Its Js Prom! Essay Sample

Highschool life is a really ambitious life as an person. It is in our higschool life where we experience tonss of things. It is besides in our senior high school life where we felt hurting. joy and specially love. For me. among the four old ages of being a senior high school pupil. the most exciting twelvemonth is being a junior and a senior. I consider being a junior and a senior the most exciting twelvemonth in a highschol life because of many grounds. One ground is that. in our junior twelvemonth and senior twelvemonth we celebrated the alleged “Junior. seniors promenade” or besides known as the “JS PROM” . A prom. short for promenade. is a formal dance. or assemblage of high school pupils. It is typically held at the terminal of junior and/or senior twelvemonth. Harmonizing to our instructor. promenade is is the passing of duty by the seniors to the junior who will be subsequently go a senior.

It is the clip where all the misss wear their elegant and beautiful frock with their matching places and makeups while for the gentlemen. they wear their formal long arms with a cervix tie and sometimes accompanied by a waistcoat or even a dinner jacket. This is event is really nice. It teaches the pupils to socialise with other people. I am certain that it was a dark to retrieve. Truly. I was really aroused of it. Many junior and seniors pupils had their Glamorous frock for the event. and for some. they had enjoyed their fisrt dance. Junior. Seniors Promenade is one of the most memorable event in the senior high school life because it is a opportunity for some to show their feelings to the individual to whom they admire.

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Whether it was a fantastic experience or a awful 1. if you went to your high school senior prom. I am certain that it was a dark to retrieve. For so many adolescents the prom is the high spot of high school. It is the one thing so many pupils look frontward to. Many see it as a rite of transition into maturity. But the truth is it is a dark to socialise or to mix with others and to bask.