Jing-Mei Woo: The Joy Luck Club Essay

In this chapter we are introduced to the Joy Luck Club which originated all the manner back in China when Jing-Mei Woo’s female parent Suyuan was in the metropolis of Kweilin. At the Joy Luck Club a group of old Chinese adult females sit around and eat and after that they sit down in a tabular array to play a friendly game of Mah-Jong. At the Joy Luck Club there are 4 major members. Lindo Jong. Ying-ying St. Clair. An-Mei Hsu. and Suyuan Woo. In the beginning of the chapter we learn that Suyuan has died and Canning Woo. Jing-Mei’s male parent and Suyuan’s hubby has asked Jing-Mei to take her female parents place at the Mah-Jong meeting.

In this chapter we learn of how Suyuan had lived in China and during the war as the Japanese were easy incursive China. she had to take her household and go forth for the metropolis of Kweilin while her hubby. Suyuan’s first hubby that is. goes off to Chunking to contend the Japanese. In this chapter we learn about the other Mah Jong participants. Lindo Jong. female parent of the immature miss Waverly. Ying-ying. a adult female married to a white adult male and An-Mei Hsu. In the terminal of the chapter they old ladies tell Jing-Mei how they have contacted her long lost sisters and they want to direct her to China to run into them.

The narrative is rather interesting so far. its interesting to see how the adult females in this narrative resemble the manner my ain Chinese grandma Acts of the Apostless. Its quite amusing excessively really be able to cognize what Mah Jong is although I have been so white washed. I was born here in America so wholly I’ve of all time known is American civilization and although I look 100 % like a Chinese child would. when I went to see China for the first clip I felt so different from them.

An-Mei Hsu: Scar

We learn how An-Mei’s male parent is long gone and that her grandma who has been a prevailing figure in her life is easy deceasing. While An-Mei is depicting her deceasing Grandmother ( Popo ) . she talks about her existent female parent who had dishonored the household by traveling off to get married a adult male with many married womans thereby acquiring herself disowned by her ain household. As the grandma is deceasing. An-Mei’s female parent comes back and as a last resort. attempts to salvage grandma by cutting off a piece of her ain flesh and lodge it into a soup that she tries to feed to her female parent ( the grandma ) .

I thought it was interesting to see an illustration of an old Chinese redress for something. I sort of admiration if that was even a existent redress. instead rough and driving if you ask me.

Lindo Jong

The Red Candle

In this narrative Lindo. the female parent of Waverly Jong. the National Chess Champion negotiations about her ain battles. In China Lindo was forced to get married a adult male named Tyan-yu whom she didn’t love at all. When she was eventually married to him. she would avoid him and the groom’s female parent realized this and hired a matrimony counsellor type of individual to assist repair things. The matrimony counsellor lit a taper and said if it was still lit the following twenty-four hours without traveling out so the matrimony will last forever and even if the groom dies. Lindo may ne’er remarry once more. Upset. Lindo tries to blow out the taper and succeeds but the following twenty-four hours the retainer lies about the taper non traveling out. Lindo now becomes despairing and attempts to invent prevarications to assist her acquire out of there and eventually succeeds and the hubby finally marries one of the pregnant retainers and Lindo is sent to America.

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The uneven portion of this narrative was how I was able to sympathize with the other characters in their treatments of their adversities when they were younger while I couldn’t with Lindo. Possibly I’m biased because of how Lindo is so rough and froward towards the other characters in this narrative. She in my head seems to be a great description of the household members in my ain life. for they are all rough and froward towards each other.

Ying-ying St. Clair: The Moon Lady

In Chapter 4 we learn about Ying-ying. As a child Ying-ying came from a affluent household. Unlike she is now Ying-ying was one time a really job kid. because she was so spoilt by her household she ne’er thought twice about making things and because of that she ended up acquiring lost at what was called “The Moon Festival” . At the Moon festival she watches a drama about the Moon Lady whom she takes as the existent individual but so realizes her ain stupidity and leaves the festival and if eventually found by her household. An of import portion of this chapter is how Ying-ying ends it with the words “I wished to be found” . Those words to me state me how she wants to be closer to her girl and if granted one want from the Moon Lady that would be it. Ying-ying doesn’t like how her girl is ashamed of her and has abandoned all of their Chinese traditions

In the preliminary to The Twenty Six Malignant Gates I found it diverting to see how the small miss like all immature kids are froward and seem to believe they are imperviable to the dangers of existent life and she ignores her female parents advice until it is excessively late when she falls off the motorcycle like her female parent said would go on

Waverly Jong- Rules of the Game

In this chapter we learn about Waverly’s life and how her female parent has taught her “the art of unseeable strength” which has allowed Waverly to make good in life particularly in the universe of Chess where she became National Chess Champion at a really immature age. Waverly nevertheless hates her female parent for even though she adopted her mother’s quality of “invisible strength” she dislikes everything about her female parent from their civilization to the manner her female parent Acts of the Apostless. Waverly unlike her female parent doesn’t like to boast about herself and is really disquieted at her female parent who is ever comparing her kid to everyone else’s and utilizing Waverly’s celebrity to her ain advantage.

