Jane Addams Essay


This life explores the life of societal worker innovator Jane Addams whose achievements continues even today to supply a platform of treatment of issues both past and present. Jane Addams accomplishments continue to hold a important impact on the Social work field of pattern today. Some of the challenges she wanted to get the better of was to mandate statute law on a local. province. and federal degree. which allowed all people to have the aid they needed regardless of race. sex societal category or faith. Jane came from a household that was considered good to make. but her desire was to be a altruistic giver to the hapless. advocator for women’s rights. and to alter Torahs that may assist to set an terminal to poorness. She advocated for Torahs against child labour. bounds working hours of adult females. mandate schooling for kids. and wanted to protect immigrants from geographic expedition. Due to her willingness to contend for the hapless she was called a women’s rightist. a sapphic. but she was really a societal reformist. a mover and shaker. and thanks to her Torahs was changed to protect the hapless.

Social Work Pioneers
Introduction of Pioneer

Harmonizing to Allen ( 1973 ) . Laura Jane Addams was born in September 6. 1860. in Cedarville. Illinois and died in May 21. 1935. During her life span. Jane grew up during the Civil War and the development of important inventions such as the beginning of species. She experienced a good life since she came from a household of a celebrated politician and a factory proprietor named John Addams. Jane’s female parent died when in infirmary as she delivered her 9th kid. populating Jane a two twelvemonth old and others in the attention of their male parent. At an early age of four. Jane developed a disease of TB of the spinal column that caused a curving on her dorsum and contributed to wellness jobs during her life-time.

Jane became close to her male parent emotionally and intellectually. Although John Addams was non involved in feminism. he provided his girl a good instruction by directing her to Rockford Seminary. which was a women’s establishment in Rockford Illinois. Jane became the first adult female in her household to go to school. During her surveies at Rockford. she became empowered by life in a adult females background. where she gained accomplishments. and became an academic and societal leader. She organized an attempt to present baccalaureate grades in the school. and got one after functioning a category of Valedictorian. After her graduation at Rockford in 1931. her male parent died of a disease known as appendicitis go forthing all his wealth to his kids.

Jane Addams had her ain spiritual beliefs and had a strong desire of uplifting Christianity. She had really strong spiritual positions. which were due to legion experiences in college. At Rockford College. Jane had studied the Bible through her classs. and had gained cognition sing the New Testament. Additionally. she was supposed to cognize a bible verse day-to-day when in college and listen to a day-to-day poetry discourse. Presbyterian Church was her chief denomination. but she besides attended the ethical society in Chicago and the Unitarian Church. She besides established a relationship with accepted members of the Jewish community ( Allen. 1973 ) .

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Politically. Jane Addams was involved in the procedure of runing for Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. during the presidential run of the progressive Party. She was besides involved in the party platform. despite the fact the party was more dedicated to developing more battlewagons. By 1915. Jane was elected as the national president to stand for adult females in assorted capacities. This place required frequent visits to Europe and Asia following World War I. During this period. she visited The Hague. attended the international Women’s Conference. where she was chosen to happen a solution that would stop the war. In 1917. she joined the family of rapprochement USA. and subsequently the Fellowship Counsel. Pioneers Contribution to Social Work Practice

Settings/Fields of Social Work Practice

Jane Addams had the desire to assist people because she believed that she needed to accomplish something in the universe that would assist better the lives of people. She believed that the universe needed to reform and present opportunities for adult females to accomplish something in their societies. She besides believed that female parents should be assisted in different countries such as public wellness. demands for kids. and universe peace. These were some of the grounds why she fought for women’s rights to vote. She saw the demand for adult females to be effectual and responsible in doing effectual determinations within the society.

During her visit to Europe. Jane Addams visited Toynbee Hall. which was a pioneering Christian colony in London. This inspired her towards international prominence. During her visit to the Hall. Jane saw the committedness of immature work forces in assisting the hapless and promoting them to populate positively. She developed the idea of retroflexing the Hall colony in America ( Allen. 1973 ) . Upon her return to the United States. Jane founan exceeding topographic point for the edifice in a hapless vicinity of immigrants in Chicago. and in 1889. the Hull House was opened. The house started operating by leting the reaching of new immigrants and developing societal plans.

