üOf Mice and Men revision Essay Sample

Of Mice and Men is written against the background of a troubled America The Great Depression began in 1929 – lasted 10 old ages. Severe economic slack. Businesses lost everything significance mass unemployment. ( 25 % of population unemployed. ) Awful drouth enduring 10 old ages hit 27 provinces and meant farming area became a dustbowl. Many husbandmans lost their land or had to sell it stingily.

Farmers had to go to look for work ( economic migrators )
As there were tonss of despairing workers, employers at spreads exploited them by offering really low rewards. Workers slept in barns known as bunkhouses.
Mechanisation meant fewer occupations.
Racial segregation a fact of life.

The American Dream

“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with chance for each harmonizing to ability or achievement.” It fundamentally was the belief that every ( white individual ) in America had the right to: Property

In ‘Of Mice and Men’ , this thought of the ‘American Dream’ is questioned and scrutinised. Is it truly the land of chance and freedom for everyone, or is this all a prevarication or dream that will ne’er go on?

George and Lennie’s American Dream:

Unlike others on the spread, George and Lennie dream of flight and a different hereafter. Lennie enjoys George stating him about ‘how it will be’ , even though he has heard it many times before. George does this both in the gap chapter and the concluding chapter, which shows how of import it is.

To “live off the fatta the lan”
To have and their ain farm, life of the green goods
To be their ain foreman
To hold control over what they do and when they do it
To hold someplace they can name place.
To be free to hold coneies

Their dream represents hope of a better life. During the novel, other characters begin to believe in this dream. But does the writer finally believe that their dream is accomplishable?

Chapter sum-up
Chapter 1 – The pool and George and Lennie
Thursday dark
Opening description of George and Lennie, economic migrators who are doing their manner to a new occupation on a spread. They pause a pool, surrounded by lacewood trees and remain the dark. We learn that George looks after Lennie, halting him from imbibing the soiled H2O and insistence that he puts down the dead mouse he is petting. Lennie is childly and looks up to George, who can acquire frustrated about his duty. There are intimations at why the brace had to go forth Weed, the last town they were in, and that Lennie’s behavior is to fault. There is besides the first reference of George and Lennie’s dream: to run their ain farm and “live off the fatta the lan” . George instructs Lennie to return to this topographic point if they get into problem and non to talk to the Boss the following twenty-four hours.

Chapter 2 – The bunkhouse and the other characters
Arrive Friday forenoon
George and Lennie arrive on the spread and there is a description of the bunkhouse where the workers must kip. The first individual they meet is Candy ( the old Swamper ) , an old, chatty cleansing agent with merely one manus and an old smelly Canis familiaris, who tells them a spot about the running of the spread. The Boss so speaks to them. He is angry that they did non arrive earlier and leery about George talking for Lennie, believing he might hold a “stake” in him. Curley, the boss’ aggressive boy is so introduced. He is looking for his married woman and takes an instant disfavor to Lennie because of his size. Candy tells them that Curley is a pugilist and “pretty handy” and that his married woman is “purty” and has “got the eye” , chat uping with the other workers.

George is worried that these people might do jobs for them and warns Lennie to remain off from them and remind him to run off to the “brush by the river.” Next Curley’s married woman comes in. True to Candy’s description, she is coquettish and attending seeking in her frock. She leaves when she finds out her hubby is looking for her. Slim, the jerkline Skinner, is so described. The antonym of Curley, he is clam, friendly and good respected, the “prince of the ranch” with natural authorization and George instantly opens up to him. Finally, Carlson, another worker is introduced. Chatty but insensitive, he suggests that Candy’s Canis familiaris be replaced with one of Slim’s puppies. Lennie hopes that Slim might give him one excessively.

