üThe dream of my life Essay Sample

I have come a long manner from about being stateless to using to your esteemed Institution. In fact, when my five months pregnant married woman and I landed at the JFK International Airport in the afternoon of June 6, 2009, we had merely a twosome of 1000s of dollars and knew few words of English. Now, my married woman who is the “quarterback” of our household and I are proud parents raising our lovely two kids Fatima and Abraham, severally five and three old ages old. In add-on, we both are individually embarked in this procedure of graduate school application. There are many grounds I am using for an MBA. Among these grounds are jumpstart and refocus my calling ends, better my leading accomplishments, gain a web of equals, module, and alumnas, crisp concern acumen, and learn from adept module. In add-on, obtaining an MBA will be a personal and a professional fulfilment. I obtained a bachelor’s grade in General Management from the University of Conakry in 2002 in Guinea, West Africa. After graduating, I went to work for Name of the Firm, an scrutinizing house in Guinea, for two old ages.

Then, I took a occupation as an accounting director at Areeba, one of the largest radio companies in the Guinea. Then, I went to work for SOGUIPAH, an Agro-Industry company, which grows gum elastic workss. The company besides produces difficult gum elastic from the clot which is a natural stuff used to bring forth gum elastic. When I arrived in the United States and to go on my pursuit for personal and professional growing, I enrolled in an undergraduate accounting plan at the Jersey City University. Today, I am in my last semester and anticipate to graduate in December 2014. For person in my state of affairs, I believe it is of import, after obtaining a bachelor’s grade, to go on transporting the impulse toward the accomplishment of a womb-to-tomb end of obtaining an MBA. After looking into the plan of several alumnus schools, I believe that the alumnus plan at UC Carl H. Lindner is the best suited to me.

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First of all, Lindner College of Business is one of the best schools in the U.S. Therefore, the extremely qualify module members will supply me the best instruction and assist me construct strong leading accomplishments. Second, Cincinnati is place for many Fortune 500 companies. This geographical advantage provides a alone chance to UC Carl H. Lindner College of concern by the fact the school can supply real-world experience to pupils. I believe this real-world experience will add value to my calling. Finally, the school is financially low-cost. CollegeAtlas.org for illustration ranked Lindner’s MBA plan as the figure one plan in the state for best value creative activity based on academic quality, occupation arrangement success and tuition affordability. This alone quality of the school will assist me to acquire the best instruction at a minimum fiscal cost. For the grounds mentioned above, I have decided to use to Lindner Full clip MBA plan.

I am an unfastened minded individual with a great version capableness. Therefore, I will convey to the plan enthusiasm, dedication, difficult and ethical work. I am really proud of what I have accomplished at this point of my life, but I will be even prouder when accepted into your plan. The twenty-four hours I’ll see myself stepping out UC Carl H. Lindner College of concern and traveling toward a successful hereafter in the concern universe tidal bore to spread out my accomplishment set beyond its current degree. Even though I respect the fact that some people believe that inventiveness and creativeness are unconditioned or are God given quality proper to few, I steadfastly believe that difficult work ever pays off. I besides steadfastly believe that there is no better topographic point to larn the leading accomplishment to voyage in today globalized and of all time altering concern landscape than a concern school. I eventually believe that the UC Carl H. Lindner College of concern, will function a perfect establishing calling incline for me, and the course of study offered is the perfect for me.

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