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Personal Development Planning ( PDP ) is a simple procedure of reflecting on your ain acquisition, public presentation and accomplishments that helps you to be after your personal, educational and calling development A PDP can assist you to increase your self-awareness- who you are and what you want, place the accomplishments and experience that you already have, and those that you need, make a program to get the accomplishments you may necessitate for your academic surveies or your chosen career way and maintain a record of your accomplishments that you can pull on when you apply for farther survey or employment. A Personal Development Plan ( PDP ) helps ‘you to be after in front towards your dreams’ it ‘helps you determine your ain aspirations, place the accomplishments and qualities needed to accomplish your goals’ , it ‘helps you develop accomplishments, qualities and attitudes that aid you to happen a good occupation as a alumnus. It ‘helps develop accomplishments that will assist in your surveies, in your calling and in life more by and large, ’ it will, ‘prioritise your clip more efficaciously to let clip for your study’ . ( Cottrell, s ( 2003 ) )

It is indispensable that wellness and societal workers have the assurance to oppugn their ain pattern, the administration that they work in, and dominant power constructions in society at big ( Fook, 1999 ) .

Whilst making my PDP I found that self-awareness exercisings are cardinal tools in familiarizing myself with the techniques used to reflect on my usage of assisting accomplishments. Making my PDP wasn’t merely about me deriving and broadening academic accomplishments but about developing my ain personal accomplishments. I found that utilizing the Johari Window was a great tool for me to go more self aware.

Johari’s Window is based on the rule that of all the things about us that exist can be found through positive and honest information. The theory consists of four windowpanes. This ocular is monumental in hold oning the true message of observation and trust, or does it?

Johari’s foremost window glass, “the sphere, ” embraces the impression that if I tell you about me and you tell me about you, this shared information is the footing for all our common traffics with each other. This comfort zone provides effectual communicating, by swearing, understanding and facing issues “the arena” is maximized. The larger the country, the more it dominates negative window glasss in his window.

The 2nd window glass believes that some information will be known to us but non to the people we deal with. This is the window glass, better known as the “Mask, ” encourages us to prosecute in game playing, hocus-pocus, and the similar. The larger this window glass, the less opportunity we have of developing true relationships with others because such relationships are normally based to a great extent on trust.

Pane three is potentially unsafe because there is information known by others, that we do non cognize about ourselves called the “Blind-spot.” We risk exposing failing non known to us and can be exploited by others.

Finally the Forth window glass, “The Unknown Area, ” describes a particular topographic point that is secret. It is a beginning, for the most portion, of personal creativeness and other resources, which we may ne’er hold even suspected. Although one might see this theory as the last threatening, it truly is the window glass that defines self-awareness you develop in the other three.

By finishing the Johari Window exercising I have found that I am in a better place to place the countries in which I have bing strengths and those countries in which I need to better. For illustration, before taking my optional units, I had to take stock of my strengths ( confident in my waitressing occupation ) and failings ( battle with clip direction ) , to determine where I am now.

I foremost completed the Open/Free country of Johari’s Window. Here my ability and capacity to carry through challenges in life became really outstanding to me. It helped me gain that if I am able to pull off my clip right I will be more than capable of prosecuting a calling as a Social Worker. I feel really strongly about wining in my HND and accomplishing the right classs to accomplish a topographic point in university. My passion is going and when I turned 19 I moved to Australia where I spent two and a half old ages working and going. I feel that this helped me maturate greatly and appreciate my independency. I worked with and met many different people from all over the universe and made me more cognizant of my ain values and beliefs. It helped me gain that if I want to accomplish a certain calling in life that I will hold to set the needed attempt and clip into my surveies, which in bend has helped me see that my instruction must come as my chief precedence.

I find that my failing is that I take excessively much on at times, i.e. traveling house, working full-time, instruction, run intoing assignment deadlines and deriving driving license. Suiting all this into my modus operandi can be really nerve-racking and tiring, which leaves me in bad signifier. I need to equilibrate my survey and work life with the fuss of traveling and seeking to acquire my new place in order and voluntary work with Davina’s Ark. In order for me to get the better of my busy agenda I have been in negotiations with my director about cut downing my work hours, which will so give, me more clip to concentrate on my instruction and other precedences.

