üUrine Analysis Lab Report Essay Sample

There is a batch of importance that comes with proving urine. Many different diseases can be tested for, ( i.e. diabetes ) and a uranalysis can supply a batch of utile information to doctors. Simple trials can instantly be taken from merely looking at a urine sample ; colour, olfactory property, transparence, etc. By looking at the colour of piss, things such as hydration degrees can be tested. The clearer piss is, the more H2O that is present. Besides, with the usage of a microscope, atoms like dramatis personaes and sugar can be detected. The presence of excessively many certain atoms can assist to bespeak that an infection/disease may be present. There are infinite trials that can be taken during a uranalysis that can assist to demo any abnormalcies in the piss and remainder of the organic structure. The procedure of bring forthing urine and taking toxins from the organic structure occurs in the excretory system. The variety meats ( kidneys, etc. ) that are a portion of this system are in charge of different facets of urine production. When piss is being formed, there are three procedures that must happen.

The first measure that occurs is filtration. In this measure, diffusion occurs under high force per unit area because blood is traveling to the glomerulus of the uriniferous tubule through the afferent blood vas. The lumen size of the vas becomes instantly smaller, so when substances in the blood are being filtered out, they are pushed through by a high force per unit area. The kidney at this point is merely seeking to keep a homeostatic control, so non everything is filtered out. Following, the filtrate goes through resorption, which starts to happen in the proximal convoluted tubule of the uriniferous tubule. When atoms are being reabsorbed, they can be reabsorbed by a concentrated gradient, active conveyance pores, and facilitated diffusion pores. Once the filtrate moves to the cringle of henle, as it descends, H2O is extremely permeable and Na is impermeable to the membrane of the cringle of henle.

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Water continues to spread out, but around the center of the cringle, the regulations of diffusion alteration. Sodium is now extremely permeable, but H2O is non. This means that the cringle of henle has double permeableness. A counter current besides occurs at this measure because the filtrate is traveling one way, while the vas running along side of it has blood traveling the other way. When the Na diffuses out, urea becomes magnetized to it and besides diffuses out. Now the Na and urea are held in the interstitial infinite. After the resorption measure, secernment occurs. In this measure, the filtrate starts to travel down the roll uping canal of the cringle of henle. There is a gradient that occurs between the high salt concentration outside the roll uping canal and the low concentration of salt inside. Salt, along with the carbamide, diffuses into the roll uping canal and moves down to the vesica. Urine has now been formed with the combination of salt, urea, and H2O. It is now held in the vesica until it can be excreted. Materials:

Urine roll uping cup
Fresh urine sample ( subject’s own )
Chem – 9 strip
Clean microscope slide
Slide screen strips
Test tubing
Centrifuge tubing
1. Take a urine collection cup. Use the public toilet and take a sample of piss. 2. With the sample in the cup, dip a Chem – 9 strip in the piss for 30 seconds. 3. Put the strip on a paper towel for 60 seconds. Use the Chem – 9 strip container to analyse the consequences on the strip. Normal Levels for Chem – 9 Trial:

Leukocytes – Negative
Nitrite – Negative
pH – 5 to 7
Protein – Negative to follow
Glucose – Negative
Ketones – Negative
Urobillinogen – 0.2-1.0 Ehr U/dL
Bilirubin – Negative
Blood – Negative

4. Records consequences of Chem – 9 trial.
5. Following, specific gravitation has to be found utilizing the urinometer. Fill a trial tubing about three-quarterss of the manner full and carefully infix the urinometer.
6. Read the specific gravitation where the piss lines up on the urinometer. Record gravitation value. Pour urine back into roll uping cup after gravitation is found.
7. To happen the appraisal of sum of urinary solids, take the last two figures of the specific gravitation ( ex. If gravitation is 1.020, use 20 ) and multiply that figure by 2.66.
8. Pour urine into centrifuge tubing around three-quarterss of the manner full. Topographic point tubing in extractor ( Make sure it is balanced! ) and allow it centrifugate for 5 proceedingss.
9. Use a spatula to smear atoms at the underside of the extractor tubing onto a clean microscope slide. Put a slide screen strip over the piss. Look at slide underneath of the microscope.
10. Record any dramatis personaes, cells, crystals, etc. found on the slide.
11. Pour left over piss into sink ( follow with H2O ) , and clean anything that was used to prove the urine sample.
In this experiment, the terminal consequence was to calculate out how to prove a urine sample and understand further how urine is formed. After finishing this lab, I have a more thorough apprehension of what all is really contained in piss. Many components like ketones, glucose, etc. can be found in a sample of piss. Once degrees are known for the assorted components, who can be found out utilizing a Chem – 9 strip trial, they can assist to place many different diseases and infections. Besides, when piss is first being formed in the kidneys, some elements of the kidney filtrate may be in extra, so they may non hold been wholly filtered out in the glomerulus of the uriniferous tubule. If elements such as glucose are found in surplus, this can be an indicant of a job, like diabetes. Other trials can so be performed to further the decision of a job in the organic structure.

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From my consequences of the uranalysis, I can come to the decision that I am at normal degrees for all of the components that were being tested with the Chem – 9 trial. In Data Table 1, for each of my consequences either matches what a normal consequence would be or there is merely trace sums. For illustration, in the trial for leucocytes there was merely a hint sum found. The same consequence besides occurred for my protein degrees in my piss. My pH degree was a 5 and landed good within the scope of a normal pH degree, which is between 4.8 and 7.5. Then for nitrite, ketones, hematoidin, and blood, my degrees came back as negative. Finally, for glucose and urobillinogen, those trial consequences came back as normal. These consequences show that there is no indicant of any abnormalcies or infections. If my piss would be tested by a doctor, I know that all my consequences would come back positive because of what I have seen with my ain uranalysis.

While I was take parting in this experiment I do non believe that I encountered any mistakes or jobs with my consequences. The lone mistakes or jobs that I feel may originate in some tests of this lab are an unequal sum of urine sample to be tested, inaccurate measurings, and misreading of the Chem – 9 trial strips. I do non experience that any of these jobs occurred during my testing.

Finally, I feel that a uranalysis is a really helpful tool in finding a person’s province of wellness. Many trials can be run on a sample of piss, and with those trial consequences, farther scrutiny can assist to find the presence of unnatural component degrees and disease/infection. The urinalysis process has been used for many old ages by physicians, and I feel that it is still the most in deepness proving that can be done to assist a patient figure out if their organic structure is healthy or non. Trials for leucocytes, glucose, blood, etc. all supply patients with consequences that can assist them to early detect any jobs or abnormalcies that may be happening in their organic structure.

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