Chapter 3 – Shooting Candy’s Canis familiaris and Lennie’s battle
Friday eventide
George tells Slim about his and Lennie’s friendly relationship and how they came to go together. He portions the ground they left Weed: that Lennie had been accused of assailing a miss whose frock he had touched, that he had panicked when she started shouting and wouldn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba travel. Lennie pets the puppy Slim has given him and George warns him to be soft. Carlson complains about Candy’s Canis familiaris and suggests they shoot it, much to Candy’s hurt. Whit, another worker shows an article published in a magazine by a adult male they used to work with. They are all impressed that his ‘dream’ of holding a missive published has been realised. Carlson, purpose on acquiring rid of the odor, additions permission signifier Slim and a loath Candy to hit his Canis familiaris.

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As the work forces play cards, the shooting is heard. Whit chitchats about Curley and his married woman, stating she is “jail bait” . He suggests they go visit the whorehouse – Susy’s – the following dark. George says he will travel for a drink, but is seeking to salvage. George and Lennie discuss their ‘dream’ and the farm they will construct with their nest eggs. Candy, silent since the decease of his Canis familiaris asks if he could fall in them if he gives them his nest eggs excessively. Excitedly, they discuss the freedom this would convey. Slim returns to the bunkhouse, followed by an angry Curley, who instantly picks a battle with Lennie. On George’s orders, Lennie fights back, oppressing Curley’s manus. Slim tells Curley, that to salvage his repute and Lennie’s occupation, they will state his manus got caught in a machine.

Chapter 4 – Crooks, and Curley’s Wife’s menaces
Saturday eventide
Crooks, the black stable vaulting horse, and his life quarters in the barn is described. Lennie interrupts him when sing his puppy. Crooks is ab initio defensive and aggressive stating him to go forth. He so delights in badgering Lennie, proposing that George – who has gone to Susy’ with the others – will non come back. When Lennie gets angry, Crooks backs down. Lennie tells Crooks about the dream. Crooks dismisses it at first, but when Candy enters and insists it will go on, he realises they are serious and asks if he could be a portion of it excessively. As they discuss their hereafter, Curley’s married woman comes in. When they ask her to go forth, she turns on Crooks, warning him that he should cognize his topographic point and that she could acquire him “strung up” or lynched. Defeated, Crooks tells Lennie and Candy to bury about including him in their programs.

Chapter 5 – Lennie kills Curley’s married woman
Sunday afternoon
In the barn, Lennie sits with his puppy who he has by chance killed. He feels both angry with the puppy for deceasing and guilty that he has done another “bad thing” . Curley’s married woman enters the barn. Craving attending and company, she flirts with Lennie and tells him all about herself: her feelings about her matrimony, her declinations and her yesteryear. She invites him to stroke her hair, which he does. However, unhappy about his raggedness she pulls off. Like in Weed, Lennie terrors and grabs clasp of her and ends up killing her. He half buries her in the hay and retrieving George’s instructions, runs off to the coppice. Candy discovers the organic structure and hastes to state George. George realises what has happened and takes Carlson’s Lugar ( gun ) . The others arrive and, led by Curley, organise a party to run Lennie down. Candy is distraught that the dream is now over.

Chapter 6 – George shoots Lennie
Lennie fells in the ‘brush’ by the pool. He imagines he is talking to his Aunt Clara and that she is stating him off and talking him on how he has let George down. He so imagines a mammoth coney is speaking to him, badgering him about how he is non fit to look after coneies and that George will go forth him. George arrives in a grave temper. He speaks softly to Lennie and asks him to take his chapeau. He asks him to confront off and look out over the pool as he tells him, for the concluding clip about the dream. Hearing Curley’s pack approaching, George shoots Lennie. When the others arrive, Slim is sympathetic and understanding towards George. Carlson nevertheless can non understand why they are disquieted.

George and Lennie’s American Dream:

Unlike others on the spread, George and Lennie dream of flight and a different hereafter. Lennie enjoys George stating him about ‘how it will be’ , even though he has heard it many times before. George does this both in the gap chapter and the concluding chapter, which shows how of import it is.

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To “live off the fatta the lan”
To have and their ain farm, life of the green goods
To be their ain foreman
To hold control over what they do and when they do it
To hold someplace they can name place.
To be free to hold coneies

Their dream represents hope of a better life. During the novel, other characters begin to believe in this dream. But does the writer finally believe that their dream is accomplishable?