The 2nd portion of Johari’s window I completed was the Hidden Area. By finishing this country I realised that I am rather a reserved individual and although I enjoy speaking to people in general about things traveling on around me, i.e. the conditions, people in the media, exercising governments, I don’t like to unwrap excessively much about my personal place life, wellness and fiscal state of affairs to people I am non really near with. I found that if people press at me for information I feel really uncomfortable and can sometimes take offense, particularly if I am unsure about a certain state of affairs myself. E.g. my partner’s brother died late and his female parent has taken ill since it happened. I find that people are frequently inquiring me about the state of affairs and I feel uncomfortable speaking about it as I don’t experience it is my topographic point to discourse the state of affairs and when people continue to convey the state of affairs up after I have changed the topic I find this rather violative.

The 3rd portion of Johari’s Window I completed was the Blind Area. I asked my director at work to finish this subdivision for me. She wrote down that I was difficult working, considerate, helpful to others and patient. She besides wrote down that I don’t take unfavorable judgment good. I was surprised by a twosome of the things she had wrote down. Sometimes I find that I am non ever patient and happen myself acquiring really angry inside when I have to inquire the chef for the same thing 3 or 4 times e.g. side orders. But my director said I handle these state of affairss good and don’t allow my choler show on the exterior. She besides told me that when a new member of staff starts working she asks me to steer them for the ground being I will demo them the right manner of making things and will be patient with them. As for her stating me I non taking unfavorable judgment good, I could understand where she is coming from, for the ground being when I am at work I try to be a perfectionist and when I am pulled for something that has happened I ever have to acquire my point across on the state of affairs and explicate the grounds for why I did something a certain manner. I.e. Rearranging tabular arraies, altering Rotas.

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On contemplation of finishing the Johari Window, I feel I benefited largely from the Blind Area, as I discovered there were qualities about myself that I ne’er would hold seen that I now have in the Unknown Area. By looking over my Hidden Area I have come to gain how much of a reserved individual I am and how small I like to discourse about my personal life to others. I found that my failing is that I take excessively much on at times and I feel that to get the better of this I need to work on my clip direction and organizational accomplishments.

I feel that the Johari Window has made me more self-conscious and has showed me countries in which I am confident in and countries that I need to work on. I feel that now being more self-aware will assist me better on my assurance and self-esteem as I am more cognizant of the qualities I do hold and can utilize these to my advantage and use them to all countries of my life, this in bend will assist me when puting ends for my hereafter and demo me what I countries I need to farther work on.

The benefits of developing self-awareness are that it gives you the ability to recognize and understand your temper and emotions and how this can impact others around you. Bing self-conscious refers to how good you understand yourself and your strengths, failings, beliefs and values in order to cover better with your function.

Learning can be defined as “The acquisition of cognition or accomplishments through experience, pattern, or survey, or being taught.” You start larning from birth and the acquisition procedure continues through formal schooling and even right through to adulthood. There are nevertheless many things that can act upon an individual’s personal acquisition procedure, these can include ; different acquisition manners, clip, entree to resources, larning environment, motive and duties.

David Kolb observed that “personal wonts and modus operandis, beliefs, cultural imposts, values, motive and calling aspirations are all influences of larning because they can impact attitudes to analyze and its precedence over other demands on an single, such as place life or work ‘ . ( B. Stretch, M.Whitehouse. BTEC Health and Social Care 1:279 )

Honey and Mumford

The first acquisition manner questionnaire I carried out was Honey and Mumford. This acquisition manners were developed by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford, based upon the work of Kolb, and they identified four distinguishable larning manners or penchants: Militant, Theorist, Pragmatist and Reflector. These are the acquisition approaches that persons of course prefer and they recommend that in order to maximize one’s ain personal acquisition each scholar ought to:

understand their acquisition manner
seek out chances to larn utilizing that manner

After finishing this questionnaire, I was able to come to the decision in footings of Honey and Mumford acquisition manners theory that I would label myself an militant. This means that my strengths include being open-minded, happy to be exposed to new state of affairss and improbable to defy alteration. These features would act upon my larning procedure positively. I would be able to easy accommodate to new state of affairss and be invariably willing to experiment and seek new things. However, there are besides failing that come along with being an militant, including the inability to believe of a program of action and to hotfoot into immediate obvious action, besides being impatient and non being able to travel through an execution procedure without acquiring easy bored. This would impact me negatively in my Health and Social Care future calling as it is of import to do good determinations based on grounds and endorse up from a dependable beginning before transporting out any type of action. However, I have found that making a PDP has helped me with making a realistic program of action and has helped me to believe things through and non hotfoot into obvious action.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

