üOutline and explain two different types of culture Essay Sample

Culture is the features of a peculiar group of people, recognized and defined by everything from linguistic communication, faith, nutrient, apparels and music. Every civilization has its ain norms and values they follow, and abide by. In this essay I will be researching popular civilization and, sub-culture. Popular civilization is associated with shallow activities enjoyed and entrees by the multitudes, it serves a big function in society as it unites the multitudes, and creates a sense of individuality for persons as they become a portion of a greater society, it provides both felicity for a individual and communal bonding. There are many elements that add to Popular civilization, Strinati ( 1995 ) argues that the media are mostly responsible for making popular civilization as we live in such a extremely technological universe, media is conveying people closer.

Other than the media, Strinati besides mentioned ingestion as a cardinal factor to popular civilization, as celebrated trade names and images of designed goods are spread through telecasting, and mass communicating, it becomes a demand for people to have certain points so they can experience more valued as a individual, and perchance be accepted more in their society or equal group, this in itself creates a popular civilization. Sports is one of the chief types of popular civilizations, athleticss are played and watched by members of all societal categories. Some featuring events, such as the Olympics, are watched by a universe community. Sports are permeant in most societies and they represent a immense portion of many people’s lives. Showing support and dedication to a squad is a common behavior, besides heartening for a athleticss squad or a favorite jock is a manner any individual can go portion of popular civilization.

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Supporting a squad or a individual allows you to be a portion of something that a batch of people feel passionately about and it is such a big society because everyone is accepted into it. Many people see Popular civilization as a negative force on society as they believe it may advance force, and the importance of material points. It is enormously criticised in many ways, a big portion because of the consequence it has on adolescents, doing them believe they have to look or move a certain manner because of the ‘norms’ and it gives labels to people who don’t conform it. However, popular civilization is besides seen every bit positive as it brings people of all different backgrounds together because of a common land, and it allows persons to suit into society. Subculture is a civilization enjoyed by a little group within society, a minority portion of bulk civilization.

Unlike Popular civilization, Sub-cultures do non follow the mainstream and have their ain distinct and alone norms and values, manner, and behavior that frequently give them a stereotyped image that society views them as. Although sub civilizations have a different expression and single beliefs, many still consider themselves as portion of the general civilization, nevertheless some develop in resistance to authorization, these chiefly being in young person sub civilization groups as immature people are frequently associated with condemnable or anti-social behavior. There are 1000s of sub-cultures around the universe, some are cultural and racial groups who portion the linguistic communication, nutrient, and ways of their heritage. Other subcultures are brought together by shared experiences. Goth civilization is about individualism and is shown by utmost hair and do up and frequently seen to hold a ‘dark’ visual aspect.

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Some subcultures are formed by members who have penchants that differ from the bulk of a society’s population. ‘The organic structure alteration community’ embraces add-ons to the human organic structure, such as tattoos, piercings, and certain signifiers of plastic surgery but even with these distinguishable characteristics that link them to their ain sub civilization they still identify with and take part in the larger society. Sub-cultures play a cardinal function in society and are frequently thought of as a positive thing as they create a more diverse universe that allows everyone to hold that sense of belonging, as they find people and friends who portion the same positions and sentiments. Although, non every position on Sub-Culture is positive as it could take to being stereotyped as perchance something you are non, and members from a subculture may go to affect in their beliefs and go against any other groups or persons who think otherwise from them.