Significant locations

The Ranch and the bunkhouse
-A really male dominated and physical environment.
Bare, uncomfortable, thin, lacks privateness, basic adjustment, unhygienic, bunkhouse is dark, no drapes, dusty, functional instead than homely, impermanent, communal. -The workers, on the whole, are non treated good. Remember, the Great Depression meant that there was small trim hard currency and employers had the upper manus as occupations were hard to come by. Workers, like George and Lennie, had to set up with hapless conditions as they had few options for employment. -It is frequently insensitive and hostile.

For illustration, Candy worries that he will be sacked shortly due to his age, even though he has been on the spread a long clip ; Curley’s married woman threatens Crooks with lynching ; Lennie worries about the menace of physical force from Curley ; Carlson is unsympathetic when he shoots Candy’s Canis familiaris ; they organise a lynch rabble to catch Lennie. -It is a divided environment excessively: Crooks sleeps individually in the stable because he is black ; Curley’s married woman is non expected to socialize with the work forces ; Lennie, Candy and Crooks acquire left behind when the others go for a drink in town ; Curley has more power as he is the foremans boy. It is besides divided as George and Lennie are their ain unit ; they care for each other and look out for each other whilst the others look after themselves. -In the spread environment, relationships are impermanent and can be superficial, seldom based on regard or love. See Curley’s unstable relationship with his married woman ; the manner the workers go to a whorehouse instead than prosecute in a meaningful relationship and characters’ surprise that George and Lennie look out for each other.

The pool in the coppice

-This is where the novel starts and where it ends. Surrounded by lacewood trees and formed by the Salinas river, this is a private and peaceable haven off from the force per unit areas and jobs of ranch life. It is a topographic point that, although used by adult male ( “there is an ash heap made by many fires” ) , has non been taken over by adult male. There are “tracks of deer” , and “’coons” , “rabbits” , “deer” , wild “dogs” and a “heron” . -George tells Lennie to come here and conceal if something bad happens, which in chapter 6 he does. The start of the last chapter mirrors the gap of the first chapter. This creates a cyclical form ( a rhythm ) . This might propose that Lennie’s destiny was ineluctable ; that what happened was inevitable and that this rhythm could non hold been broken ( even by their hopes and dreams ) . This could besides be the author’s manner of stating that workers in George and Lennie’s place will ne’er get away their topographic point at the underside of the pile. ( Another illustration of this cyclical form is in chapter 5, where Lennie kills Curley’s married woman. It starts and ends with a description of the stable, once more, proposing that possibly events are inevitable )

Cardinal pages: 19-35, 66-7, 84-5, 131, 144-149,

Small, crisp, speedy, clever.
Expressions after and out for Lennie, about fatherly.
Leery and private
Can be frustrated and impatient with Lennie ; cruel about. Stifled by holding to be his ‘keeper’ . Has a pique. Reads state of affairss good. Understands dangers and a speedy justice of character.

Cardinal pages: 19-35, 69, 84-5, 91-4, 100-105, 120-128, 141-147

Big, heavy, strong. Physically and mentally the antonym of George. Childlike and ‘simple’ .
Doesn’t understand the universe really good – this, and his strength can acquire him into problem. Looks up to George – follows his every word and attempts to mime his behavior. Often compared to an animate being.

Dream is to populate on ain farm with George, looking after the coneies. Loves: maintaining mice, bunnies, puppies, pretty adult females.
Panics when in problem

The Boss
Cardinal pages: 41-44,

Dresss otherwise from the spread hands to demo his place ( hat, spurred
boots ) Candy says he was angry when George and Lennie didn’t arrive on clip, but besides that he is just and can be rather generous ( whisky for the workers at Christmas ) Suspicious of George and Lennie – puts them on the topographic point

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Firm and doesn’t take any nonsensical – knows he has power

The Old Swamper / Candy
Cardinal pages: 38 -41, 45-6, 75-6, 87-9, 107-116, 131-2

Old, weak, does the cleansing as non strong plenty to work on Fieldss, loves his Canis familiaris ( which Carlson shoots ) , is non equal to the other spread custodies due to age. Takes an involvement in George and Lennie when they arrive, friendly, lets them in on spread ‘gossip’ , seems to cognize everything that’s traveling on. Privations to be included in George and Lennie’s dream as knows that ‘time is up’ on spread for him and he may be sacked, has nest eggs to assist him pay his manner.