The following Learning Style questionnaire I carried out was Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Assessment. Gardner’s theory consists of happening out what intelligence you have, and to be taught in the manner that involvements you. The different acquisition manners are ocular ( good with art and design ) , lingual ( good with words ) , logical ( good with Numberss and maths ) , bodily ( Good at action, motion and pass oning with others ) , intrapersonal ( good at self contemplation ) , and realistic ( good at appreciating the universe and nature ) . Gardner’s theories are utilizing for learning anything while Kolb’s larning rhythm ( see Kolb’s larning rhythm in appendix ) is utile for larning through contemplation merely.

From finishing this questionnaire I found that my mark suggests that I am of ‘Intrapersonal Intelligence. I feel that this describes me good as I do hold a good apprehension of myself and work good under force per unit area but I realise that if I take excessively much on and go tired I will miss involvement in what I am making. I realise that I mustn’t go excessively stressed and maintain myself organised.

VAK Learning Styles Model
A common and widely-used theoretical account of larning manner is Fleming’s ( 2001 ) Visual Auditory Kinesthetic ( VAK ) theoretical account. Harmonizing to this theoretical account, most people possess a dominant or preferable learning manner ; nevertheless some people have a assorted and equally balanced blend of the three manners: 1. Ocular scholars – seeing and reading.

2. Auditory scholars – listening and talking
3. Kinesthetic scholars – touching and making
On finishing the VAK Learning Style Assessment it showed me that I am a Kinaesthetic Learner. I found this to be a just consequence as I know myself I learn best by transporting the occupation out first manus by touching, experiencing etc. I have a inclination to leap into things without believing them through and in contemplation I should likely take more clip sing the result of a state of affairs before finishing it. I like to larn as I go and ever learn from my errors. I like to acquire things done every bit fast as I can. I am a really hands on individual and I think this is why I strive in my waitressing occupation as it is all practical work.

There are two chief theories that are used when explicating the manner an single learns. These two theories are Honey and Mumford acquisition manners theory ( 1985 ) and Kolb’s experimental acquisition rhythm ( 1984 ) . Honey and Mumford theory provinces that all persons have a specific acquisition manner adapted to their nature, they province everyone is an militant, reflector, theoretician or a pragmatist. An militant can de defined as an person who enjoys acquiring involved, likes new thoughts and likes to rule. There are both preferable and less favorable acquisition state of affairss for this type of scholar, less favorable acquisition state of affairss for this type of scholar, less favorable state of affairss such as working to the regulations would be a factor that would impact negatively on this type of individual’s learning manner. It is a factor that could impact how good an person is able to concentrate in that type of larning environment.

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Reflectors are known to hold features such as preferring to detect from the border of the group and allowing others contribute before they do, they are known to be more perceivers than participators. A factor that could impact their type of larning would hold to take the lead of other people or a group or feeling rushed or pressured by deadlines. These types of state of affairss are fazing for reflectors and are more hard for them to larn expeditiously in those types of milieus which in bend would impact their acquisition procedure. Theorists are known for believing really logically ; being exact and precise and everything they do must be in an exact order.

Problems that would happen for them include working with a deficiency of construction or intent ; this would be hard and do breaks in their acquisition because of their inability to larn without proper order and intent. The last learning manner in Honey and Mumford’s theory are the pragmatists, these are the persons that enjoy experimenting new thoughts and techniques and progress with the feedback and aid from others. Their failing would be work that is all theory based, and doesn’t include practical work where the theory is put into topographic point. Pragmatists learn efficaciously by seting what they have learnt into pattern.