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Lena St. Clair- The Voice from the Wall

This is the 2nd narrative told from eyes of the girls. Lena in this chapter describes the life of her female parent when she was younger. Lena describes Ying-ying as a paranoiac and slightly psychotic individual who married her male parent Clifford St. Clair. and Englishman who spoke really small Chinese and was found unable to understand what her female parent was stating half the clip they were together. Towards the terminal of the narrative Lena describes what is seems like her female parent Ying-ying had a abortion and Ying-ying who was already mentally unstable blames the decease of the unborn kid on herself and becomes even more unstable. In this chapter we learn about Lena’s childhood neighbour who was ever acquiring into battles and because in her ain Chinese civilization when the kids would reason with their seniors. the statement would result a whipping from the parents so she ever imagined her neighbour to look really crush up since they seemed to reason all the clip but to her amazement when the neighbour sneaked into her house one twenty-four hours. the immature miss was unhurt and that same dark could be heard express joying with her female parent whom she had an statement with a few hours earlier.

Jing-Mei Woo “2 Kinds”

I thought it was amusing to see how Jing-Mei’s female parent wanted her girl to be like “Shirley Temple” but so once more it makes sense. Shirley Temple was America’s Sweetheart in the early 90’s so it would be suiting since everyone wants the best for their kids. It was besides interesting to see June’s involvement in piano after watching a Chinese miss play the piano on the telecasting but she rapidly lost involvement in the piano of all time since she found out her instructor was deaf and hence she stopped practising.

Lena St. Clair “Rice Husband”

In this chapter we look into Lena’s life and happen out that she is married to a white adult male named Harold. At first they had a true love and enjoyed their life together and decided to portion all their costs but recently the matrimony has begun to fall apart and the lone thing still concrete in their matrimony is their sharing of the costs of things they use and that have become the root of most of their jobs.

Waverly Jong “Four Directions”

Waverly who is seeking to look for a manner to state her female parent that she is acquiring married to her fiancé Rich. takes her female parent out for tiffin but ends acquiring scrutinized by her female parent like ever. With a certain un-eagerness Waverly invites Rich to run into her female parent at her female parents house for dinner and although the dinner was a complete catastrophe for Rich. Waverly in the terminal found out that her female parent did O.K. of Rich and that event brings all three of them closer together than earlier. In the beginning of the chapter we learn that Waverly is a smart immature kid but her female parent has an Fe clasp
on her life and Waverly’s foremost matrimony falls apart wholly because of her female parent and how she began to see things the manner her female parent did about her hubby.

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Rose Hsu Jordan “Without Wood”

Rose for one time doesn’t believe what her female parent says. which was about her hubby Ted cheating on her which he truly did make. The hubby after registering for divorce attempts to strong-arm her but Rose stays strong and is able to maintain the house and maintain her ex-husband in cheque.

Jing-Mei Woo “Best Quality”

In this chapter we learn how Suyuan hurts Jing-Mei. enough that Jing-Mei begins to doubt her female parents love for her but when New Years Eve comes along. Suyuan proves Jing-Mei incorrect and so Jing-Mei realizes how much her female parent truly loves her at dinner. Because of her female parents love for her. Jing-Mei ne’er takes off the pendent Suyuan has given her before she died.

An-Mei Hsu “Magpies”

In this chapter An-Mei is taken off to populate with her female parent. In this chapter both An-Mei and her girl Rose admiration if their civilization has made them weak in the eyes of society. An-Mei was upset at Rose earlier because of Rose’s involuntariness to make anything about her hubby petition for a divorce. In this chapter we see how Chinese adult females couldn’t do much with their lives. if they were unhappy all they could make was shout about it so when faced with these types of jobs in America. the both of them wouldn’t cognize what to make although being in America they could make whatever they want.

Ying-ying St. Clair “Waiting Between the Trees”

Ying-ying in this chapter reflects on her childhood and from her errors she wants her girl Lena to larn from. Ying-ying wants her girl to take a happy life. that her matrimony is traveling to fall apart and she wants her girl to be strong when this happens.

Lindo Jong “Double Face”

In this chapter we see the two civilizations. the American civilization represented by Waverly and the traditional Chinese civilization represented by her female parent Lindo Jong. Waverly who was unsure of herself. thinks she’ll be easy seen as a alien but Lindo says she won’t be noticed. Later in the chapter both female parent and girl become closer after Lindo decides to inquire Waverly why the twelvemonth before when Lindo went to see China. that they knew she was a alien despite all of her Chinese manners and traditions still in tact with her.

Jing Mei-Woo “A Pair of Tickets”

The last chapter of the book ends with the concluding girl and mother twosome coming together for Jing is able to eventually detect who she truly is. for as American she is. she’s besides merely every bit much Chinese.