üWhy learning foreign language is important? Essay Sample

Language is what makes human different comparison to other living existences in the universe and it is a tool that we use to pass on with one another. Nowadays, in a changing universe, people become more competitory and ambitious so geting linguistic communication every bit many as we can is besides portion of our ends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recognize why larning foreign linguistic communication is of import and its value until my senior twelvemonth of school. For me, it took about 9 old ages but I am non satisfied the consequence and my ability. So I believe that there are many people who are the same with me. As I know there are some ground why it takes so long and non a good consequence after all. Firstly, some pupils are interested in larning linguistic communication because they merely do non desire to or they think larning linguistic communication is what they can non make. For this ground, they merely give up without any attempt. Second, course of study and learning method influence pupils. In my sentiment, most of the instructors prefer to learn grammar over and over once more. It makes pupils experience bored so they lose their motive to larn.

I think that instructor shouldn’t merely Teach, but besides they need to promote and actuate them to happen their ain method. IAs I mentioned, I have been larning English for about 9 old ages. In my experience, the most of the clip that I spent for larning English wasn’t effectual. It was all the same and I didn’t see any consequence so I decided to travel to a new school which offers good English plan when I was in 7th class. Traveling to a new school was one of the best determinations I have of all time made. After that I challenged myself to better 4 chief accomplishments, non merely certain 1 or 2 accomplishments. For illustration: reading and memorising tonss of text in category was great aid to better my vocabulary and pronunciation. During the academic twelvemonth, I learned 1000 new words, 10 long and 10 short narratives.

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Even though my accomplishments were bettering, I still had some jobs which were listening and talking. Then I started concentrating on and taking to better them and that was the challenge what made me believe pattern makes us perfect. In decision, larning foreign linguistic communication is ever disputing. In order to get foreign linguistic communication we should be oddities, productive and determined. If we don’t push ourselves, no 1 will make it for us. Learning is non merely about acquisition, but it besides about how to utilize our lives so utilizing it in our mundane life and get the better of our restriction are the best manner to undertake hard undertakings and get linguistic communication.