the napkins. in shop advertisement. on the reception a client receives after their purchase their repasts and every bit good as the jerseies and caps that their staff may have on. They besides use personal merchandising. for illustration when you at the boulder clay the teller may state you more about the Add Hope run or inquire if you wish to add R2 to your repast for the Add Hope run.

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IMAGE – KFC’s image has been improved due to this run. Consumers now see KFC as a franchise that is non merely concerned about their success but besides the well being of the community. Consumers find it more overpowering to buy their repasts from a franchise of this type as they may experience that they are indirectly doing a difference and assisting their community in the long tally.

Placement – “Positioning is defined as the art and scientific discipline of suiting the merchandise or service to one or more sections of the wide market in such a manner as to put it meaningfully apart from its rival. ” ( Book-pg55 ) KFC achieved this by altering their cultural symbol. Colonel to a kid to demo that all returns from the Add Hope run goes to feed a hungry kid.


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