The Hull House did non see any societal or political limitations. which allowed the colony workers to work decently by reacting to the vicinity needs through the development of undertakings. The Hull House became widely recognized. which prompted the in-migration of knowing adult females from different topographic points. Despite the women-identified infinite. the house besides had male pupils who became successful leaders in the hereafter. At the Hull House Addams played important functions such as learning. documenting unwellnesss such as typhoid febrility. set uping the duties of immature people incorporated in the American procedures. and presented feminine ideals by educating. and supplying the demands of adult females in the society that the house was established ( Katherine. 2004 ) .

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Specific Contributions/Awards

Addams became among the respected and recognized persons within the state. This led to her association with legion progressive runs that had influence on many people. particularly adult females around the United States. In 1899. Addams was perceived as an militant against war workss. who developed peaceable motions aimed at reconstructing peace around the universe. Her peaceable motions were recognized after the World War I. when taking peace establishments. She besides started to originate with societal justness and began look intoing the root causes of societal apprehensions.

During her trips to different states. Jane met different diplomats. presidents. and civic leaders and was able to show her beliefs about women’s typical mission in her state. which was to keep peace. Because of the peaceable motion attempts. Jane Addams was received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She was applauded because she was the primary adult female in the universe to win the award and for her belief of the demand to set up American democracy. After having the award. Jane shared her choice money with the other adult females to help in covering some of the disbursals and ease the movement’s mission.


Despite her popularity and influence. Jane Addams faced challenges in her life ( Katherine. 2004 ) . For illustration. instantly after WW1. her belief in the demand for keeping peace and her refusal to promote the war and the United States engagement in the war presented negative response. which made the public angry with her. and her return was viewed as a more gender function evildoing that the populace could non digest. Following this. her popularity declined. and she became a victim of violent gender unfavorable judgment.

Harmonizing to Katherine ( 2004 ) . due to her new function as a societal castaway and critic. Addams started to concentrate on nationalism. which was reflected in many of her books and articles. some of which were non printed because she was believed to be anti-American. Although she was extremely criticized. Jane ne’er gave up and continued to work on advancing peace through her publications that were focused on peace and war. For illustration. the publication of many books dedicated to the subject of political relations every bit good as war.


In drumhead. the Hull House and the Peace Movement were the cardinal pillars of Jane Addams bequest ( Katherine. 2004 ) . She dedicated her whole life to assist in the development of persons such as adult females and their rights in the American society and hapless people. particularly those populating around the Hull House vicinity. She besides contributed to societal work. which led to the constitution of the platform for justness that autumn under the societal work field. Additionally. Hull House presented an chance for Jane to work with accepted members of the school of sociology. which enabled her to work through applied sociology and brought societal reforms on different degrees. Jane Addams besides participated in political relations by utilizing her influence on people to carry on Campaigns in support of the Progressive Party of Theodore Roosevelt.

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Despite the challenges she faced of being viewed as an castaway who was gender biased and an anti- American. Jane Addams ne’er gave up and was still able to act upon a batch of people from her former plants and through her book publications and addresss that continued to prophesy about universe peace and reforms. Presently. her thoughts on different issues such as political. societal. and economic reforms still act upon some international states and the United States.

Deductions for Social Work Practice Today

Harmonizing to Social Care Institute for Excellence ( 2010 ) . presently. societal workers have a critical duty in making and implementing societal attention and support services to persons. The important part of societal work is focused on back uping and advancing control and healthy picks to people who experience life troubles due to hapless backgrounds. mental wellness issues. physical disablements. and old age fortunes. Social work practice’s part is to guarantee that services are personalized and that individual’s rights are maintained through cut downing struggles and back uping people to keep safety and avoid hazards. and geting cognition on using statute law. Additionally. societal work pattern involves the development of professional relationships and promoting people in their households and communities. geting practical support and services. and working together to advance positive results for people.

Furthermore. deductions of societal work pattern today are based on the indispensable function of back uping persons who face life-changing events and working with people whose rights are ignored or abused. Social workers work together to set up a position of an single. alternatively of measuring their personal negativenesss or fortunes. This enables societal workers to set up a positive solution that presents better results.

This information on societal work pattern will enable me to pattern the awaited deductions of societal work directed to societal workers. The duties placed on societal workers will enable me develop my accomplishments and be able to back up people through measuring their demands. options. and fortunes every bit good as develop support programs and reappraisals. I will besides be able to work with households. better their wellness state of affairss. and safeguard people whose rights may be undermined doing them vulnerable to mistreat. The information is indispensable because it lays out the functions and experiences that I will be anticipating during my professional pattern.

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