The other theory that is used to explicate how persons learn is Kolbs experimental acquisition rhythm. This theory suggests that there are four phases of larning. All persons are different and may come in the rhythm at a different phase, and though there is no right phase to get down at, for the best possible result the rhythm should travel as follows ; get downing with concrete experience followed by brooding observation, abstract conceptualisation, which is in conclusion followed by active experimentation before the rhythm begins one time once more. ( See Kolbs’ plot in appendix. )

The first phase of Kolbs’ rhythm is a concrete experience, this is where you have an experience of something, the making stage where you carry out the actions required on a certain undertaking. This is followed by a brooding observation phase where you review the undertaking you have merely carried out, including what you did and how you think it went. The following phase abstract concept visual image this can be farther explained as sense devising, it is the phase where you conclude the undertaking you have merely gone through. This means, utilizing all the information you have now obtained and acquired, you make sense of the experiment by seting it into some signifier of order as to do it easy apprehensible.

The Last phase is known as active experimentation, this is the phase where you plan out and organize what you will make following clip you do the same experiment as a agency of acquiring better and/or more accurate consequences. Once this phase is completed you begin the rhythm once more from phase one, transporting out the action. This type of theory can impact the learning procedure of some, because non all persons will come in the rhythm at the same preferable phase ( concrete experience ) and will hence hold a different acquisition rhythm and technique which could impact the result in many ways. ( C. Aldworth. )

Time is another factor that has a large affect and influence on larning procedures of persons. There are some persons that do non hold plenty or every bit much free clip that is needed to perpetrate to educational surveies, as others. This can impact how good they do in footings of their acquisition and how much they can come on with the clip they do hold available. Commitment is required to be able to to the full and expeditiously complete all undertakings, and if an person has other committednesss and precedences they may non be able to finish everything they do to the best of their ability. This would negatively impact their acquisition procedure. This can besides work in frailty versa, an person that has committed to their surveies and instruction, by passing an appropriate sum of clip on work on a day-to-day footing, and categorising their precedences and clip sagely. Another issue that would act upon learning procedures is entree to resources.

There are sometimes jobs that are faced when in the procedure of larning that would impact you negatively, these include non being able to hold entree to the resources you need to finish your work to the best of your ability. Causes for this can include fiscal troubles, at many times people are merely unable to afford different types and beginnings of information, such as text editions, books, DVDs etc. However there are grounds such as non holding entree to topographic points such as public library which can depend on where you come from as there may be countries in the state that do non hold complete public services, such as library for the populace to utilize. This would be a negative factor as it would disfavor an person from non holding all the available resources as everybody else. Financial troubles could besides forestall individual’s entree to the limitless beginnings that can be found on the cyberspace.

All persons larning environment can impact how a individual approaches their instruction and how effectual their acquisition is. For illustration if an person was to turn up in an country of fiscal troubles and a high offense rate, they may turn up to follow suit on what they have seen to be the norm and what they may believe is acceptable society may nevertheless see as unacceptable. Negative influences from their environment can so take an single to alter their precedences, and non maintain their instruction and acquisition as an of import facet.

Motivation is an of import factor that can act upon your acquisition procedure, it is of import to hold a good sum of motive to success and complete your instruction and acquisition. Effectss that can happen due to miss of motive in an single include neglecting to finish work to their best criterion and ability.

All persons have many duties to manage at one clip. It is of import to do clip for your acquisition, in order to non allow other duties act upon your acquisition. However there are some duties which may forestall an person from being able to set their acquisition as a first precedence. Person who is larning, may be unable to set their surveies foremost because of other issues, for illustration such as holding dependants trusting on you financially or emotionally would prioritize your clip to them foremost and your learning 2nd, this would impact your acquisition as you could fall behind or be unable to finish and maintain up with the work load every bit good as manage your other duties.

The factors mentioned here can associate to many persons and affect their personal acquisition advancement. These factors have besides had an impact on my larning procedure in many ways both negatively and positively.

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After researching the acquisition theories in more item, I was able to come to the decision in footings of Honey and Mumford acquisition manners theory that I would label myself an militant. This means that my strengths include being open-minded, happy to be exposed to new state of affairss and improbable to defy alteration. These features would act upon my larning procedure positively. I would be able to easy accommodate to new state of affairss and be invariably willing to experiment and seek new things. However, there are besides failing that come along with being an militant, including the inability to believe of a program of action and to hotfoot into immediate obvious action, besides being impatient and non being able to travel through an execution procedure without acquiring easy bored. This would impact me negatively in my Health and Social Care future calling as it is of import to do good determinations based on grounds and endorse up from a dependable beginning before transporting out any type of action.