Cardinal pages: 46-7, 59, 90-2,133-135

The Boss’ boy, late married, otherwise dressed from other ranch custodies to demo his position. Highly strung and really aggressive, takes an instant disfavor o Lennie as he is large ( Curley is little ) , boxes good, rude and throws his weight about on the spread, disliked by the other spread custodies ( who joke about how he is with his married woman ) , non respected Paranoid and covetous about his married woman ( justly so )

Curley’s Wife
Cardinal pages: 49, 53-4, 78,109-115,122-128

Tarty, flirty, inappropriate
Nervous about Curley happening her in the bunkhouse, has an unhappy matrimony The lone adult female on the spread ; isolated and lonely, craves ( male ) attending Can be barbarous and ruthless ( eg with Crooks )
Had dreams of being an actress ; married Curley to get away paraents Tragic figure?

Cardinal pages: 55-6, 64-68, 133-135, 148

Respected, wise, trustworthy
Head of the squad on the spread ( looked up to as a natural leader, unlike Curley ) Welcoming to fledglings, carnival, good justice of character and state of affairs Calm, patient, measured, good hearer

Cardinal pages: 57, 58, 70-5, 149

Worker on the spread
Can miss sensitiveness and apprehension ( the manner he handles Candy’s dog issue ) A merchandise of his environment

The Stable Buck / Crooks
Cardinal pages: 98-116,

Black ( a victim of racial segregation on the spread, though had grown up in a assorted race community on his father’s ain farm ) Crippled
Proud, educated, protective of himself and his room ( doesn’t slumber in the bunkhouse with the others ) Job is to look after the Equus caballuss
Can be barbarous, acrimonious and indurate ( eg his torture of Lennie )
At first, doesn’t believe in George and Lennie’s dream, so overcomes his pride and fright of rejection by inquiring to be portion of it.

Essay inquiries
*Refer closely to the text ( short quotation marks, specific inside informations )
*Plan carefully so it will be structured
*Make certain you focus your reply on the inquiry ( WWF ) and, if applicable, the right character / chapter

1 What part does Crooks do to the novel? ( Substitute any characters name for alteration )
2 How does the writer show that the spread can be a hard topographic point?
3 Lennie is the character that most merit our understanding. Discuss.
4 How does the writer show that Curley is an unsympathetic character?
5 Discuss the importance of dreams in the novel.
6 Of Mice and Men is a fresh about broken hope and a broken America. To what extent do you hold?
7 Which character do you believe most deserves our understanding?
8 Lennie’s destiny is inevitable. How far do you hold with this statement?
9 Is George the hero of the novel?
10 Discuss the subject of friendly relationship in the novel.
11 Curley’s Wife is treated below the belt by both the other characters and the writer. How far would you hold.
12 Lennie is a tragic figure. Discuss.
13 How is power an of import subject in the novel?
14 Write about the subject of bias, stating how it is presented in the ways different characters behave.

Diary ‘essays’
*Write as if you are the character
*Include inside informations of the events, and your ideas and feelings *Try to utilize words/expressions they would utilize

15 Imagine you are George. Write a diary entry reflecting on events that have happened.
16 Imagine you are Crooks. Write a diary entry reflecting on the events of chapter 4.
17 Imagine you are Slim. Write a diary entry reflecting your first feelings of George and Lennie after they arrive at the spread.
18 Imagine you are Curley’s married woman. Write a diary entry reflecting your experience of life at the spread.
19 Imagine you are Candy. Write a diary entry reflecting on the events of chapter 3.
20 Imagine you are Lennie at the terminal of chapter 3. Write a diary entry giving your ideas on life at the spread and your feeling about the other characters.