üPersonal Branding Plan Paper Essay Sample

My name is Alana Reyna, I am a alone person to run into because I am what some may name the doodly-squat of all trades. Turning up I ne’er was truly certain on merely one thing that I wanted to make so I decided to seek assorted different callings in my life. When I foremost started out by traveling to a Vocational school in 1999 I decided to make the CAN plan and learned how to be a supplier. I besides tested to be a Medical Assistant since at that clip the plans were the same so there was non any extra categories that had to be taken. After being a medical helper in assorted doctors’ offices runing from paediatricss to gerontologies I decided to go to LVN schooling. In 2000 I attended LVN school and was working at a Hospital where I worked several sections and was besides transverse trained as a Unit secretary. In the Year 2001 I decided that I would work as an assistance for the developmentally handicapped. I did this occupation until about 2003 where I decided to travel to Pet preparing school. I besides went to school to make nails.

I worked as a nail technician and after I completed the animate being training classs I worked for a nomadic pet preparing service. In the twelvemonth 2005 I decided to make waitressing work and did this for several old ages until 20011 when I started to be a Manager for Subway where I remained for 4 old ages. I late got my associates of humanistic disciplines in little concern direction. About 2 months ago I started my ain concern where I am a presenter with Younique and I sell makeup. I have enjoyed all of my callings and I have decided to peruse my instruction and hopefully one twenty-four hours I will go successful with my Younique concern. Possibly one twenty-four hours in the hereafter I would besides wish to peruse dome of my experiences by working with some companies that will let me to utilize my accomplishments that I have learned over the old ages. One twenty-four hours I would wish to work for PetSmart preparing so that I could derive some accomplishments and broaden the accomplishments that I learned while traveling to school for pet training. Possibly someday I would wish to open my ain training at my place. Another company that I would non mind working for would be Avon. I ever bought Avon merchandises while turning up and truly like them.

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As a presenter for Younique I have learned to be unfastened minded when it comes to makeup and I could derive some extra accomplishments to heighten my current concern. Over the old ages I ever enjoyed being a director and I think that if I were to travel back to work as a director I would wish to be a director for Starbucks. I love java and worked at that place as a barista many old ages as and I ever enjoyed their selling and there forte drinks. No affair what type of occupation I feel like making more than probably I have some experience making it and can use at a assortment of topographic points. Taking a batch of different waies in life in my callings has truly broadened my mentality on occupations in the hereafter and I look frontward to go oning to derive experience when it comes to occupations.

At this point in life I candidly would wish to concentrate more on seting my grades to work and utilize what I have learned in school to turn my concern and perchance go on on with my instruction in concern direction. I have got my Associate of humanistic disciplines in little concern direction and am presently working on my unmarried mans of scientific discipline in concern direction. Working for myself has opened my eyes and made me recognize that I truly do non desire to go on working for anyone else but myself. As I have gotten older I have gained experience that will assist me in running a successful concern for myself. I am unfastened to farther preparation but feel that if I do work for person I bring a huge assortment of experience to the tabular array.

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