Time is a factor that would impact me personally although I enjoy to maintain myself busy, i presently hold a full clip waitressing occupation in which I work 36-40 hours a hebdomad. For this ground it is hard for me to sometimes happen adequate clip to finish all college work on clip and to my highest criterion possible, and this leads to me cutting down on the hours of slumber I get each dark by finishing work into the early hours of the forenoon. This would so hold a axial rotation on consequence as the following twenty-four hours i would be overly tired after non having the appropriate hours of slumber, which would therefore lower my degree of concentration which would in so impact my larning procedure.

However irrespective of holding a busy agenda, I consider myself to hold good clip direction accomplishments as I feel being able to equilibrate college and my full clip occupation has allowed me to go more cognizant of the free clip I have and have learnt to give all other free clip when I am non at college or at work, to analyze and maintain up with my work load at place, so that I do non fall behind with my assignments. This has helped me develop and polish my clip direction accomplishments over the past 8 months every bit good as being able to positively act upon my personal development procedure.

My educational environment includes, the infinite provided at college that I can utilize to work in, the SRC library and my place environment. I have found that the college environment and SRC library is best suited for me to analyze because it is specifically designed to assist designed to assist pupils like myself concentrate and finish my work.

My place environment consists of my 5 other household members, three younger siblings aged between 14 and 22 and my parents. I find it a batch more hard to analyze at place as there are many breaks and a changeless loud environment that I personally feel excessively deflecting to concentrate. This prevents me from acquiring work done in one spell.

Since get downing my HNC in September and get downing my PDP I have found that I have furthered my development and enhanced many accomplishments which in bend will assist my personal acquisition. This I believe will profit me and other people such as clients at work, work co-workers, my equals, household, friends and service users of Health and Social Care.

Motivation is something that is really of import to me and I feel it is necessary to assist people particularly service users of wellness and societal attention, particularly those who have deficiency of motive. I believe this would profit them in assisting them make up one’s mind what it is they want to accomplish, and what is required of them in order to acquire at that place.

As the eldest kid of a household, one find that my siblings rely on me a batch to assist them. Both my parents work full clip in high demanding occupations, so if one am non working it is my responsibility to guarantee that my younger sister’s dinner is ready for when they come place from school and that they have their prep started early in the eventides. I besides try to assist my parents in anyhow I can with the likes of assisting out with measures and other payments so I can ease the sum of issues they might be holding themselves.

The many duties I carry on top of my instruction I think can act upon how much clip and attempt Is give to my larning which can in bend influence my acquisition procedure.

Since the beginning of my class and looking at my personal development I have found that my citing accomplishments have developed more and I now have more cognition on how to correctly cite all the information and beginnings i use in my assignments to make bibliographies which i found highly hard at the start of the twelvemonth.

Due to my instruction I have been able to accommodate my old cognition of computing machines and engineering and enhance and polish this to a higher degree, this now reflects in the work I produce in which I try to do usage of all the accomplishments in computing machine engineering to bring forth work that is to the highest criterion possible for me. E.g. making brochures and PowerPoint’s.

I have many future calling aspirations and have what I would wish to make instruction wise after finishing my Health and Social Care HNC all planned out. I think this helps me in footings of my personal acquisition development and influences me positively. I know where I would wish to be in 5 old ages clip, upon holding completed college and university I would hopefully wish to be working and supplying my services as a societal worker. Making my tabular array of short, medium and long term ends was of great aid to me for this and helped me visualize my ends more clearly.

Thankss to making my Personal Development Plan I am able to concentrate myself and see clearly what it is one need to make to accomplish the ends i have set myself. This includes concentrating myself and non allowing anything come in the manner of my acquisition procedure and doing my instruction my first precedence so that I am able to successfully finish my two old ages at college and go on my instruction by go toing and finishing university.

I have found self reflection a batch easier since making my PDP and maintaining a diary on Moodle which is merely for myself to reflect on state of affairss within my personal and professional life. I find that contemplations on my actions and associating them to theory can assist me understand why I may respond in certain ways under certain fortunes and besides how I may alter for the benefit of myself and people that I interact with, particularly when working as a Health and Social Care worker in my future calling. My experience so far is that contemplation becomes easier over clip and that 1 will reflect on my ain pattern

As a Social Care Student, I believe that I can utilize my cognition of the different acquisition manners in working with service users.